25 Design Thinking Resources for Corporate Learning Professionals

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For learning professionals, design thinking challenges us to think about the learning solutions we design in terms of objectives, motivation, and barriers. We are so focused on solving our business problems that we don’t adequately consider the perspective of the learners who must go through the learning experience. Incorporating design thinking tools in the learning design process is critical to find the sweet spot between learner needs and business needs.

This Week in Corporate Learning: Social Media and the Future of Learning


Stay up-to-date on the latest corporate learning news with these trending articles. Corporate Learning Trends

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Early Look – Top 50 Learning Systems 4 2018

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I was going to cover my Corporate Learning Systems forecast for 2018, but decided instead to discuss the Top 50 Learning Systems for 2018. Now, you will not see the final rankings as a whole for the Learning Systems (i.e. the Top 50), but there are some individual learning systems in various categories and those will be identified. Nowadays at least to me, the applicable umbrella term should be and will be Learning Systems. Learn Amp.

Implementing Video-Based Learning Strategy Effectively In Corporate Learning

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With the rising popularity of videos, even corporates are leveraging on using them for educating their employees. How exactly video-based learning should be implemented is the focus of this article. Video-based learning is a powerful and effective method of learning new concepts. When implemented correctly, video-based learning solution has the right impact on the minds of the learners. Create better learning experiences using video-based learning.

Why Corporate Learning is Valuable in the Digital Age


It’s 2018 and corporate learning is a hot topic. Companies spend thousands of dollars training their employees, and large organizations have entire departments dealing with corporate learning. Why is corporate training so valuable and important in the digital age? The Value of Corporate Learning If a company wants to stay ahead of the game, employees need to stay on top of trends in their field.

LMS Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Learning Systems Market Update

Talented Learning

In January, I outlined “ 18 LMS trends to watch in 2018.” ” That’s a lot of moving pieces, but it’s also a fair indicator of today’s complex and fluid learning technology landscape. Here’s my latest snapshot from the front lines of the learning technology space: LMS Trends Update. Actually, this move toward specialization isn’t new – nor is it about learning technology, alone. For example: • CORPORATE LEARNING.

Social Media In Learning And Development: Preparing For The Next Generation Workforce

Dan Keckan

There is a push towards the integration of technology in training environments to enhance the learning experience, but no set limit, no de?ned The tech savvy, next generation workforce, is a provoking force whose learning habits, characteristics, styles, and expectations can guide innovation in corporate training. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning And Development Free eLearning eBooks Millennials Social Media

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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New learning helps too, and September is full of free webinars that can add to your knowledge stores! Tuesday, September 4, 2018, 9AM – 10AM PT: Content Authoring Strategies That Save Enterprises Both Time and Money Without the ability for managers to personally check in with every single employee, global enterprises need compelling eLearning so that dispersed workforces can meet their training requirements. Paula will also share her favourite learning evaluation resources!

10 Ways Mobile Learning Influences Corporate Learning & Development

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The proliferation of mobile devices has changed the way we interact, network, live and learn. Devices account for 75% of global internet usage which is expected to touch the 79% mark by 2018. Learning and Development initiatives of various corporations will move away from a structured and restricted method of training and development to a more learner-oriented approach for good. They can add VR to add enhanced learning experience in their daily routine operations.

Chairperson’s Report from Corporate Learning Week


For the 2018 Corporate Learning Week – Silicon Valley conference, Matt Nawrocki and I from NovoEd acted as the chairpersons for the conference. and even abroad, to share their challenges and insights into today’s learning and development challenges. A key to business transformation is establishing a culture of learning. So what have organizations been doing to build this culture of learning?

What is VR, AR and 360° Video? What Makes Differ From One Another?

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Gone were the days, where learner used to sit in a closed room with a book in his/ her hand and an instructor with the teaching aids. Over the last two decades, the change in the technology is unpredictable.

Brenda Sugrue Is the 2018 CLO of the Year

CLO Magazine

Brenda Sugrue, EY’s global chief learning officer. An elementary school teacher, a university professor, a company owner, an industry researcher and now an award-winning corporate learning leader, Brenda Sugrue has spent her career in learning. She says working in so many roles has allowed her to identify principles to guide the development and delivery of effective learning regardless of audience, content or context.

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Leveraging The Benefits Of Blended Learning For The Next Generation Workforce


When it comes to embracing the benefits of online learning by incorporating mobility and social media, then blended learning comes as a solution. The significance of blended learning has been redefined in every single way. It is a perfect combination of e-learning software used in a traditional classroom environment to provide effective training courses. Social Learning: A Significant Piece in Blended Learning. e-Learning Blended Learning

Reducing Corporate Learning Costs with a Blended Learning Approach

Obsidian Learning

CLOs and learning directors from all industries have achieved tremendous savings with blended learning. Understand the basics of blended learning, and you can, too. What is blended learning? By blended learning, we mean learning that comprises at least two different delivery media. The delivery media can be incorporated into one event, or spread out over time (what we call “distributed blended learning”) for better reinforcement and retention.

