LMS vs. LCMS: What is the difference and why does it matter? LMS vs. LCMS? While sometimes thought to be interchangeable terms, LMS (Learning Management System) and LCMS (Learning Content Management System) platforms share a few functionalities, but couldn’t be more different.


What’s the Difference Between an LMS and an LCMS? Hint: It’s Not Just the Letter “C”

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For example, you’ve likely seen Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) discussed on various websites and company pages. It gives your association one software package that delivers, assesses, and reports on online training programs.

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LMS and LCMS: What’s the Difference?


If you’re confused about the differences between a learning management system (LMS) and a learning content management system (LCMS), you’re not alone. In fact, an LMS and an LCMS are complementary but very different systems that serve different masters and address unique business challenges.


What is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS)?


” Even a Google search for Learning Content Management System returns ads for Learning Management Systems, and articles that claim to rank the top LCMS’s, but really only include Learning Management Systems. LMS vs. LCMS Comparison. How NOT to Adopt an LCMS.


Using Your LCMS to Save Kirkpatrick


We were talking about measuring the effectiveness of a very expensive training program we just delivered. Forget About Level 4? Never! Not too many years ago I remember the words of an L&D VP to whom I reported. Just focus on the first three. Forget about this Kirkpatrick level four,” he said. “It’s It’s too hard […]. Learning

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LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

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Before getting started with using eLearning tools for your education or certification programs, it is important to know the difference between the different tools used to create, develop, and deliver eLearning content.

Xyleme Nominated as a Top LCMS by Elearning!


Xyleme is pleased to be nominated as a top Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Awards program. It is a unique program because nominations are completely based on the votes of learning professionals via online ballot for best-in-class solutions. Xyleme is elated to be voted and recognized as a top LCMS platform by industry professionals. The post Xyleme Nominated as a Top LCMS by Elearning! (October 18th 2018) Elearning!

LMS/LCMS Puzzlers

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Just some thoughts that puzzle me on why some LMS/LCMS vendors (okay over 98% of them) are still in some time warp from the Eighties when it comes time to enhance their services and technological solutions. Unfortunately, we do not have that luxury when buying YOUR LMS/LCMS. Better yet, is that you e-mail your LMS/LCMS vendor’s tech support and it is as though it goes into a black hole and is never seen again. API – Application Program Interface.


LMS/LCMS Reports: Generate or Perish

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You have a LCMS/LMS. Because your LMS/LCMS does not offer it. Not all LMS/LCMS offer this, but really if they do, it is a great feature, and frankly they should! Who accessed or entered the LMS/LCMS? The Report Curse of some LMS/LCMS Vendors. Because your time is being spent having to do additional steps, which impacts your productivity (since you could be working on something else) and really should not be necessary, if you have the right LMS/LCMS.


How to implement a successful customer training program


Research from Talented Learning around the rise of online customer training programs , states that: 68% of trained customers use products more often. You can explore lots of examples of great online customer training or read on for five ways to set up a successful customer training program.

LMS: Training Management

Your Training Edge

Your LMS can track and manage certification programs, as well. eLearning Featured Featured Posts Learning & Development LMS LCMS learning management systems training managementYour LMS can manage various aspects of your training life cycle as well as content.

eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

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SCORM, LMS, AMS, LCMS, API, JITT, what does it all mean?! API- Taken from Wikipedia “an application programming interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software and applications.”

The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program. An authoritative whitepaper on how to plan, implement, and evaluate an e-learning program for your business. Like any corporate initiative, the training program should have a stated mission and a set of business objectives that are well defined. The plan will also need to include a business analysis that identifies the costs and benefits of the training program. Prepare a business case for the training program.

The Power of eLearning Templates

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Not only can you author great elearning rapidly, but you can also easily add photos, video, and effective interactive elements in your elearning course without any special designing or programming expertise.

Webinar: Implementing a New Learning Environment at Rogers Communications


With a large and diverse learning audience, they are constantly challenged with keeping content and programs up to date. CDS Content Management LCMS Products Resources Studio Videos

Terms e-Learning Designers Should Know


Learning Management System (LMS): A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of education courses or training programs. An LCMS has a built-in authoring tool, and LMSs do not.

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Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Learnnovators: It is inspiring to see how L&D has started leveraging the power of storytelling, acknowledging the fact that behind any great learning program, there needs to be a compelling story. ABOUT BOB LITTLE (Senior Partner, Bob Little Press & PR). Bob Little is a writer , commentator and publicist who works globally, specializing in the corporate online learning industry. His interests include singing and sport – notably cricket.

Fire Up Learning: Tips to Motivate Adult Learners

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To effectively face the challenges of the changing world, more and more adult learners are turning to professional development courses and online learning programs. Sadly, most of those training programs are not very interesting, which poses a test for online course developers. What can we do to create an engaging training program? How To Strategies Tips and Tricks authoring design tips elearning instructional design LCMS Shazia subject matter experts training

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Giving Thanks for Built-in Templates

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No experience required : Top teachers crave interactive elements in their courses—but may not have the graphic design or programming experience needed to efficiently bring those to life. With 360training’s free and freemium course creation tools (LCMS), not only can you author great online courses for next to nothing, but can access easy-to-use built-in activity and game templates. Strategies authoring business elearning ideas LCMS Shazia templates training

State of the LMS 2012

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Do you have a LMS/LCMS/Learning Platform. One important data point here – the term “LCMS” is on its deathbed. BTW, one vendor told me, “they can export it into another database or program for deeper analysis” (congrats, this is the worst idea ever.

