5 White Label Learning Platforms to Consider for Employee Training


This blog lists top 5 white label training platforms. Whether you are a small business, large enterprise or a mid-sized organization, it will be hard for you to ignore the benefits of white labeling. You need your online courses to reflect your voice and your brand and using a white labelling training platform is the way forward. Why you should use a white label training platform? White label branding.

How to start an online school in 2020 [An Ultimate guide]


Building your online school from scratch and building your own customized tutoring site using a white label solution are the 2 popular approaches available. It takes twice as long as using a white label solution and at least 10 times the price.

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The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


Information retrieved from Zoom on 24th March 2020. It has public and private chats that allow viewers to communicate without interrupting the presenter. Information retrieved from GoToWebinar on 24th March 2020. Information retrieved from ClickMeeting on 30th March 2020. It gives you in-depth analytics for your past webinars. Information retrieved from WebinarJam on 30th March 2020. Information retrieved from Demio on 31st March 2020.

Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


Video hosting platforms also provide additional benefits, such as protection for your course videos, video analytics information, and sharing options. While you can embed YouTube videos on your site, those videos aren’t white labeled.

The definitive checklist for selecting the right partner training LMS


Analytics – all of them. White-labeling. Analytics – all of them. The best sales training programs can deliver analytical data that is critical to the channel’s success, but sales data is only part of the equation. White-labeling. Use white-labeling on all communication, marketing, and training material to maintain those oh-so familiar brand elements that build trust with your partners.

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The definitive checklist for selecting the right partner training LMS


Analytics – all of them. White-labeling. Analytics – all of them. The best sales training programs can deliver analytical data that is critical to the channel’s success, but sales data is only part of the equation. White-labeling. Use white-labeling on all communication, marketing, and training material to maintain those oh-so familiar brand elements that build trust with your partners.

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How To Start Teaching Astrology Classes Online?


Two popular methods among those are building your online teaching website from scratch and building it using a white label solution. Everybody is finding ways to understand what’s happening in their lives using their birth charts as the guide.

Best Learning Experience Platforms to Consider for Online Education

Hurix Digital

Insights & analytics. 2UOS also provides analytical and marketing tools. The learning experience platform comes with a variety of resourceful features like – a modern, intuitive UI, in-app video recordings for training and task submissions, in-app & email notifications, in-depth analytics, and integrations with tools you’re using. . The white label LXP has a fully designed curriculum that can be accessed through its partnership programs. .

An Introduction to the Enterprise Quiz Builder From ProProfs


You can give your quizzes a touch of your branding with the white-labeling feature. Use advanced reports and analytics to gain useful insights. White Labeling. To enable this, ProProfs offer the white-label feature.

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Ten Interactive Online Platforms to Deliver Holistic Learning to Students


Accordingly, to deliver eLearning, you need an interactive online platform that can help you create and deliver courses, include resource libraries, tools for collaboration, analytics, reporting and feedback, and interface for all stakeholders, including teachers, students, and course administrators to access all data and information. The software offers various innovations in all areas of eLearning, including content creation, analytics and management.

Employee Training Platform: 8 Best Features of an Employee Training Platform


Then you may want to white label it to reflect your brand. Tracking and Analytical Tools.

10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions


Corporate Training solutions with in-built analytics tools can help you track their learning pattern and understand their learning behavior. White Label Platform. Therefore, the training tool should be white labelled in order for you to brand and customize it with your favicon, logo, color theme, icons etc. These assessments could be in the form of drag and drop questions, fill in the blanks, labelling etc.

7 Best Digital Publishing Platforms for Your Business


The content consumption is monitored through analytics and user insights. White-labeled app. In-built analytics for tracking content consumption. Though this digital publishing platform doesn’t offer responsive design across devices, it can easily integrate audio and video into your digital publication along with impressive analytics. Analytics for content, traffic, and engagement insights. Integrated analytics for content conversions.

How to Make a Lead Quiz Marketing Funnel


Google Analytics might help you with some data but not much. . White-Label Your Quiz- This isn’t a necessary step but you can always add your own logo and a theme to your quiz that resonates with your brand. When we meet a new person, we don’t really make a split-second decision whether we would want to see them again. We do rounds judging them on their appearance, their interests, the way they speak, or the occupation they hold and then make our decision. .

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How to Start an Online School: Step-by-Step Guide (for 2020)


Starting an online academy in 2020 can mark the beginning of an exciting journey. Step 4: Connect the Analytics and Know Your Numbers. Analytics software (see Step 4). Step 4: Connect the Analytics and Know Your Numbers. Before you are ready to launch your academy, you need to set up your analytics tools. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an industry-leading tool that allows you to monitor web traffic and can be easily integrated with your academy.

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Digital eBook Library- How Can Institutions & Publishers Benefit


Some software tools let you create your own eCommerce engine or an ebook store that is completely white labeled. You can get this information through data content analytics. Digital Publishing / January 14, 2020. Colleges and universities have huge libraries stacked with books. Brick and mortar libraries are still standing strong and are maintained by educational institutions.

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Online Course Platform


White-Labeling. Provision for insightful reports and analytics should be another yardstick to choose the best online course platform. See these 37 statistics for 2020. In the United States, student loan debts have recently jumped to $77 billion , bringing it to a total $1.16 trillion. The skyrocketing cost of college tuition is nudging learners to search for other viable alternatives.

10 Ways to Transform Sales Training with a Mobile Platform


With an analytics tool, you could get accurate data about the number of times your employees have attempted a test or opened a certain course module. DISCOVER HOW A MOBILE-FIRST SALES TRAINING PLATFORM CAN HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION Kitaboo is a cloud-based platform to create, deliver & track interactive sales training on a white label mobile app. Employee Training / March 3, 2020. Sales is an important function in every organization.

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10 Features that Make KITABOO Insight the Best Learning Platform for Remote Employees


KITABOO Insight is a white labelled application that you can customize to your liking. Using a white-labeled training platform lets you add a touch of personalization to your training delivery tool. Apart from the usual fill in the blanks and multiple-choice questions (MCQs), you can add assessments in the form of drag and drop, match the pairs, labelling, sequencing and many more. Analytics.

How to Capture Needs for Your Elearning Project Plan [Free Template]


Elucidat’s analytics feature makes the results super easy to read. You might need to think about white-labelling, translation, ROI stats and more. The most successful elearning projects start with a rock solid plan. What do you need to know right at the start to make your elearning project a success? Get your hands on our free Elearning Project Plan template and deliver your best elearning project yet. Click here to download the free Elearning Project Plan Template now.

Can Going Digital Help the Education Sector Optimize Monetization?


In fact, the publishing company well known as Pearson confirmed that in 2020, they would update just 100 of the 1,500 titles that are currently in print, which is a decrease of 400 titles from 2019. DRM also provides a range of analytics about content consumption patterns. With the help of white label solutions and authoring tools, the speed of creating, modifying and distributing content can be greatly increased.

How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Extended Enterprise Training


White-Labeling . White-Labeling. An extended enterprise LMS will provide you with white-labeling options from logos, custom colors, and email notifications, to personalized login pages to provide your learners with a more personalized and engaging experience. . . . . . . Reporting and Analytics. Your extended enterprise is a key component that contributes to the success of your business.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


billion mobile users by the year of 2020. Google Analytics. Interactive white-board tools. Deep Analytics, Reporting & Certification. This analytics is nothing but the statistical representation of different activities performed by different users on the eLearning platform. The analytics records every activity, the reporting system displays the data in a logical format, while the certification system gives feedback based on the analyzed reports.

Free L&D webinars for November 2019

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Thursday, November 7, 2019, 10AM – 11AM PT: Learning Strategy 2020 – The Future Is Now The year 2020 has always sounded like the setting of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but its right around the corner. Create a training program and team that offers a white glove, learner-centric experience. “ Rubber Boots, Rain, Autumn ” by Peter Sitte is licensed by Pixabay.