5 White Label Learning Platforms to Consider for Employee Training


This blog lists top 5 white label training platforms. Whether you are a small business, large enterprise or a mid-sized organization, it will be hard for you to ignore the benefits of white labeling. Why you should use a white label training platform?

Brand and White-Label Your LMS Portal: A Complete Guide


And your learning management system (LMS) should be no different. A white-label portal in your learning management system that you can also brand might seem like a mere cosmetic thing, but it does so much more for your learners. Before you put your own stamp on your LMS, let’s go over exactly what it means to have a branded and white-labeled portal, the reasons to do it, and the ways you can brand your LMS. A white-label portal.


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When And Why You Need A White Label LMS

Dan Keckan

Today, advanced customization features make white labeling a simple solution with many advantages. Let’s talk about some of the ways you could benefit from a white label LMS. Learning Management Systems Corporate Learning Management Systems Learning Management System Benefits LMS FeaturesYou need your online courses to look and sound like you. But that doesn’t mean you have to develop your own custom LMS.

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


A Learning Platform empowers L&D departments to drive business growth through their efforts, and a key pillar of this solution is the Learning Management System (LMS). Our complete guide to a Learning Management System is here to help. Our complete guide to a Learning Management System (LMS). A Learning Management System is a software-based platform that facilitates the management, delivery, and measurement of an organization’s corporate e-learning programs.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

Last week we kicked-off the 2019 Talented Learning Awards by honoring the best learning systems in our first category – corporate extended enterprise systems. And this week the celebration continues, as we recognize excellence in our second category – continuing education systems. However, today we’re excited to shine a light on exceptional continuing education systems because they are our lifeblood. Why Are Continuing Education Systems Special?

Create your own eLearning Platform and use your brand’s print with a White Label Learning Management System


If not, you should rush to implement a White Label Learning Management System in your training programs and align your LMS with your brand and corporate values. Your branding is what defines you, and we ensure that this is reflected in the Learning Management System. For this reason, we have worked to ensure that Paradiso LMS serves as a fully customizable white label LMS , which can be tailor-made to fit your exact business needs.

LMS Overview: Key Learning Management System Features


Using a learning management system (LMS) streamlines training delivery. “A learning management system (LMS for short) is a software application that is used to administer, track, report, and deliver training.” While some need white-labelling , others are happy to stick with more basic branding features. . Branding & White-labelling. You can go a step further with white-labelling, an additional branding feature.

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See Learning Content From a New Perspective


In today’s market, there are generally three types of ready-to-go learning content options: Learning platform integrations with content vendors: When an LMS offers integrations with one or more content vendors without white-labeling those content vendors. Gone are the days of having to purchase multiple licenses from multiple vendors for content catalogs and having to juggle tricky technical integrations between multiple systems.

Free L&D webinars for November 2019

Limestone Learning

Friday, November 1, 2019, 8AM – 9AM PT: Copyright: Guard Your Goldmine – Protecting What You Create The original works you create — your intellectual property — are your goldmine. Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 9AM – 10AM PT: Address the Skills Gap Challenge with Micro-Credentialing Micro-credentialing is a great way to track upskilling and certification for learners within organizations. Create a training program and team that offers a white glove, learner-centric experience.


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a system of learning which uses electronic media, typically over the Internet.”. When hosting your online course on a Learning Management System (LMS) you can gather data on your learners. Also, the hosting environment and any LMS (Learning Management System) will be agreed upon. Firstly, the new online learning needs to uploading to the hosting, learning platform, or learning management system. Learning Management Systems (LMS).

How to Start an Online School: Step-by-Step Guide (for 2020)


With the plethora of online learning platforms and learning management systems – LMSs, out there, today it’s easy to build your own online school. Whether you are using it for live-chat, tracking visitors, sending or receiving information between systems and more.

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Best Employee Onboarding Solutions for the Digital-First Workforce


It is an easy-to-use SAAS based platform from Hurix Systems that you can leverage to manage employee data, deliver training and track the reports through analysis. It is a white-labelled application, which means you can get it customized the way you want.

