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Why Attrition has hit the Hospitality Industry and how Training & Engagement can revive its lost glory!


Stacey has been going to The Cream Place, a cozy restaurant in her neighborhood for a while. The ambiance is good, and best of all, she loves Rick, the waiter who works there. As before, last Friday she took her friends to The Cream Place but found Rick missing.

One Voice, Many Hands

CLO Magazine

The U.S. job market is facing the consequences of a quandary 50 years in the making. With the projected labor shortage of skilled workers looming in the near future, Lowe’s Home Improvement, in partnership with more than 60 companies, has launched “Generation T” to narrow the gap and widen the interest in skilled trade careers. Three million jobs in the industry are projected to become available by 2028, according to a Lowe’s news release.

Voice 59

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Tips for Small L&D Departments: An Interview with Emily Wood

Convergence Training

Learning and development professionals, including elearning developers, have to wear many hats. But it’s even more true for L&D/eLearning professionals who work in small learning development departments. This article is an interview (in text and video format–scroll to the bottom for the video version) with Emily Wood, who is her own “elearning department of one” at a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon.

What should be on your employee onboarding checklist


The onboarding process is critical for company culture and employee engagement, but formulating the perfect employee onboarding checklist can be time-consuming and eat up company resources. Common Ground: Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention.