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Top E-Learning Trends for 2018


Today’s technological advances have contributed greatly to one of the world’s dominating trends in recent years – e-learning. The “ E-learning Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2018-2023” report released at the beginning of 2018 forecasted a $65.41 1) Micro-Learning.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 - Part 1: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Limestone Learning

This is Part 1 in our series on the 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 blog post series. In case you didn’t catch it last month, we posted an article on the 6 hottest learning trends for 2018. Learning & Development

8 Kinds of Infographics and How to Use Them in E-Learning


Maps are also a great way to show consumer trends, or regional profiles. Comparisons. Infographics are a natural place to show comparisons, because they make it easy to align similar information next to each other. Whether it be comparing the pros and cons of an item or decision, an X vs. Y post comparing two items against each other, or a visual representation of grades in a pricing plan, comparisons are a flexible infographic for almost any situation.

Free L&D webinars for June 2018

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These skills are learned over time, not overnight. Learn how to design an enterprise-wide strategy that supports the growth of employees’ social acumen to build the organization’s social capital and fuel future growth. In this webcast, you’ll learn: The eight networking competencies.

Instructional Design Strategies to Design eLearning in 2018

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As we witness the transition of traditional eLearning to mobile learning and macrolearning– to microlearning-based training, Instructional Design strategies are also evolving to keep pace. In this blog, I outline some of the Instructional Design strategies we use at EI Design that are in sync with the current trends and help us create high-impact learning experiences. Active learning featuring guided exploration. Storytorials or story-based learning.

ATD 2018 Day One: The Keynote

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What a privilege to be at ATD 2018 today.We What he had to say was a mix of homespun truths and thoughtful reflections on leadership, learning, values and personal growth.While President Obama was generally careful to avoid what he referred to as “editorializing”, the implicit comparison with the present incumbent of the White House were never far from the surface. arrived early, knowing there would be queues for the opening speaker. But we hadn’t anticipated what we found.

Free L&D webinars for February 2018

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Thursday, February 1, 2018, 9AM – 10AM PT: ATD Research: 2017 State of the Industry (Free for ATD members) The State of the Industry report is ATD’s definitive review of training and development trends. And you’ll learn to enhance your content so that it’s both effective and compliant.

7-Seven Steps to Creating an Effective E-learning Program Part 7: Regular Monitoring

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Now that your e-learning program is up and running, you’ve evaluated it, made changes, and the organization loves it. Your e-learning program requires a constant eye on various areas to ensure that nothing goes off track. Are the evaluations themselves changing in trend or tone?

Improving Visibility in Learning Locker: Visualizations Update

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Hold onto your hats everyone, Learning Locker is coming to you with some brand new features to experiment with, and while there is much more to come, we’re really excited to see these developments out in the wild! Learning Locker has become such an easy tool to integrate with.

Building a Corporate University: Re-Evaluation

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It may be difficult to tell, so look at the general trend. Re-evaluation should also involve some industry comparison. In addition, you can find out whose learning organizations are leading the industry – and why. and Trend Lines

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Okay, so you are starting to explore looking for a learning system. 10, 2018 (morning). eLogic Learning (#1 2018), Growth Engineering (#3 of 2018) , Unicorn LMS (#4), CrossKnowledge (#5), SumTotal (#9) Learn, Cornerstone Learning Suite (#10). Heyo!


How to Train and Develop Millennials Today?


Everywhere you look there are posts about millennials, mainly focusing on their abilities in comparison to their predecessors. In order to develop an effective learning plan to account for this particular generation, it is best to play to their strengths. Thirdly, use social learning.

UX Is Not Extra

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The popularity of online learning and training has exploded in recent years. How can we structure online learning environments, including workplaces, to meet the unique needs of our current generation of learners? The Rise of Online Learning. The Psychology of Online Learning.

The ultimate authoring tool buyer’s guide


Your choice needs to meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders: your authoring team, any design contractors, learning and business leaders, and last but not least, your end users. Create a vision statement – Don’t just focus on the kind of digital learning you want to create now.

LEP/LXP RFP Template

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It was here where I had a learning experience. This, the learning experience, is why I feel the term is the wrong term, as noted previously for learning engagement platforms, and why I prefer and will use the term LEP instead. Learning Environment. Machine Learning (AI).

