Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

Steve Howard

Typically these notes are then reported in a spreadsheet, a Word doc, via email, or occasionally through a more robust tracking system. Alternatively the comments can be stored in a shared network location so that comments from every reviewer can be housed in the same location. These components are then able to track user input (say, the selection of a value in a combo box) and utilize that input elsewhere in the project. ActionScript 2 and 3 projects cannot be mixed.

Suite 40

Whatever happened to inductive learning?

Clive on Learning

Either way, Justin will never know, because there's no tracking. In my mind this is an absolutely routine question format: whichever option the learner chooses, they receive some feedback which will hopefully provide them with an alternative perspective and cause them to reflect a little; if they want, they can then choose further options, not only to hunt down the 'right answer' but maybe just to see what sort of feedback they would get.