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Everything You Must Know Before Selecting Gamification Services

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Gamification and games are not the same things – while games are for fun and recreation, gamification refers to an instructional strategy with the aim to increase engagement, motivation, and participation. Gamification in Enterprise Training.

Onboarding eLearning: 5 strategies to include gamification in your onboarding eLearning


Onboarding eLearning is the first impression given to new hires through online training to acquire new skills, knowledge, and behavior to become more effective in an organization. That’s why you need to improve your onboarding eLearning.

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Gamification in Corporate Training: Your Checklist for Training Success

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There are several advantages of gamification in corporate training and learning. Gamification adds a fun element to learning and provides learners a more immersive and engaging experience. Globally, the gamification market was valued at $ 6.8

Our approach to gamification

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While games are old, the term “gamification” is new. Gamification is the activity of applying gameplay methods to non-games to make them more engaging. The history of gamification. Here’s a brief timeline of the history of gamification: 1896: Sperry & Hutchinson Co.

How Psychology Helps to Create Effective Gamification Experiences

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Gamification is backed by various psychologists and scholars, due to its proven performance effectiveness. Gamification experiences are made worthwhile when employees are able to increase their engagement and information retention in an immersive learning environment.

How Personalized Gamification Can Increase Learner Engagement

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Gamification for learning provides highly engaging and immersive learning experiences. In this article, I outline how you can enhance its impact further by using personalized gamification techniques. Adopting Personalized Gamification To Increase Your Learners’ Engagement. From a debatable impact of using gamification for serious learning, this is one technique that has come a long way. Individual scores keep them motivated and push them to complete all levels.

5 social learning tips to enhance your blended learning strategy


Blended learning is a strategy that has been in existence for some time. Today, with constant digital transformation, this learning strategy is becoming a trend. Social learning tips to enhance your blended learning strategy. Gamification.

Gamification Use Case: How To Offset Employee Disengagement With A Gamified Learning Portal Approach

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In this article, I share a use case on how to use gamification to engage your disengaged employees and provide better motivation plus a stickier learning experience. The use case showcases how gamification aids you in creating a high impact training. Why Gamification?

4 NextGen Gamification Solutions To Enhance Your Corporate Training

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With the maturing of the usage of Gamification for learning, there is a buzz on Next Gen Gamification solutions. In this article, I share 4 possibilities on the Next Gen Gamification solutions that can build upon your current approaches. NextGen Gamification Solutions That Can Enhance Your Corporate Training. Learners love gamification as it provides the element of “fun” with serious learning. What Are NextGen Gamification Solutions? What Is Gamification?

4 Tips for Using Gamification in Business

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Implementing gamification in business can be daunting, but once you are familiar with the tips and tricks, the only thing you will regret will be not starting sooner. . If you’re unsure what gamification is to begin with, it is the fusion of training employees on company concepts and gaming elements, like leaderboards, badges, point scores and prizes. To give you a head start (lucky you), we give you four of our top tips for using gamification in your business.

4 NextGen Gamification Solutions To Enhance Your Corporate Training

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With the maturing of the usage of Gamification for learning, there is a buzz on Next Gen Gamification solutions. In this article, I share 4 possibilities on the Next Gen Gamification solutions that can build upon your current approaches. What Are NextGen Gamification Solutions?

How To Successfully Integrate Video-Based Learning Into Your Training Strategy

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In this article, I share pointers on how you can successfully integrate video-based learning into your training strategy. Why Integrate Video-Based Learning Into Your Training Strategy. What Are The Benefits Of The Video-Based Learning Strategy? Gamification elements.

Implementing Gaming System to Reach Effective Corporate Learning

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The best way to help them is to allow employees to play the same level as many times as they want to, until they reach the highest score. Gamified learning is one of the most effective methods of learning that have cropped up in the digital age.

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Gamification: When Is it the Right Choice for Your eLearning?

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Gamification has been a popular topic in the eLearning world for some time now and the possibilities keep evolving. But when is a gamified approach right for your eLearning course? What Is Gamification? Point scoring systems (based on time to complete, for example).

How to Use Gamification for Staff Training

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Gamification is the incorporation of an array of gaming elements into serious concepts presented in microlearning modules, for effective employee training. You may be asking, ‘how does gamification make training better?’ Gamification is here and we’re all about it. Leaderboards, point scores, prizes and game-like quizzes. Gamification for staff training is an effective strategy in the engagement of employees and boosted productivity.

10 Best instructional strategies for corporate training

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Meanwhile, eLearning courses can be even worse with course completions rates typically struggling to push past 20 per cent. If you want the best instructional strategies to get the best from your workforce, the below is what you need to implement. 10 Best instructional strategies.

Microlearning in eLearning Industry – The Future Of eLearning


Microlearning and Gamification. That focus on several aspects of learning, including gamification. So, how can one combine both microlearning and gamification to deliver the required learning results? Gamification technique helps to introduce fun and sticky learning experience, with the use of gaming principles and related elements. You can use gamification to enhance microlearning in the following ways. ?

10 Things Neuroscience Says About Gamification In Online Learning - Technology meets Education

Gamification Forges An Emotional Connection. Gamification involves creating a narrative around the learning activity that describes why the task is relevant to the learner. Gamification focuses on giving learners instantaneous feedback which might not otherwise be available.

