Three Ways Technology is Changing the Learning Space (Plus One)


Most of us in the learning profession pride ourselves on being comfortable with technology. Whenever a new tool is available, we’re ready to give it a try, eager to adopt the latest way to help people learn. But you don’t have much time to bone up on the way these learning technologies because in many workplaces they are already here. Virtual Reality is Already Changing the Way We Learn About the World. But the learning experience is real. We love our tech.

Three Ways Technology is Changing the Learning Space (Plus One)


Most of us in the learning profession pride ourselves on being comfortable with technology. Whenever a new tool is available, we’re ready to give it a try, eager to adopt the latest way to help people learn. We love our tech. Featured LearningToGo Blog


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6 Strategies for Effective Online Learning: Spaced Practice

LightSpeed VT

6 Strategies for Effective Online Learning: Spaced Practice Online courses are gaining in popularity—and for a good reason. According to a 2013 ASTD State of the Industry Report, 55% of training [ ] The post 6 Strategies for Effective Online Learning: Spaced Practice appeared first on LightSpeed VT. If done right, an online course can produce excellent results by improving your performance while being considerably cheaper than a traditional in-person class.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

Web Courseworks

Here it is: Our 2018 eLearning predictions set in terms of Gartner’s hype cycle. As always, we try to use this blog post to speak from our experience as a learning technology partner to organizations that provide continuing education and professional development. To wit, we in online learning are often in the business of managing transactions. IOT Physical Simulators: The idea here is to build physical training devices that connect to online learning technology.

3 E-Learning Predictions for 2018


I must confess that this year I have been struggling to come up with my predictions for the e-learning industry. Prediction #1: Growth in Micro-Learning Delivery & Reporting. Yes, this is a similar prediction to last year where I predicted innovation in the micro-learning space. The truth is though that micro-learning is just getting started. This is going to be a significant part of e-learning in the years to come.

8 Essential Questions on The Future Of Corporate Education In 2018

Your Training Edge

As the future moves towards a sea of change in the corporate sector, there is an immense need to reacquaint and orient employees in order to adapt the ever-evolving trends of this unpredictable learning landscape. Today there is a plenty of advanced virtual reality and assessment tools being tested and implemented in the marketplace of the futuristic learning management systems. The advanced team management systems are bound to influence the learning landscape.

Corporate LMS Forecasts 2018

eLearning 24-7

Regardless, if you want into the space, and are not seeking LMS route, I’d go here. When a vendor does this, the “must complete it” it tells me they were/are unaware of why WBT and online learning was designed in the first place. as the key indicators for DL (aka as machine learning in the consumer world). I’ve seen now four in the entire space, that could be standalones because they can be robust. . I anticipate solid growth for 2018.

7 Hot Trends That Make Custom eLearning Popular In 2018

Dan Keckan

Custom eLearning courses are becoming increasingly popular in the learning space. eLearning Trends Corporate eLearning Trends Corporate Learning Best Practices Custom eLearning Personalized LearningThis article helps training managers gain an insight into the hottest trends responsible for the popularity of custom eLearning development. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Adobe Captivate 2019 released – A Quick Review on All New Features

Adobe Captivate

Virtual Reality Experience Learning: Now it becomes handy to create an immersive learning experience courses with the new virtual reality project. You can also add interactivity and edit the videos in multi-screen video based learning. Therefore you can transform static slides into interactive learning slides with few clicks. Learning Experiences: Maximize the learning space by integrating with the feature, 360 slide.

8 e-Learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2018


Top 8 2018 e-Learning trends. The e-learning industry is always in a state of flux. So, what does 2018 has in store for e-learning? Here is the list of top 8 trends that are going to bring a blast in 2018. The world of e-learning is bombarded with the concept of microlearning. Whether it’s a day’s length course or a 10-minute video, microlearning is going to rule 2018! Using games to introduce new learning strategies isn’t something new.

Corporate Forecasts for 2018 (E and I)

eLearning 24-7

And now onto the Corporate forecasts for 2018, for e-learning and immersive learning. Learning Systems. Micro-learn systems with content that is short, video, text, PDFs slowly increase. While some micro-learn systems pitch the content as a “course”, I think that will be a stretch. Content added to a learning system at no additional charge. Expect a big increase in 2018. . Learning Engagement Platforms grow dramatically.

8 eLearning Trends you need to know about in 2018


The year 2018 brings about eLearning trends focused on developing work-life skills like leadership and management, problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability and communication. Some of these online learning trends you’ll find inspirationally new. Adaptive Learning: Finding the “I” in Team. We’re good at different things, bad at different things, and have different ideas of what makes learning fun. AR/VR: A Deeper Learning Experience.

Top eLearning Trends For 2018

Adobe Captivate

Having spent more than 14 years in the eLearning space and working closely with seasoned learning professionals at Tesseract Learning servicing global customers, I am sharing my thoughts on the trends for 2018. However, with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality added to the mix, we have exciting new possibilities in the immersive learning space. Their application in learning is picking up now. AR will be used to trigger just-in-time learning.

eLearning training 2018: the best new methods

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eLearning training essentially means electronic learning training. Instead of herding employees and workers into and learning space, lecturing them and then asking questions to check that they took everything onboard, it allows workers to be trained more effectively and in more than one location. Training with eLearning removes the passive nature of learning by adding the potential for interactivity. Is there still a better way to learn?

