Converting ELearning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions

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More and more organizations with eLearning programs in place are feeling the need to move towards mLearning, and we believe that Tablet Learning can be a smooth and easy way to initiate this shift. We’ve presented some cost-effective options below to help you get started.

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Apple Vs Adobe: Impact On Mobile Learning Development

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Apple has revised the Developer Program License Agreement to ban the use of cross compiler tools like Unity3d, Appcelerator’s Titanium, Adobe’s Flash CS5 etc. which simple means double the work and the associated increase in development cost and time.

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eLearning Teams & Interactivity

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Managing time, cost, and quality. Tasks are assigned a cost based on the budget, and no job is too small to be included in the budget. Flash ActionScript programmer. Managing Time, Cost, and Quality. The classic time/cost/quality triple constraint applies in all projects.

Mobile Learning Moves the Evolution of Authoring Tools

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In the early 1990s, the industry was largely dominated by PC-based applications that required programming to “author” computer-based training (CBT). While powerful for their time, these tools were not easy to use, requiring complex programming skills. Using Authorware , learning professionals could create learning programs with hyper-simplistic designs, primarily through dragging and dropping icons.

Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

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So there are plenty of opportunities to learn and it doesn’t cost you anything more than your time. The Real Cost of a Free (Open Source) LMS! Before I launch into my thoughts, here’s what Sara Ford (Program Manager of CodePlex) has to say about Agile: 1. The reason I will use the program is its ability to load courses for review that have been developed with different types of e-Learning programs such as Articulate Presenter, Captivate and other Flash-based training.

Building an Internal Simulation Capacity

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Evaluation criteria include: learning objectives, cost, ease of deployment. measuring/evaluating situations - Measuring the effectivness of sims is critical to growing and perpetuating any program. database, programming - Data management/manipulation, from database (e.g.

How to Select the Right E-Learning Software

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Form-based applications don’t require any programming because they use pre-built forms where you add your content. The programming and design is all done by the software. Some authoring tools require additional programming skills like ActionScript, JavaScript, or HTML.

Latest E-Learning Trends – Some good, some bad

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They will argue it is time and labor costs for the person doing it. When you purchase off the shelf 3rd party courses, either via Skillsoft, Rosetta Stone or whomever and need to integrate that into their system, they do it, and at no cost. There is a cost there, and time/labor on the side of the vendor’s person. Some, I hope die – like the extra costs for APIs and e-commerce, but realistically they won’t.

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Allen bridges the gap from theory to practice on both training and educational programs. These tips were different from past surveys in one significant way: Many of them contain detailed ActionScript code that will help you solve common problems.

The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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I worked with Flash authoring, programming Actionscript in educational projects 4 years ago. In either case, you just need a white back drop to write on, then use a capture program to capture the screen. I use a tablePC and a capture program like Wink (free). Any capture program works. There are some free graphics programs that allow you to clean up you images. The Rapid Elearning Blog. The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning.