Trends for 2019?

Clark Quinn

Like Christmas (which morally shouldn’t be even be thought about before Thanksgiving), requests for next year’s trends should be on hold until at least December. What, on your opinion, are the main Digital Learning (DL) trends for 2019? The post Trends for 2019?

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Podcast: Margie Meacham Talks Brain-Based Learning, AI, Chatbots and More on #TLDCast (Jan 24, 2018)


Every weekday like-minded learning professionals join a live chat on current trends, research, challenges and best practice. Podcasts AI artificial intelligence brain instructional design Learning machine learning neuroscience science

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Meaningful Change for L&D in 2018 – According to the Experts


Many writers start their year by exploring the big trends that will dominate the conversation for the next 12 months. Trends can certainly show us what’s coming down the pike for our profession, but they don’t always align to where you are as an organization and as a professional. Now, let’s take a look at what they had to say about how L&D can take a meaningful step forward in 2018. Learning Trends

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On Trend for 2018: Learning and Flexibility

CLO Magazine

Udemy’s “2018 Learning Index Report,” which analyzed 18 million learners and polled 263 learning and development managers, discusses various key topics to pay attention to this year. Other online learning providers are seeing similar trends.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

to associate that content with the pre-existing schema in their brains, helping them to. Skillsoft (2018), ‘Storytelling in Video–based Leadership Training and Development’ 4. Think with Google (2016), ‘Latest mobile trends show how people use their devices’ 8 Tips and Tricks to Make.

Trends in L&D

Clark Quinn

In my next post, I’ll document the article’s claims, and my rejoinders about what I think are the driving trends in L&D. While I think the hype about Artificial Intelligence is overblown, ultimately I believe that we’ll have more powerful tools to automate what doesn’t require the sophisticated capabilities of our brains, freeing us up to do the important work. Ok, so that’s what I said about the trends in L&D.

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Improve Your L&D with 2018’s Mobile Learning Trends


It’s hard to keep up with mobile learning trends. The field is new and gaining ground, so trends (and technologies) come and go quickly. In 2018, we’re starting to see mobile learning trends that echo some of the trends in marketing. Don’t miss out on these trends!

Hire the heart and train the brain


Hire the heart and train the brain; this is an axiom that many of us have heard before. This trend will inevitably make its way across the ocean. This means we must start paying attention and hire the heart and train the brain. .

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Free L&D webinars for November 2018

Limestone Learning

Monday, November 5, 2018, 8AM – 9AM PT: Shifting Your Talent Strategy to Focus on Fulfillment and Purpose (Free for ATD members) Imperative leads global research on purpose at work. The psychology and brain science behind these technologies.

Free L&D webinars for December 2018

Limestone Learning

Monday, December 3, 2018, 10AM –1AM PT: Taking charge of your professional development (Free to ATD members) As a learning professional, do you spend so much time developing others that you don't make time to develop yourself?

Seussical Words of Wisdom for 2018

Obsidian Learning

With the first month of 2018 behind us, I find I am truly looking forward to the coming year. While these trends stayed true, and Obsidian became more efficient, more flexible, and more strategic than ever before in 2017, new challenges are upon our industry.

Artificial Intelligence: Value-add


Docebo Blog Learning Technology Trends artificial intelligence Learning technology solutions lms productivityWhat if your platform knew your learners’ preferred learning style and medium automatically? Everyone’s talking about it, some embrace it, others fear it.

Free L&D webinars for October 2018

Limestone Learning

They’re a reminder that 2018 is rushing by. Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 9AM – 10AM PT: How to Deliver a Coaching Training Program Managers Love! Friday, October 5, 2018, 11AM – 12PM PT: Are You and Your Employees Open to Think? Thursday, October 25, 2018, 9AM – 10AM PT: No Money?

Lessons in Leadership from Day One at ATD’s 2018 Conference

CLO Magazine

If there’s one message from the first day at the Association for Talent Development’s 2018 International Conference and Exposition, it was that obvious fact. “The brain has a negativity bias,” she said. Leadership is hard.

Free L&D webinars for March 2018

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Thursday, March 1, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: Making of a Mindful Leader (Free for ATD members) Did you know that 68.5 Friday, March 2, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: 5 Ways to Tell if Independent Consulting is for You—and 5 Indicators That It’s Not!

Free L&D webinars for April 2018

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Monday, April 2, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: Straight Talk: Communication and Connection Skills to Increase Influence (Free for ATD members) Learn effective communication techniques to improve your communication skills, and learn to connect effectively to leverage those communication skills.

8 Ways You Can Develop And Prosper In Your Chosen Profession

Your Training Edge

To ensure that your career takes a promising shape in 2018, you need to reflect on the things you have accomplished in the past year. Also, taking break lets your brain to revive and refuel for the next day.