Spaced repetition learning – How it’s enabled by mobile-based microlearning

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Spaced repetition learning techniques are among the most effective forms of embedding knowledge in learners. Fundamentally, it describes a process of revision where learning is repeated at increasing intervals until the knowledge is permanently implanted. Spaced repetition is a methodology made for mobile-based microlearning. Rather than simply repeating the same course, it uses a dynamic quiz that’s based upon the SM-2 learning algorithm.

The Best Spaced Repetition Schedule

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Spaced Repetition is one of the most effective forms of learning. It also works well with mobile learning – eLearning that takes place on a mobile device – because smartphones are ubiquitous and always to hand plus they use software which remembers which questions the learner got right. So what is the best spaced repetition schedule? What is a spaced repetition schedule? Without a sophisticated spaced repetition schedule, recall easily diminishes over time.

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My decade of provocation

E-Learning Provocateur

learning, to explore new tools and technologies, and to highlight trends and changing behaviours in the online world.” I soon re-titled my blog E-Learning Provocateur , not only for unique branding, but also to better convey my intent to provoke deeper thinking in the digital learning space and across L&D more broadly. Some such as Taxonomy of Learning Theories and Online courses must die! blogging e-learning

How to Maximize Attendance to Your Learning Management System (LMS)

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You’ve worked hard to build out an exceptional learning management system (LMS). Social media is one of the key ways that people are learning about new opportunities, and this includes eLearning! Potential learners want and need to know that their selected organization has a deeper knowledge of the topic, and that there’s something more to be learned by paying for a course. Managing eLearning Blog Advertising AMS elearning learning management system LMS

LMS 100

The Personal Versus Personalized Learning Debate

Origin Learning

Personal Learning and Personalized Learning are two terms, which are being used interchangeably for some time now? Do both terms refer to the same type of learning? In this blog post, we look at them and see which strategy influences learning at the modern workplace. What is Personal Learning? The learning is a means to an end, rather than the end in itself. If the need is short-term and urgent, a simple learning resource may be provided.

An Overview on Tin Can and the Learning Record Store

CommLab India

Are you aware of Tin Can and the Learning Record Store (LRS), a technology that is gaining popularity in the learning space? Learning Technology LMS LRS scorm Tin CanThis blog serves as an introductory guide to L&D professionals and LMS administrators who are new to these terms.

Innovation in the Six: Toronto’s Tech Hub is Home to DoceboInspire 2018


There are an endless number of reasons why Toronto will make a great home to the 2018 edition of DoceboInspire, but as a technology-centric company in our own right, Docebo shares The Six with an incredible collective of inspiring and exciting organizations that have established the city as a global technology hub growing at a relentless pace. We might be biased, but we’re incredibly confident that Toronto will make a great host to DoceboInspire 2018.

5 Ways to Challenge the Forgetting Curve


Investing time and money in course creation and training is ineffective if your learners aren’t absorbing what they learn and applying it to their work. Basically, learners will rapidly lose memory of learned knowledge in a matter of days or weeks unless the information is consciously reviewed. Some studies suggest that humans forget approx 50% of new information within an hour of learning it. Spaced learning. Let’s set out what exactly spaced learning is.

5 Benefits of Responsive eLearning Courses


The same design has found its way into the e-learning space gradually. The pages of an e-learning course are not dissimilar to regular web pages. This is possible only when you create responsive e-learning courses. This radical change observed in the behavior of the corporates has necessitated the fast adoption of responsive design for e-learning courses. Anytime, Anywhere Learning. Flexibility in learning is strongly preferred by young corporates today.

Learning System Forecasts 2019

eLearning 24-7

Who would have guessed that VR would be on wobbly ground in the corporate learning space for the majority of verticals? Who would have seen that Amazon is working on a commercial LMS, which based on the background of the person running Learning Products, doesn’t really point towards an LMS like you know the term actually means (I’ll get to that shortly)? F2 – Learning Resources, Learning Resources, Learning Resources. E-Learning 24/7 .

What is Instructional Design in E-Learning


What is Instructional Design in E-Learning. Instructional Design in e-learning involves designing courses in a way that makes it easier for learners to acquire new skills and knowledge. Instructional design does this my making e-learning courses more effective and efficient as well as making them practical and visually appealing to learners. Okay, that could be a definition you apply to anyone creating an e-learning course. e-learning

How the Mobile Became the L&D Head’s BFF

Enyota Learning

Mobile learning or mLearning seeks to address the new age challenges of a global, technologically savvy and mobile dependent workforce. mLearning may well be the future of corporate learning. mLearning involves self-paced, on-demand learning that is delivered in bite-size pieces across contexts. But why has mobile learning become so popular among L&D heads? Even those employees who are not mobile prefer to access learning information while on the go.