10 Tips for Successful Webinars

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Turn off programs that do not need to be running—particularly those that send you messages. Tips and Tricks checklists LCMS LMS webinars WesleyInstructors, lecturers, and subject matter experts: Get your next webinar off to a great start by following these quick rules—and by using 360training’s free webinar tools ! Do a system check prior to the event. Make sure your computer, webinar software, and network connections are up-to-date and working well together.

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eLearning Authoring Tool Must-Haves!

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A set of built-in templates in your authoring tool can help you quickly create stimulating online training, without worrying about designing or programming knowledge. On the other hand, heavy authoring tools can be complicated to learn, may require additional software/programs and large disk space to run properly, may not be compatible with every system, and may be restricted to a single device. Strategies elearning LCMS Shazia

Energy + Utilities Panel Webinar: How to Adapt Your Learning Ecosystem for the Future


The panel will also share the tools and programs they recommend. As Vice President, Timothy currently oversees the e-Learning and Knowledge Solutions business unit which provides the most comprehensive online learning suite of programs for the worldwide energy industry including areas in the Oil & Gas Business Value Chain, Upstream Technology and Operations & Maintenance. Samantha Gonda | Instructional Program Design Manager, NiSource.

The Future of the LMS

Bottom-Line Performance

These include blogs, online coaching, polls, self-study programs, communities of practice, and more.&#. LMS/LCMS emerging trends and technologies informal learning LMS Web 2.0We started the month talking about the features and functions of learning management systems. It’s only fitting we end talking about the changes the future holds for those features.

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How to Break into eLearning

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360training.com LCMS: 360training.com Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is free, easy-to-use instructional design software. Use the 360training.com Authoring Program platform to distribute your course to your own organization, sell it on your own store, or put it in front of millions of learners in the 360training.com Marketplace. Uncategorized authoring business elearning ideas instructional design LCMS sale Shazia teach online tools

What is an LMS?


Learning Management Systems Allow Powerful Training Programs to be Delivered on the Go. Articles Learning Management Systems e-learning LCMS Learning Management System LMS Mindflash

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Thinking Out of the Box: How the University of British Columbia School of Nursing Created a Practice e-Portfolio by Fareed Teja

Learning Solutions Magazine

Faculty and staff at the University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing (UBC SoN) worked together to create an open source e-Portfolio system for students in the BSN and Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner programs. The result is a perfect fit to these unique competency-based programs, one that also supports the students after graduation. Tags: Certification Content Management Future Trends Instructional Design Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS

Crowdsourcing Training


Let’s use the example of creating a sales training program. Even prior to the development of the training program, crowdsourcing has been used to conduct effective TNAs (training needs assessments). One company I worked with had recognized that their training programs were extremely under utilized and actually debated whether or not to continue funding them.

Storytelling and Video Solutions at ATD TechKnowledge 2018


It should also be noted that it takes about four years (seven for Coco ) for Pixar to complete a film; it’s hard to find a learning program that has the luxury of even four months. Storytelling.

Moodle Mayhem

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More of a course management system, than a LCMS/LMS as they try to push it. The biggest challenge you will face with Moodle, and in many cases with open source LMS/LCMS solutions is that you need to have strong technical skills. Rather, you will need skill sets that would include programming – javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, perhaps Ruby on Rails,PHP, databases,SQL., Moodle and some other open source LMS/LCMS solutions are not really “out of the box&# solutions.

How to Buy a LMS

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LCMS – Learning Content Management System – going the way of the dodo bird. API – Application Program Interface. Buying a LMS e-learning e-learning vendors education human captial management LCMS learning learning management system LMS m-learning mobile learning Request for Proposal research Talent and Performance Management buying a LMS craig weiss learning management systems lms vendors purchasing a LMS

What I Learned Producing 90 eLearning Videos In 8 Weeks At Google


My colleagues and I solved this problem by developing 90 eLearning videos in 8 weeks, creating the first YouTube Certified Online training program. Blog corporate learning Development e-learning elearning Google LCMS learning LMS modern learner software storytelling training VCMS Video video learning video production videonitch YouTube5 Things I Learned Producing 90 eLearning Videos In Two Months. Google had a problem.

Free eLearning Authoring Software with Easygenerator


Next year we will offer upgrade programs that allow you to create more courses and have a larger repository. We launched the free edition of our online elearning authoring tool November 1st at DevLearn. This week we registered user number 1.000. This post is to celebrate that first milestone.

LMS Market – An inside scoop

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One additional word, as many of you may know, I have launched my “Secret LMS Shopper&# program which will provide an unbiased review of a LMS/LCMS vendor, incl. The program’s debut “review&# will appear in July. There are over 190 LMS/LCMS vendors. Tags: LCMS LMS Uncategorized WBT e-learning e-learning vendors elearning m-learning mobile learning

LMS Customization

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Let’s pose a hypothetical: You are close to deciding on your LMS/LCMS, however you notice there are items or components or reports you want to include or have, but they are not available on your solution. Customization can be a big deal when it comes to your LMS/LCMS for a simple fact, many of times what you are purchasing is “off the shelf&# and comes with standard features. Tags: Uncategorized e-learning LCMS LMS