Podcast 26: How to Extend Learning Content Availability – With Troy Gorostiza

Talented Learning

New tools are emerging that promise to overcome key content availability issues without requiring organizations to abandon or replace existing learning systems. I’ve worked with training content and delivery systems since 1998. Although my degree is in instructional systems design, I’ve operated more like a learning architect. Most organizations now have access to a learning platform of some sort, or they’re moving to a central system-of-record.

Software for Associations | 15 Platforms to Consider

Web Courseworks

That’s why your best option is often to choose several software systems that are the best in their specialized fields and integrate them. Let’s take a look at some of the top software options available to you when it comes to facilitating the most essential aspects of association management: Learning Management System (LMS) Software for Associations. Association Management System (AMS) Software for Associations.

How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Compatibility with Multiple Devices, Operating Systems and Browsers. While purchasing an ebook publishing platform, you need to ensure that users can access the published content on multiple devices and operating systems. White-labelled Platform.

How can I start my own e-learning business?


Starting an e-learning business is one of the most trending business in 2019. With e-learning management systems, tutors can teach courses to the masses spread across the world. There are several LMS (Learning management system) that you can use for the website. It is a white-labeled turnkey software, which does not emboss its branding. Moreover, maintenance is easy along with lifetime security updates to your eLearning development system.

What are the Best Employee Training Tools for Your Business?


First, there are different types of training tools, which can be classified as: Learning Management Systems or LMS. Learning Management System (LMS): A Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to streamline all the learning, training and e-commerce functions of your organization.

What are various plans offered on QuoDeck online version?


We also offer a Biz plan, which lets you create your content with total disk usage limited up-to 5GB and user limit up-to 1000 users, with additional functionalities like ability to create multiple courses, interactive learning content creator tool, white labeled mobile app and more… e-Learning Mobile Learning Q & A QuoDeck QuoDeck Creator Queries QuoDeck Learner Queries elearning Learning management systemsWe currently have 3 plans.

Why You Should Choose an Open Source eLearning Platform?


Honestly speaking, they find it easier to manage stuff as old-school rather than investing in a Learning Management System. However, on the other side of the coin, we can also find innumerable corporations and companies who foresee the needs for digital training and learning system. What is an open-source learning management system? Android is an open-source operating system owned by Google but is available for all to configure customized applications and experiences over it.

Kitaboo College – Enabling Higher Education with Technology

Kitaboo on EdTech

Kitaboo has over 25 different styles of assessment techniques such as labelling, click and reveal, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions and more. Kitaboo is a white label application. Education Technology / June 6, 2019. Education Technology / December 12, 2019.

LMS – Does One Size Fit All?

Hurix Digital

Keeping in line with the advancements in technology, more and more organizations across the globe are adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to supplement their learning and training requirements. Conduct a Need Analysis: Define your Objectives: Determine who in your organization you wish to educate or train and also if you require branding and white-labelling to be part of the LMS package.

Ten ‘Must-Have’ Features for Your Learning Platform

Origin Fractal LXP

This is the next most important pre-requisite for organizations: integration capabilities with one or many of the following systems: Talent Management Workforce Management Compliance Platform Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Payment Processor. Even the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2019 stresses upon the need for mobile and social learning solutions to propagate employee education with ease.

How do I even start? 5 first steps to building your first employee training program


A learning management system (or LMS for short) is an online training software that opens up a world of features for building a training program – that’s if you choose the right one! Can you white-label the LMS to reflect your company’s branding?

The Ultimate Checklist: 17 criteria to help you choose the ideal LMS for your SMB


Reporting and tracking system. White labeling and customization options. Integrates with other systems. Some LMS vendors offer demos, which are usually once-off tours of the system’s features. The learning management system that’s easy to set up, easy to use and easy to customize. Reporting and tracking system. Look for systems that automate aspects of reporting and also let you share reports with others. Integrates with other systems.

ILT 54

Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools to Empower your Sales Force


This tool also allows offline access, along with white label custom branding options. Connectleader loads leads into the system and starts dialing for you. How about a cloud-based platform to create, deliver & track interactive sales training on a white label mobile app. July 9, 2019 | Employee Training. What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

Why Use Hospitality Industry Training Software for Your Business?


