Mobile App Trends for 2018

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We look at some of the key mobile app trends and examine the categories of apps that will gain popularity in 2018. Most major LMS-players offer an ‘app’ variant of their product. Expect mobile security apps by key players to flood the market this year.

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18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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Welcome to our 4th annual LMS and learning systems “Trends” post! What is a trend, anyway? And how much do trends matter? A trend should matter to any buyer, seller or user of learning technology who wants to make ongoing, intelligent and informed choices.

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Key eLearning Trends for 2019

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We are nearing the end of 2018. This year seems to have flown at jet-speed and we are ready to start making lists of tech-predictions and eLearning trends for 2019. In this blog post, we take a shot at predicting some key eLearning trends for 2019.

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What Factors Are Shaping the LMS Market? 2018 Learning Systems FAQ

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Last month, I published a mid-year learning technology trends update. At that time, I promised to share additional thoughts about what these trends mean for LMS buyers and sellers. LMS Market Trends 2018: Top 10 Questions. Switching LMSs is definitely a popular trend.

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Team Players: Collaborating in Business


Being a team player is one of the most coveted traits that employers look for in new candidates. What does being a team player mean? Millennials grew up participating in sports and being team players from their earliest days of playing tee-ball.

Board Games and Card Games: Leading the Learning Game Field in 2018

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If past is prologue, the learning game industry is set for a wild ride in 2018. One of the most interesting trends and developments across the gaming industry is the surge in the popularity of both board and card games.

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The UX-files: the course player in Docebo Learning Platform


The design principles behind the course player in Docebo. Building on the themes of the previous two installments of the UX-files, Andrea Biraghi turns our attention to one of the most pivotal features of the learning platform: the course player. The player reflects how the user learns.

6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


Join our very own Dave Romero and Nikki Shaw for a fun, interactive webinar with Training Magazine where they’ll go more in-depth with these hot 2018 training trends. Bonus: During the webinar, they’ll share actionable tips to help you get started with each trend. Save the Date.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 6: Podcasting

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All plans feature embeddable players, function with both iPhone and Android, and provide hosting. We hope you enjoyed our series on the 6 hottest learning trends for 2018. " Sound, mike, microphone " by ? ?? is Public Domain.

Internet Trends & What they Mean for Accessibility

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And as internet trends continue to surpass those of brick-and-mortar operations, it’s important to pay attention to how accessibility should be considered every step of the way. Internet Trend 1: E-commerce Makes Up 15% of Retail Sales. In Q1 of 2018 alone, e-commerce grew by 12.4%

Enterprise Gaming – Once an Opportunity, now a Trend


And as a leading player in this category, our advice to new entrants is to stay true to course, understand that the market is huge and that innovation is the key. For New Players. It would be foolish of us to think that we cannot be on the other side of such a trend.

Gamification Elements That Rocket Boost Learner Engagement


The theory was tested and published in an early 2018 study, “To Game or Not to Gamify” by Elias Kyewski and Nicole C. The challenges encourage users to return regularly to play the game or miss out of rewards that other players will be earning.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 – Part 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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This is Part 2 in our series on the 6 hottest learning trends for 2018. Today we continue our dive into the 6 trends with a look at Artificial Intelligence (AI). For example, AlphaGo famously beat 18-time world champion Go player Lee Sodol in four out of five rounds of Go.

The big digital learning trends for 2019, according to the experts


What does 2019 have in store for digital learning trends? 2018 has seen the rise of AI in digital learning, with bots beginning to make their presence known. Trends: More (please, no) microlearning. Trends: Microlearning to gain meaning, with the help of campaigns.

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Creating Your Training Vision 2018: Organizational Strategy

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The first step is to look at the organization as a whole and determine what the strategy will be for 2018. For example, one firm may have discovered a technical problem with a major product, so key players are going to be IT, development, marketing, and potentially the sales force. On the other hand, if your organization is one of the brave ones that is moving forward with market or product development for 2018, the key players will most likely be marketing and sales.

Top 8 eLearning Trends For 2019

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The year 2018 has been quite hectic for eLearning with newer trends taking traction. What are the key trends to watch out for in the coming year? eLearning Trends For 2019: Which Form The Top 8? We are in the last couple of months of 2018, and as the year is winding down, it’s this time of the year when we look expectantly towards the new one and the trends that will affect the learning industry—specifically the eLearning landscape.

Game-based Learning & Gamification – Driving Fun & Engagement to Your Corporate Training Experience


It has become a trending buzz for corporate training, where different game mechanics are embedded with non-gaming contexts. Scores: When players give correct answers, they are immediately rewarded with scores to reflect their achievement and motivate them to play and learn more. ?

Free L&D webinars for July 2018

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Friday, July 6, 2018, 6:30AM – 7:30AM PT: Turning Reluctant Learning into Fans (Free for ATD members) ATD 2018 took place in San Diego this year, and this webcast will share the highlights—including a great tip on how to overcome massive resistance fast.

