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How Intesa Sanpaolo Produced Over 1 Million Hours of Learning Content With Docebo


When Intesa Sanpaolo, one of Europe’s largest banking groups, based in Turin, Italy, recognized that its existing training programs weren’t connecting with its more than 96,000 employees, it turned to a new digital learning model designed to enable learning in-the-flow-of work – using the Docebo learning platform. million hours of user-generated learning content. “We that brings learning into everyday life…”. – Massimo Zunino, MediaLab Manager, Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Setting up a Branded Portal for Customer Training


You need a customer training portal! In this post we’ll run through how you can use a learning management system (LMS) to set up your very own customer training portal and benefits this will deliver for your business. Why set up a customer training portal? The first step to achieving these benefits is to set up a customer training portal in your LMS. We call these offshoots of your LMS, sub-portals. . Choose your portal website address.


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The Ultimate Customer Training Program Checklist (Downloadable PDF)


Launching a customer training program with a learning management system (LMS) doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. General LMS Portal Configuration. Branding & White-labeling Your Learning Management System. Your LMS Portal Structure. It just needs a little organization. At LearnUpon, we’re big advocates of helping businesses launch seamless, friction-free customer training programs with their LMS.

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What are the Benefits of a Cloud LMS?


When choosing a learning management system (LMS) you’ll be faced with a choice: Cloud LMS or installed solution? By logging into a web portal you and your learners have access to the features of the cloud-based LMS solution. With a SaaS learning management system, you pay a subscription in order to gain access to the software. The cost is based on your usage metrics , such as users or portals , so you only pay for actual usage of your cloud LMS.

Build a Stronger Brand With Customer Training


That’s where a learning management system (LMS) comes in. Developed to help businesses deliver, manage and track training, LMSs like LearnUpon have features that make training as streamlined and effective as possible. One essential feature is portals. If you have multiple audiences or different types of customers to train, a multi-tenant LMS allows you to set up multiple portals, all managed with one login.

Top 10 LMS Platforms Comparison


The e-learning culture has lately matured. It is roughly estimated that by 2019, almost half of all the college classes will be based on e-learning. This evolution is largely attributed to some of the popular Learning Management Systems. LMS, in fact, has become the new norm in e-learning. Deemed one of the best LMS platforms, Adobe Captivate Prime lets you set up, deliver, and track learning modules in a self-sufficient manner.

How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Today everyone is familiar with the concept of online learning and eBooks. Compatibility with Multiple Devices, Operating Systems and Browsers. White-labelled Platform. Therefore, look for a white-label platform which allows customization.

Top 10 LMS platforms

Ed App

With the rising environmental awareness (last year doubled with travel restrictions), ever-changing dynamics of the market and rapid production of knowledge, corporate learning had to become more accessible, interactive and versatile.

LearnUpon – The best LMS in Australia


LearnUpon had just set off on their journey to be the best Learning Management System (LMS) in Australia when I first spoke with the CEO, Brendan Noud. “I’m The Global E-Learning Market is poised to grow at 7.2% Mobile device penetration – Smartphone penetration has increased from 44% in 2012 and is forecasted to reach 70% in 2018. Moodle can be a good option in some learning and training env ironments. Is the platform ready for mobile learning?