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Live updates throughout the day from Craig Weiss' 'eLearning 2020' Seminar at The Kia Oval. Apps may then become more about UX than providing an offline alternative. Or just track CPD? Using Javascript and tween libraries as alternatives to HTML5 Value of Adobe Edge to change Flash-based projects? Simple workflow that enables IDs to stop using Word - tracked-change word docs for SMEs.

Align Employee and Corporate Goals in 2019

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In-person training is one approach, though it can prove expensive, hard to track and lack the consistency you may be seeking. Alternatively, you can go the eLearning route by using a learning management system. Do so this year, and you’ll be striving for an even higher bar in 2020.

Top 5 e-learning trends for 2019


Both the deployment process and the results are a lot more facile to track so this type of brief and to the point learning is here to stay – and grow in this busy digitized world we live in.

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A Learning Path to Retention

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Companies simply cannot grow without recruiting and retaining millennials — the generation that, according to research from LinkedIn , will comprise 50 percent of the employable workforce by 2020.

Playing Games Leads to Better Learning

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million by 2020 because of an estimated 16 percent compounded annual growth rate, according to “Serious Game Market by Vertical, Application Platform, End-User and Region — Forecast to 2020,” a report from research firm Markets to Markets.

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Flash is Dead: Long Live HTML5 for eLearning


Flash will be allowed to die in 2020 as Adobe ceases to support the standard. It’s certainly helpful that SCORM and Tin Can modules can be rendered using HTML5 as an alternative. The alternative may be a dramatically diminished user experience for learners unable to access Flash.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


A cloud-based LMS is a web-based platform that helps companies to deliver, track, and report on eLearning. The main difference between a cloud LMS and other solutions is that learning content, tracking and reporting data is stored in the cloud.

Lifelong Learning in the Freelance Economy

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And, Intuit estimated that by 2020, 43 percent of the U.S. Tag them as a segment in your association management system and other databases so you can track their engagement. Marketing automation platforms can help you track their online behavior, for example, web page visits and downloads, and email opens and clicks. For computer and mathematical professions, about 22% of workers are in alternative work arrangements ,” said Lawrence Katz, an economist at Harvard University.

Microlearning improves employee training programs


This explains why the majority of participants said they would be offering mobile training by 2020. Furthermore, it provides those who don't perform well in the traditional classroom setting with a self-paced alternative. Microlearning improves employee training programs.

What if….? (E-Learning)

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The moment anyone uses the net, data tracking occurs. I am a believer that by 2020, you will start seeing Smart learning systems that are nearly automated. What if scenarios, offer an alternative. . Sometimes the alternative is awful and downright scary. I’m a huge fan of history. Especially those “what if” scenarios that explore the other side of historical changes.

How to Fuel Innovation

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In the same vein, a June 2012 report from the McKinsey Global Institute in Washington predicts that employers worldwide could face a shortage of 85 million workers with high- and midlevel skills by 2020. Instead, they seek alternatives. It is a breakthrough that will begin to allow organizations to accomplish what has never really been feasible before — tracking non-structured learning experiences and linking them to performance.”

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By 2020, millennials will make up over 50 per cent of the American workforce. Ways technology plays a role in engaging and tracking manager-employee interactions. " Mushroom and fern " by Manuel Barroso Parejo is licensed by Unsplash. It’s a busy time of year.