Tips to Transform Instructor-Led Training to E-Learning


Tips to Transform Instructor-Led Training to E-Learning. In a previous blog , we looked at the three main reasons for transforming instructor-led training to e-learning. To quickly recap, the three reasons are: You’ll get a better return on investment with e-learning. In this blog, we’ll look at essential tips you should be aware of when you transform instructor-led training to e-learning. Don’t Just Convert PowerPoint Slides to an E-Learning Course.

Where do I start?

Adobe Captivate

I have been working in the branding/design/marketing space for 20+ years, and use InDesign,Illustrator and Photoshop for nearly everything I do. My question is…to get into the e-learning space… do I need a different skill set? Do I need to learn Adobe captivate? Does the e-learning community hire traditional graphic designers for this…or do I need some additional training?

Top 10 LMS websites

Ed App

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that handles all aspects of the learning process, including the housing, delivery, and tracking of company training content. Lessonly is an LMS website designed to help teams learn, practice, and work better.

Meet Learning Outcomes with Predictive Learning Analytics


Online learning plays a pivotal role in widening the access and participation in education for a diverse range of students. This has also created the need to stay intuitive to changing learning needs. With blended learning becoming the norm, Edtech products are creating an inclusive learning space for all users. Predictive Learning Analytics (PLA) is a multidisciplinary approach that puts in practice predictive models that provide actionable information.

Implement An Online Learning Content Strategy

eLearning 24-7

But as we change – evolve in our space, content (the term) has too. We place content onto our learning systems. . We assume that following a learner-centric model, heavily seen in any learning engagement platform, that this will work miracles, and thus increase someone’s knowledge – because hey, it is content they are interested in. The analysis is on your end, not the learning system. E-Learning 24/7.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid Before Switching to Blended Learning

Obsidian Learning

There are several definitions and variants of the concept of blended learning. 2015) [1] says that “the blended learning approach combines the best elements of online learning and face to face. Most often, blended learning describes a learning experience that can be adapted toward a specific audience, and which is not constrained by space or time. Many companies are just on the cusp of developing blended learning programs.

How Skillshare is Changing the Face of Design and Lifestyle Courses in the World


The mention of online courses normally conjures up a picture of remote learning, a user’s face plastered to a computer screen, rapt in attention. With the advent of so many new-age ed tech ventures aiming to captivate your imagination and inspire you through learning, the world of online learning has come a long, long way. The platform promotes like-minded communities and learning happens through sharing and interaction, rather than through lectures.

Takeaways from #LTUK18

eLearning 24-7

Vendor takeaways – a lot of micro-learn content and micro-learn content systems, some claiming “AI technological advanced” to “learning” . Fuse now pitches themselves as “Next Generation Learning Ecosystem”, which is strange because earlier in the year and previous years they were a social learning system. It is basically a courseware learning system, whereas you get the content and the system is tossed in. .

Guide: What Does an Instructional Designer Do?


Wherever you’re at on the spectrum, this blog will give you the information and resources you need to position yourself on the cutting edge of learning and design. A traditional ID builds their course learning upon a solid foundation of adult learning theory. Then, they align that material with a course delivery based on these learning models. What Does a Learning Experience Designer Do? What Kind of People Make Great Learning Experience Designers?

Mobile Malarkey

Clark Quinn

It does matter whether you’re talking performance support or spaced learning, but small is good. Spaced learning yes, but reactivation – reconceptualization, recontextualization, and reapplication – not content dump and knowledge test. Look, the real mobile opportunity is about performance support and contextualized learning. Spaced learning is good (though not unique to mobile).

Mobile 101

4 approaches for learning to learn


The term “learning to learn” often causes looks of confusion. Most people will state that they “know how to learn” – obviously so, as they have managed as functioning adults up until this point in their lives. One of the best things we can do for our brains is to continue to learn new things. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. They all understand the fact that they must continuously learn to be successful.

Brain 43

5 Benefits of Responsive eLearning Courses


The same design has found its way into the e-learning space gradually. The pages of an e-learning course are not dissimilar to regular web pages. This is possible only when you create responsive e-learning courses. This radical change observed in the behavior of the corporates has necessitated the fast adoption of responsive design for e-learning courses. Anytime, Anywhere Learning. Flexibility in learning is strongly preferred by young corporates today.

XBlocks in Open edX: An Introduction


You can combine various XBlocks such as text, video or even collaborative learning environments to make your courses stand out. The flexibility of XBlocks makes Open edX such a powerful tool for those in the online learning space. Have any questions or want to learn more about Open edX? Trainers and educators at companies and higher education institutions are consistently on the lookout for ways to improve the way they build and create courses for their learners.

Open 40

Live from Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Unicorn Training

It’s that time of year again – we’re back at Learning Technologies Summer Forum today at Kensington Olympia!With As this year’s LT Summer marks a whole twelve months since we launched the Learning Ecosphere, it’s certainly interesting to see how the industry has evolved – and encouraging that the concept of a joined-up approach across previously diverse learning channels is more embedded than ever.As

Forum 40