” Did you ever receive complaints from customers about your staff’s impolite behavior, delayed response to order, poor table management system, or poor customer support? You can even white-label your hospitality training courses with your logo and messaging.

How an Extended Enterprise LMS Can Help You Train Multiple Audiences


It provides organizations with sub-platforms to help deliver distinct and relevant training for each audience, such as customers and partners, under one system. Manage Multiple LMS Platforms Under One System. You can easily customize each environment with white labeling options, from custom colors and logos to personalized login pages and email notifications to provide your learners with a more personal and engaging experience.

Checklist: 10 Tips to Prepare for Your LMS Demo


That’s the typical length of a Learning Management System (LMS) demo. You can see the system in action, ask questions, and find out if it aligns with your expectations. To decide who should be there, consult with those who will have input not only on the selection but also the continued use of the system. This will help with the understanding of the system and the adoption of the LMS in the long-term. . Branding and White-Labeling. One hour.

7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


It has an easy-to-use interface which lets you create and securely deliver content across multiple devices and operating systems. Kitaboo Insight is a white label application which can be branded as your own with its custom branding options. Litmos is a white label employee training software, allowing organizations to customize the training app with their own logo and branding.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


According to Wikipedia, a learning management system (LMS) is software that administers, documents, tracks, reports, and delivers learning materials, agendas, or educational programs. What is LMS integration for a person, company, corporate, or an organization in 2019? Mobile compatibility is fundamental but more important is mobile responsiveness in 2019. You need an LMS that can support these integrations in such third-party systems. Talent Management Systems.

How Much Does LMS Software Cost? An Overview of Pricing Structures


Costs are related to the setup, maintenance, and update of the system. This plan comes with greater data storage, white labeling, integrations with other tools and a host of other features not found in the free plan. “Costs do not exist to be calculated. Costs exist to be reduced.” – Taiichi Ohno, Japanese engineer & businessman. Cost is a primary consideration for most organizations, which need to adopt any software tool.

Cost 62

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

Magic EdTech

For instance, deploying software tools for K-12 education, which include elements like gamification and other interactive forms of learning, can become a breeze when you get an outsourced white-label solution that allows you to not just customize the learning platform completely but also integrate it with existing legacy systems. “If you deprive yourself of offshore development and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”.

10 Must-Have Features of an Online Education Platform

Kitaboo on EdTech

Therefore, you must look for a vendor who can provide a white-label platform, which you can customize as per your liking. You can have various styles of quizzes, such as drag and drop, match the pairs, answer in brief, labeling, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks etc. Since it is an application, it must be readable on most of the devices and operating systems. Students might have different devices with different operating systems- Windows, iOS or Android.

How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Compatibility with Multiple Devices, Operating Systems and Browsers. Since there are different operating systems available and also web browsers that are either specific to each OS or accessible across all systems, the content you publish must be accessible on most if not all operating systems and browsers. While purchasing an e-publishing tool, you need to ensure that users can access the published content on multiple devices and operating systems.

What Publishers Need in an eLearning Platform to Maximize ROI


Most education publishers started with building mini learning management systems and realized the mistake they made when they took the product to the market. Most schools already have a Student Information System (SIS) as well as a Learning Management System ( LMS). The platform should be compatible across different types of devices and operating systems, to allow easy access, anytime, anywhere. Here, a white-labeled platform like MagicBox can be beneficial.

What Publishers Need in an eLearning Platform to Maximize ROI


Most education publishers started with building mini learning management systems and realized the mistake they made when they took the product to the market. Most schools already have a Student Information System (SIS) as well as a Learning Management System ( LMS). The platform should be compatible across different types of devices and operating systems, to allow easy access, anytime, anywhere. Here, a white-labeled platform like MagicBox can be beneficial.

How to Get The Best LMS For Your Organization


With over 1,000 learning management systems on the market, it’s impossible to test them all. We’ll help you filter out the unsuitable solutions, and pinpoint the best learning management system for your business. They’re the ones who will be using the system after all. Or, you might need to train multiple audiences all within the one system , then you’ll need a dynamic, multi-portal system that suits each audience.