Make Corporate Learning Entertaining with These Gamification Examples

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Gamification is an eLearning strategy which utilizes game mechanics and dynamics in eLearning courses, essentially turning them into a fun-filled, entertaining learning experiences! Studies have shown that almost 80% of individuals who participated in gamified eLearning courses believed that it would help them learn better and be more productive. But how exactly do you turn a standard eLearning course into a gamified eLearning experience?

Top Learning Management Systems for an Incredible Training Experience


In today’s digital era, selecting the best corporate eLearning platform is crucial for any organization. Gamification. It is all about incorporating badges, scores, and leaderboards into existing e-learning strategy.

How Personalized Gamification Can Increase Learner Engagement

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Gamification for learning provides highly engaging and immersive learning experiences. In this article, I outline how you can enhance its impact further by using personalized gamification techniques. Adopting Personalized Gamification To Increase Your Learners’ Engagement.


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Including flipped learning, blended learning, performance support/microlearning, gamification, scenarios, and simulations. Gamification. Pricing strategies. Also, if you are selling the online course you will want to have developed a pricing strategy.

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eLearning Engagement: A Formula for Success


In 2018 we ran a survey to investigate the major trends, challenges, and rewards facing businesses delivering eLearning. We knew that eLearning engagement was a big challenge, but we were shocked by how much. Highlight those that have speedily passed the course, or have scored well.

What Strategies Can Be Used To Enhance Memory?

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Microlearning prevents a plethora of strategies to individuals for enhancing their memory for optimal performance. Gamification. Gamification refers to the incorporation of gaming elements into serious course content, for instance leader boards, point scores, star bars and real prizing. It is a strategy used to breakdown any barriers that are held between individuals and their learning, allowing them to feel comfortable and supported in their learning environment.

Learning & Development: How To Do It Right (2020 Update)


With high stakes riding on the success of our training and development strategies, it’s time for us to unpack the importance of polished learning programs and, even more crucially, better understand how our training programs have failed in the past.

The Best Strategy to Take Personalized Learning Enterprise-Wide

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In this blog, we’ll explore the best strategy for extending personalized learning across an enterprise using a corporate LMS. The best strategy accounts for 3 factors: Learner profile, learning environment, and learning paths. Now that we know the ingredients for success let’s consider the LMS that SIIA awarded 2019’s CODiE for Best Corporate LMS : Adobe Captivate Prime. Learn more about badges and gamification below.). eLearning MeetingOne Blog

Learning Pool named as Top Elearning Content Provider 2019

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Learning Pool has received this recognition for excellence in developing online content, securing the number one spot in content development services, in a prestigious ‘top 10 list’, developed by Christopher Pappas and eLearning Industry. Founder of eLearning Industry, Christopher Pappas.

Mars Colony 01: A Journey Into JavaScript and Gamification

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Adobe Captivate 2019 incorporates a rich variety of accessible features and functions that allow developers to produce effective eLearning courses. Second, I wanted to explore how JavaScript and JQuery worked within Captivate 2019. General Strategy.

Why Gamify?

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Gamification has proven itself to be a popular and effective strategy used in the practice of microlearning. In this article, we touch on gamification benefits and how you can fit it into your employee training strategy. eLearning Gamification gamification microlearning

An LMS for manufacturing will bring power to your workforce


Through our eLearning platform , you can detect which aspects of the manufacturing process are failing or need to be updated, that way you have the possibility to focus on the training to improve these aspects with weaknesses.

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Join us for our live webinar about Gamification in training on the upcoming 15th of January


On the upcoming 15th of January, we will be hosting a live webinar about Gamification in training. – What is gamification and how to use it in your training? – Benefits of using gamification in training. What is Gamification and how can be used?

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Implementing Effective Game-Like mLearning Content

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Implementing game-like content is pivotal to a holistic and effective mobile learning (mLearning) strategy. To counter employees potentially becoming bored with their training, new and improved strategies need to be developed. Enter, gamification! Gamification refers to the integration of gaming elements into course content, such as leader boards, point scores, star bars and real-rewards. EdApp eLearning Gamification gamification mLearning

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3 Things to Look for in a Mobile Learning Tool

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There are a plethora of mobile learning tools to select for your training strategy, however, as with any thing, some things are just superior to others. According to Capterra , one of the three biggest mobile learning trends for 2019 is the take off of microlearning lessons to increase knowledge retention. Gamification. Gamification is the most engaging strategy for employee learning. Yep, we’re talking leaderboards, point scores, badges and real prizes.

The Composition of Gamified Microlearning

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Gamification and microlearning are among the two most popular digital learning strategies that are relevant in modern times. Gamification and microlearning have been used separately by a number of organizations to engage employees and help them better absorb and retain knowledge. But what happens when you combine microlearning and gamification to create gamified microlearning? Just be sure to make use of all the game-elements that make gamification effective.

6 Ways to Use Mobile Learning to Enhance Employee Productivity

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With the help of mobile learning or elearning, instructors can create training materials beforehand and the employees can take the course from any location at a convenient time. Gamification. Gamification is a great approach to impart learning in a fun and interactive way.