6 Ways to Powerfully Engage and Educate Millennials with Corporate Training

Your Training Edge

The bite-sized lessons are absolutely perfect for the fast generation, as they can move quickly from one lesson to the next without putting too much load on their brain.

Gamification, Rapid Search, Scalability, Personalized Learning & More: Key Features Supported by Video-based Learning Management Systems


Today, companies are investing in a continued training experience to keep their workforce updated on the latest e-learning trends which help to boost their knowledge competency.

Design for how people learn


25 October 2018. November 12, 2018 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She loves brains, and games and evidence-based practice. How-to's Trends ger driesen julie dirksen learning design q&aDesign for how people learn. – by Julie Dirksen. [Q&A]

Training Reinforcement: 7 Things You Need to Know

Knowledge Guru

His original research, which has since been replicated on several occasions, shows that our brains are wired to forget things without repeated exposure and practice. Below, I mention some exciting new learning tech trends you can use as part of training reinforcement.

How do you convert traditional training content to microlearning?


To be effective, microlearning must fit naturally into the daily workflow, engage employees in voluntary participation, be based in brain science (how people actually learn), adapt continually to ingrain the knowledge employees need to be successful, and ultimately drive behaviors that impact specific business results. . I’m often asked the following question: “How do you convert traditional content to microlearning?” The answer? You don’t.

Measuring learning ROI is hard – but not impossible


Advancements in brain science. By harnessing the power of machine learning and brain science, L&D professionals can elevate their learning programs into continuous cycles of optimization that measure success—both at the individual and team levels. In hopes of better understanding this growing trend, we conducted a survey which revealed a significant disconnect between what the business wants and what employees need.

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Innovation in the Six: Toronto’s Tech Hub is Home to DoceboInspire 2018


Additionally, global tech titans such as Uber, Google Brain, Deep Mind and Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs have expanded their research capacity and directing their investment dollars to Toronto, tapping into the city’s multi-cultural and highly skilled workforce.

Learning Programs From the Future


Many of our discussion points from the workshop and conference resonated and I saw particular trends emerge among the group. Engagement – In the workshop we discussed one of the results from our 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report that hit home for attendees.

6 Reasons Why Modern Learners Click Away From Your Online Training Course


Continuously training your employees is one of the best ways to ensure that your business keeps up with industry trends and stays ahead of the competition. The human brain can process visuals faster and better than it processes text. Are your drop-out rates soaring?

A Look Back At The Years Best From Learning Science And Instructional Design

Mike Taylor

Here is a collection of the best learning science and instructional design-related posts from 2018. 2018 Blended Learning Studies: The Year in Review. Dan Biewener ( @simplilearn ) has assembled 10 of the most notable and relevant blended learning studies from 2018.

Modern Learning for the Enterprise: Observations from Allego at DevLearn


Jake Miller, Product Marketing Manager at Allego, and Alex Salop, Allego’s Director of Product Marketing, just returned from the 2018 DevLearn conference in Las Vegas. Brain science is a big topic here too. Alex Salop at DevLearn.

Interactive Content tool in Paradiso LMS


And we are ready for the ‘time-crunched-yet-all-inclusive’ learning trend. It has been proved that this tool enhances the learning experience on the brain, also helps to keep the memory working and maintains the brain activity on flow.

What the Future Holds for Learning and Development

CLO Magazine

LinkedIn’s “2018 Workplace Learning Report” suggests that more than 58 percent of employees prefer to learn at their own pace, which increases the need for more digital learning solutions than ever before. I also love the AR/VR trends right now. and Trend Lines

eLearning 24-7

10, 2018 (morning). eLogic Learning (#1 2018), Growth Engineering (#3 of 2018) , Unicorn LMS (#4), CrossKnowledge (#5), SumTotal (#9) Learn, Cornerstone Learning Suite (#10). Plus Top 50, Top 20, Top 10 too (based on 2018 rankings). What the Trends are saying.


48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


From chess champions, star athletes to entrepreneurs and brain surgeons, Ericsson has searched to find the common themes that bind them together. Optimizing Talent (Contemporary Trends in Organization Development and Change) by Linda D.

How to start with Microlearning


4 October 2018. So we chunk content into smaller pieces to manage people’s cognitive load, to help them not be so full in their brains. October 29, 2018 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands. How-to's Trends ger driesen microlearning q&a shannon tipton

The Power of E-Learning: Facts and Figures  


There are several reasons that define the growth of this e-learning segment that includes strong demand for language learning products, high demand for mobile brain trainers, a spike in demand for early childhood learning apps and other. . .

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People Development: Stop Spending, Start Thinking

CLO Magazine

We can partially blame a tragic current trend: overconsumption. Author of “The Leading Brain” Dr. Hans W. During the 2007 financial crisis, consulting and coaching clients often asked me: “Could we deliver similar value this year from half of the budget?”