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Storytelling and Video Solutions at ATD TechKnowledge 2018


We know it’s effective in educating – Ebbinghaus forgetting curve be dammed when there a good story behind the learning. And who better to learn about storytelling than from Pixar , the studio that creates perhaps some of the most entertaining and memorable animated films. There certainly were plenty of sessions and vendors ready to help make this engaging media type more mainstream. As valuable as is learning, one doesn’t want to interfere with point of sale transactions.

NovoEd Is Poised for Growth to Lead a Revolution in Corporate Learning


Today, an increasing number of companies are leveraging cloud-based learning platforms as the new way to design and deliver online learning. With its acquisition by Boston-based private equity group Devonshire Investors, NovoEd will grow its collaborative learning platform targeting the career lifelong learner. Since its inception in 2013, NovoEd has been providing online collaborative learning for working adults. Digital Learning Trends NovoEd News

Why Mobile Learning is the Future of Corporate Training?


In fact, according to a report by Growth Engineering , 43% of people find learning from mobile devices very useful and essential. Mobile learning is more than a way to learn through a mobile device. It allows people to learn on-demand, at their own pace, and in the form of bite-sized micro lessons. . For companies, the question is no longer whether to consider mobile learning. In-house training to make sure your team is constantly learning and evolving.

10 Stats That Prove Mobile Learning Lives up to The Hype


Are you curious to know what the future of mobile learning looks like? Indeed, there’s a lot of chatter about mobile learning and how it can be most effectively worked into the L&D mix. It’s not a new topic in the world of corporate learning, but rather one that’s been dependent on developments in technology (and the functionalities delivered by those technologies) to satisfy the needs of learning organization and the users of their e-learning platforms.

Kraft Heinz CLO Pamay Bassey is reimagining corporate learning with laughter and passion

CLO Magazine

has held many different personas, both in her career as a learning and development professional and beyond. At Northwestern, she was selected to be an Andersen Consulting Corporate fellow, which was her introduction to L&D. It demonstrated to Bassey how technology could be used in L&D, which ignited a passion in her for individual learning. More recently, she was the global head of learning for investment management corporation BlackRock in New York.

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The Future Of Learning Technology

Dan Keckan

Technology no longer simply refines previously accepted means and media. eLearning Trends Corporate Learning And Development Educational Technology Trends eLearning FutureSo, to understand – and shape L&D’s future – we first need to suspend the conditions that limit our imagination. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Tuning Your Learning Activities to The Expectations of Tomorrow’s Gen-Z Workforce


Millennials made the need for learning technology clear – Gen-Z will push you to perfect how it’s used to retain and engage new workers. A few months ago, we discussed the idea that in less than two years, your entire learning program could be obsolete. But it won’t be because the learning technology used to power existing L&D strategies will fail to adapt (actually, advances in learning technology will make sure this doesn’t happen).

How the Mobile Became the L&D Head’s BFF

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Gartner predicted that by 2020 more than 45% of businesses will have a BYOD policy in place and with mobile devices already surpassing desktop unit sales figures, it is hardly a surprise that corporate L&D teams have jumped on the mobile bandwagon as well. Mobile learning or mLearning seeks to address the new age challenges of a global, technologically savvy and mobile dependent workforce. mLearning may well be the future of corporate learning. On-Demand Learning.

Mobile Learning Will Make You A Master Of Everything


A lot of people want to learn something new but don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to it. Many postpone learning in favour of other activities that offer instant gratification. However, with mobile learning, you can actually take charge of the knowledge management process. Why Continuous Learning Is Important. Personal and professional success is often attributed to continuous learning. Time management is key in the learning process.

The Most Important Drivers of Employee Engagement

Your Training Edge

For example, using social media for an “employee of the week” program is a great idea. They pay a special attention to personal growth and professional advancement, which is why companies that encourage the concept of lifelong learning and continuous training are their top picks. New generations of employees don’t want their self-expression to be suffocated by corporate rules, and they above all appreciate the ability to cherish their unique and casual lifestyles.

How Corporate Identity Influences Employee Motivation

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Building a strong corporate identity is one of the key ingredients for success. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. 4 Signs… 7 Hints on how to Battle High Employee Turnover Corporate learning and development with the help of… (Visited 3 times, 2 visits today). It operates both on the internal and the external level, meaning that it will have a profound influence not only on your customers but also on your employees.

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Profile of a modern learner in 2018 [infographic]


Busy, savvy and hungry to learn. Use these insights to make sure your learning solutions will cut through the noise and help people when, where and how they need it. This new version was created with the latest insights in August 2018. The modern learner – busy, savvy, and hungry to learn. But, they are also hungry to learn and keen to grow their skills to the point that if an organisation isn’t enabling them to develop professionally, they’ll up and leave.