What's trending in learning 2019


We’re at the tail-end of January meaning that it’s well and truly time to toss out the trends of last year and make room for the new ones. Learning trends that is. Although, feel free to leave the tide pod challenge and moths in 2018 where they belong.

Top Learning Systems Trends – A 2019 Extended Enterprise Market Guide

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Welcome to our 5th annual trends post! When you look at the list below you might wonder why we’re not calling this our 2019 Book of Learning Systems Trends. Our trends lists reflect how learning systems buyers are actually driving innovation with their dollars!

6 Ways to Powerfully Engage and Educate Millennials with Corporate Training

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Besides being associated with the education and teaching industry, Marceline is a passionate stamp collector and chess player. The most important thing that separates millennials from any other generation is the fact that they were the first generation to born in the era of the internet.

HT2 Labs Win Silver in Best in Biz Awards 2018 International

HT2 Labs

Oxford, UK: HT2 Labs’ Learning Locker has been named the silver winner for the Most Innovative Product of the Year in the Best in Biz Awards 2018 International, the only independent global business awards program judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications from around the world. For a full list of gold, silver and bronze winners in Best in Biz Awards 2018 International, visit: [link].

Hiring Design Agency VS Hiring Freelance Graphic Designer: What Should You Choose

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Experts define globalization as the trend of increasing interaction between people or companies on a worldwide scale due to advances in transportation and communication technology. You don’t have to choose between all-around players who know something about everything.

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Does Your Business Really Need an LMS? Straight Talk with “The eLearning Coach”

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Which learning systems trends are worth watching? In situations where specialists compete with the generic LMS brands we’ve all known for decades, niche players are typically winning. How to Leverage Learning Content Trends.

Learning from mistakes: the London Fishbowl event write-up


TRENDS. 13 August 2018. Or as the great Dutch philosopher (and football player) Johan Cruijff said: ‘every racoon has a tail but not every tail has a racoon’. Events Trends online learning trendsLearning from mistakes: the London Fishbowl event write-up.

Podcast: What’s in your #EdTech bag (#EdTechRations)

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‘ NEW SHOW – What’s in Your Edtech Bag: Trends and Tools from Educators and the World with @hopkinsdavid #EdTechRations [link]. Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) September 11, 2018. Nearly two years ago I was invited to appear on Vicki Davis’ Every Classroom Matters podcast to talk about self-publishing books and to give advice to teachers and educators on what to do and how to do it.

4 Hot Trends to Boost Fundraising Event Engagement and Revenue


We took a look back at last year to uncover top 2018 fundraising trends that will help you enhance attendees’ experiences and raise more money in the new year and beyond. .

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A Megadose of Inspiration & Ideas: Introducing Litmos LIVE


Well, let’s pull that worn record off the player! Litmos LIVE is the world's largest virtual, corporate learning summit and will be held November 7-8, 2018. Litmos LIVE will address questions, such as: What did 2018 teach us about what works and what doesn’t?

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Using the Right eLearning Development Tools for Your Audience


With so many players jumping in the game, the software industry is seeing dollar signs. Learning Lab Experts Series Learning Trends Blended Learning learning Learning and development trendsIf having the right tools didn’t matter, we’d all brush our teeth with hammers.

Large Organizations Thrive Through Exponential Learning

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Newcomers take market share from larger players because they understand and meet customer needs more effectively. He wants to know about trends in the marketplace. Today, businesses compete in a world of exponential change.

What It Takes To Become A Top eLearning Content Development Company

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In this article, I outline 7 aspects that helped us get nominated for eLearning Industry’s Top 10 eLearning companies for 2018 (for the 4th consecutive time) and strike Gold. 7 Aspects That Helped EI Design Reach The Top Position Among eLearning Content Development Companies For 2018.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

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They aim to incorporate the latest trends, such as augmented and virtual reality. was implemented in 2018, and updates WCAG 2.0 Can the video player be controlled by the keyboard? Using Pattern Libraries for Accessible Elearning: Insights from CSUN 2018.

Story-Based Learning: How Good Storytelling In eLearning Can Engage Learners In A Meaningful Way

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Even in popular games such as Assassins Creed or Age of Empires, stories are used to arouse the interest of the players. The course was about various trends and use of technology in the hospitality industry. and Trend Lines

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10, 2018 (morning). eLogic Learning (#1 2018), Growth Engineering (#3 of 2018) , Unicorn LMS (#4), CrossKnowledge (#5), SumTotal (#9) Learn, Cornerstone Learning Suite (#10). Plus Top 50, Top 20, Top 10 too (based on 2018 rankings). What the Trends are saying.


40+ of the World’s Best Sales Training Programs to Get Your Team Into Shape

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Their Sales Academy hosts dozens of skills-building courseware and actionable tips from the best players in the game. Sales training is not a trend.