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Ngee Ann Poly’s Micro-Learning Journey to Train Leaders On-The-Go


Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is an institution of higher learning in Singapore with more than 14,800 full-time and 3,000 part-time students, more than 1,800 staff and 148,000 alumni. Conventional classroom learning was logistically impossible for the busy senior leadership, so how could NP transcend the constraints of time, scale, and geography to keep reinforcing specific behaviors and a culture of lifelong learning – and do it fast?

Are Learning Experience Platforms the Next LMS?


I’ve recently seen a new term crop up in e-learning blogs, and it deserves some clarification. That term is “Learning Experience Platform,” or LXP. According to some of the blogs I’ve read, the LXP is the next generation of the LMS: more powerful, more flexible, and generally better across almost every e-learning context. Versatile micro learning program options. Case in point: micro learning. As of 2019, no.

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10 Technological Trends That Are Changing the Way We Learn

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Here are some of the trends that will change the world of training in the coming years: Ensuring accessible learning. Providing effortless learning experience will ensure the greatest impact on the learning application. Repackaging the training into micro-learning modules is a quicker way to develop training. However, its potential in learning and development is now slowly being realized. AI can be used to measure the effectiveness of a learning program.

What it takes for an LMS to be successful


E-learning has established itself as the number one method of delivering knowledge and competencies development in the modern organization. The fact that this approach to learning allows for continuous updates in order to keep up with the latest technologies and with all the rapid changes in market demands makes it the perfect solution for the modern business. Yet a good e-learning platform can be flexible enough to adapt to ever changing business needs in a customized manner.

The five best ways to use mobile learning

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With the invention of tech-enabled training, mobile learning (m-learning) has become a trendy strategy for delivering training. It is not unusual to see the youthful employees tapping away on tablets and smartphones, catching up with learning, on-the-go. M-learning is an effective technique for content which needs to be reviewed on a regular basis. It is also great when it comes to accessing learning material just-in-time. Mobile apps for learning.

Top 50 Learning Systems for 2020 (Rankings #50 to #40)

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It’s that time of the year, to announce my Top 50 Learning Systems for 2020, starting off with the rankings of #50 to #40. A vendor was not required to be in my learning system search engine, FindAnLMS to be considered. The criteria covers the entire Top 50 Learning Systems, so as the rankings go on, I will just link back to this post, covering the criteria, How the Posts will be published. UpsideLMS – Ranked in the #50 in 2019 too. E-Learning 24/7.