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Artificial Intelligence: Value-add


Tagging and searching for relevant information would be automated, therefore massively leveraging the value of all content, irrespective of its size, format (PDF) or duration (video). Docebo Blog Learning Technology Trends artificial intelligence Learning technology solutions lms productivityWhat if your platform knew your learners’ preferred learning style and medium automatically? Everyone’s talking about it, some embrace it, others fear it.

Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

Talented Learning

But it’s part of our 2018 product roadmap because our target audience…wants to be engaged, and they want to control that engagement through social capabilities.” Content tagging and following functions, for easy content categorization, retrieval and lifelong learning. Find-the-Expert function – people search and communication via chat, thread and email. Social learning. It is essential for any association learning management system (LMS).

Say Hello to Artificial Intelligence-Powered Enterprise Learning, The Docebo Way


release gives Docebo admins and their users access to: AI-Powered Deep Search: Docebo’s AI deeply analyzes learning content of any nature, understanding and categorizing keywords to exponentially improve learning content discoverability. Upon sharing a new learning asset or creating a new training material (learning object), AI “analyzes” the entire asset, understands the keywords to produce search results that are immensely more relevant.

‘Time well spent’ – what does that mean for your learning content?


Overtly helpful and relevant to individuals and doesn’t require them to search or scan for the value? In our elearning predictions article, we called 2018 the year of the cull. Don’t add to a pile of stuff and think it’s ok because ‘there’s a search engine’. Use profiling tools, diagnostics, adaptive technologies, tagging, cross linking etc to offer up what’s right for them, at that point.

The ultimate guide to personalized and adaptive learning


Personalized and adaptive learning are two of the hottest trends in L&D and they’re here to stay. 2018 results: Don Taylor’s Global Sentiment Survey. You can do this with focus groups or by tagging a quick survey onto the back of each piece of content. Go further than just allowing users to search and find, which might not be the ultimate use of their time.

Is E-Learning Possible Without Learning Management System?

Your Training Edge

E-Learning Trends. Let’s have a look at some eLearning trends that leads to the end of LMS. Many of us search as per the need and when we face problems. We have several search engines, YouTube, Wikipedia for quick information. By offering customized learning paths based on the feedback of previous courses, by tagging learning material and by creating smart courses, adaptive learning is trending high and broad.