Your Guide To LMS Integrations


Your guide to all the necessary learning management system (LMS) integrations. Evolving a corporate learning strategy requires careful consideration, research and internal discussions. Modern learning platforms are designed to ensure corporate learning strategies are able to best work within the schedules and constraints faced by an organization’s work environment. Important Integrations with Learning Management Systems.

Scalable Learning Will Be the Strategic Differentiator in the 21st Century

CLO Magazine

At the 2017 Deloitte Chief Learning Officer forum, management consultant John Hagel said scalable learning is the new reason for large organizations to exist. It’s a big statement and it has profound implications for the role of corporate learning in the 21st century. Learning will no longer be an auxiliary function in corporations; rather, it will be the primary reason for large organizations to exist. Scalable Learning.

Top 5 e-learning trends for 2019


As the year is coming to a close, HR departments tend to focus less on learning and development and more on such lovely endeavors as office Holiday parties, team buildings and reward systems for loyal and efficient employees. But there is one thing concerning corporate learning that holds specialists’ attention and that is the road it seems to be taking in the following year. Top 5 e-learning trends for 2019. Micro learning is a major trend. E-learning

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

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Extended enterprise learning content followed a similar path. Organizations raced to set up their learning management systems (LMS) for employees and then customers, members and partners and were surprised that nobody voluntarily came and the learning content race started. No learner ever gets done an online learning experience and declares “ That was the best LMS I’ve ever been in. Learning Content Survey: What Are Your Priorities?

People Development: Stop Spending, Start Thinking

CLO Magazine

They are made harder by the proliferation of products, methodologies and gimmicks that claim to be “the next revolution” in corporate learning. To understand how companies waste much of their people development allowance, compare corporate learning to fitness. Similarly, marketing lures managers to boast trophy certificates on social media. Like sports equipment, learning tools pile up and become rubbish.

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A Learning Culture That Spans Borders

CLO Magazine

But the most transformative outcomes stem from transforming not just the how , but the why behind corporate learning. While learning tech can improve outcomes and engagement, learning culture can unlock a step-change in productivity across supply chains or transform customer service and sales outcomes. Executives that build a learning culture transform learning from occasional to immersive. Learning is inherently social.

Business Is Learning

CLO Magazine

Mike Prokopeak is vice president and editor in chief at Chief Learning Officer magazine. Now before we go too far, I am not saying corporate learning should ignore the business outcomes of what you do. So by all means, continue to collect data on learning’s effect on sales growth, cost savings and risk aversion. Furthermore, I am not arguing you should ignore traditional learning metrics like completion and satisfaction. It’s learning.

3 Issues with Diversity Training (and How to Address Each)


As soon as this anti-bias training was announced, many media organizations and pundits started talking about diversity training. As with other areas of corporate learning, there are pros and cons to any diversity initiative. Just like with social media usage, your employees can do whatever they like when off the clock. When employees see that management embodies your corporate values, then they too will model their actions on those values.

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How eLearning Software Can Boost Productivity During L&D Implementation


A large number of organizations today are implementing learning and development (L&D) plans for their teams to ensure their learning curve never ceases. Implementing a rock-solid learning and development strategy can help employees learn new skills in almost every conceivable vertical; whether it’s software development, change management or simply soft skills. “ E-learning software provide accessibility of learning content on a variety of devices and platforms.

5 Signs it’s Time Your Company Should Switch to E-Learning

Your Training Edge

Yes, thanks to e-learning, it is all possible. Most, if not all, universities and colleges offer online courses and this is where e-learning begins. When conducting training programs, e-learning has proved to be among the best means in the corporate sector. But how do you know that it’s time to make the big switch to e-learning? With e-learning, this can be a one-time cost that will benefit your company for many years to come.

Mobile Learning on the March

CLO Magazine

The learning industry reached the tipping point when it comes to the use of mobile platforms and approaches for employee learning. According to a survey of the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board, a majority of CLOs (Figure 1) now expect to invest in content for mobile learning. While this is only a slight uptick year over year (from 49 percent in 2017 to 52 percent in 2018), it is nonetheless symbolic of the yearslong trend in corporate learning.

Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2018


Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2018. E-learning already is the preferred method for corporate training and it is developing as fast as the technology behind it. Here are the trends to look for in this field in 2018. These are probably the biggest novelties to be incorporated in e-learning design. The potential is immense since immersive learning is preferred by the new digital generations that make up the workforce of today. E-learnin

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7 best practices to create corporate training video content


Reading Time: 6 minutes Do you know which is the second largest search engine after Google in 2018? Specially when it comes to the corporate training space. Corporate learning & training videos fall under content repurposing in your company’s marketing plans and doing well here means you get immediate traction in terms of global outreach. Are you trying to increase online sales by promoting your e-learning product? e-learning Microlearning

4 Must-haves for the best workplace learning results


And since adaptability is inherently linked to learning, the way businesses approach this field has a lot of baring in their results. Every board of directors will always declare that continuous learning and development for their employees is one of the top priorities yet most often than not increase in sales or customer retention end up consuming a big chunk of the resources. 4 Must-haves for the best workplace learning results. Going digital with learning.