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2018: This Year in Learning– 109 Curated L&D Articles from 2018

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If 2018 flew by quickly for you, here’s your chance to catch up on some reading. Below are our recommended learning and development articles from the past 12 months, including thought-provoking or simply fun articles related to the field.Did you have a favorite L&D post from 2017?

7 practical problems with VR for eLearning


The turnaround time and cost are going to be high in comparison with traditional eLearning. Training is free from the constraints of the classroom because of mobile learning. Bucking this trend, Virtual reality training tethers you to a particular space removing that mobility.

When do u buy an LEP?

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LEP is the acronym for an learning engagement platform, which is a subset of a learning system. Some folks refer to LEP as an LXP, which as noted in a previous post the term “learning experience” does a major disservice to the platforms and what they can do in comparison to an LMS or other types of learning systems. . Regardless of my peeve on such statements, the fact is that LEPs serve a purpose in the e-learning industry. E-Learning 24/7.

Looking for an LMS at #ATD2018

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My topic for those curious, deals with the after – you buy your LMS/Learning System. Anyway, if you are attending #ATD2018 and planning on hitting the expo floor looking for your next learning system (including LMS), it seems appropriate to offer some tips, to help you on your journey. The latest trend and it is a hot one is showing off a slick UI, with in the latest cases gives off an “NetFlix” like appearance. Google has a lot of learning systems.

Forecasts for 2020

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It involved looking at the industry, studying the trends, and picking out the nuances that pointed towards this or that, and then pushing it out. For 2019, written in 2018, close to 95% accurate (as of today). . It was and still is – training and learning. I love forecasts.

Recommended Learning Systems

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T his post covers a list of systems that I’d recommend on any given day, that based on nearly 20 years of experience in online learning, and witnessing the trends, the duds, the promises and disappoints. That said, I will say to you, that before you just buy the learning system, please, please do due diligence on the system. SumTotal Learning Management – They have come a long way. SAP Litmos – Outstanding UI/UX, #1 learning system for 2019.

4 Easy Steps To Ensure The Success Of Your Learning Strategy In 2019

EI Design

With Q1 of 2019 already underway, your learning strategy for the year may be in place, or it is being tweaked. In this article, I share 4 practical steps that you could use as you draw up or refine your learning strategy in 2019. Charting The Learning Strategy In 2019: What Has Changed?

My forecasts for 2017

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They spewed their forecasts, left others to spout “Wow, and yeah,” but failed to see the trends. People do not want traditional LMSs; they want streamlined learning platforms. Yes , there are plenty of folks who are seeking a learning platform or other subsets of LMSs, but when you look at the $$$, the LMSs as a whole are far outweighing learning platforms. . I also saw the other Diddy, that MOOCs are part of or is the future for learning.

5 Ways Employee Training Games Improve Learning and Development ROI

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However, Eduardo Salas, a professor of organizational psychology at the University of Central Florida, has found that without “practical follow-up or meaningful assessments,” learners lose 90% of the skills they learn in those training programs. Active learning, such as discussion, practice by doing and teaching others, are tactics that can help ensure knowledge retention. With the increase in flexible work, employees will also need more flexible learning.

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10 Reasons Why Games Will Make You a Training Hero

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However, without “practical follow-up or meaningful assessments,” learners lose 90% of the skills they learn in those training programs. Here are 10 ways incorporating employee training games into your learning and development can save you money and increase your ROI. Mercer’s 2018 global talent trends survey found that “most employees want their company to offer more flexible work options.” Games Bring Learning Back Again & Again.

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How To Phrase Employee Evaluation Comments In Plain English


You might not have had the chance to read it yet, but the 2018 LinkedIn Learning Trends Report made one thing crystal clear. You consistently underperform in comparison to your peers.”. Learning and Development. “learn new skills in order to adapt to change.”

How IOT Is Taking Web Development To A Different Level?

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This is the reason why IOT web development in comparison to ordinary web development focuses more on the system’s scalability and reliability than ordinary web development. Time to sum up: I hope today’s article helped you learn about the impact of IOT on the web development process.

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eLearning Engagement: A Formula for Success


In 2018 we ran a survey to investigate the major trends, challenges, and rewards facing businesses delivering eLearning. Of the 200 organizations that took part, there were 28 different learning management systems being used. Create clear instructions and learning objectives.