Why Use ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Based eLearning Development?

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With the help of its inbuilt programming language ActionScript developers can code interactions, communicate with servers, program animations etc. The latest version of ActionScript- ActionScript 3.0 [AS It has many new APIs and better performance which were not available in the previous versions of ActionScript [AS 1.0 & AS 2.0] This can help in creating some really cool animations and effects which were not possible in previous versions.

April 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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Lists top 25 blog posts on varied topics around rapid eLearning, including authoring tools, effective techniques and decision considerations. 22 Great Free ActionScript 3.0 Lists good tutorials and blogs on ActionScript 3.0 Tags: eLearning ActionScript 3.0

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Converting ELearning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions

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Tablet Learning, however, can be viewed as a separate category that serves as an effective stepping stone in the transition from eLearning to mLearning. We’ve presented some cost-effective options below to help you get started.

eLearning Development Is An Iterative Process

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It is important for all involved with eLearning development to understand and appreciate that effective eLearning courses need an iterative process to create them. Related posts: eLearning Development: Useful Firefox add-ons Why Use ActionScript 3.0

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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Apart from supporting many common SWF features such as vector graphics, embedded fonts, images and timeline animation, it also converts basic ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0

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Top 25 Rapid eLearning Blog Posts

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These posts cover varied topics around rapid eLearning including authoring tools, effective techniques, and decision considerations. Building Effective e-Learning with Any Authoring Tool. Related posts: Our Blog Turns One Today Why Use ActionScript 3.0

eLearning Teams & Interactivity

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I defined the four critical components to effective management of immersive learning simulation (ILS) projects: Defining a culture. One of the most important tasks for a leader is to create a culture of continuous improvement through effective project management.

5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Flash to HTML5

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When Adobe Flash was introduced more than 20 years ago, it empowered the developers with a multimedia platform that could manipulate vectors and offer faster graphics with ActionScript. Steps to Convert SWF to HTML5 .

5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Flash to HTML5

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When Adobe Flash was introduced more than 20 years ago, it empowered the developers with a multimedia platform that could manipulate vectors and offer faster graphics with ActionScript. 5 Steps to Convert SWF to HTML5 .

My Top 10 e-Learning Tools

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They are not stand alone e-learning tools, but together allow me the ability to create effective e-learning courses. Adobe Flash - An essential tool for creating highly interactive elements, including animation, games, immersive learning simulations, and almost anything else you want if you can manage writing or finding the actionscript. Jane Hart is gathering top ten lists for e-learning tools. Thus far, 203 people in the e-learning field have submitted their list.

Drawbacks of Flash: How Articulate Storyline Can Help

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Has ready-to-use templates to create effective e-learning materials. Related Posts Disadvantages of Using HTML5 for E-learning Courses as Compared to Flash Comparison and Selection of Authoring Tool – Adobe Flash Vs. Articulate Storyline 4 Reasons to Use ActionScript 3.0

The Truth About Rapid E-Learning

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Here’s the deal, you can learn Flash and actionscript to build elearning content. While actionscript programming does provide more control over the Flash content, rapid elearning generally gives you a lot more convenience.

Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

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Five Barriers to Effective Learning in Organisations - Performance Learning Productivity , April 7, 2010 Very few of us would argue with the proposition that a lot of organisational learning and development activity is sub-optimal to the extent that it provides little value to participants and their organisations. ActionScript (8). 22 Great Free ActionScript 3.0 AS ActionScript 1:1 with Doug Winnie Colin Moock’s lost ActionScript weekend Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0

Starting Out with UI Prototyping

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Again, while they don’t seem glamorous, these tools can be very effective for testing or showing simple interactions or workflows, are easy to work with, and are either free or are part of your existing software suite.

Here Are Your E-learning Tips for 2017

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You’d no longer need to learn specialized skills like Flash and ActionScript. I challenged her thinking and stated that the PowerPoint slides were just content and that any good course designer could convert the content into an effective and engaging course.

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Mobile Learning Moves the Evolution of Authoring Tools

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So, simplicity was there for the author, but at the cost of effective learner engagement. eLearning created with these tools became engaging again, and though these applications did not require the kind of command-line coding expertise that TenCORE did, Actionscript (for Flash ) and Lingo (for Director ) could not be described as “simple” to use. With the growth of tablet devices, authoring tools are having to re-invent themselves, yet again.

How to Select the Right E-Learning Software

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Some authoring tools require additional programming skills like ActionScript, JavaScript, or HTML. I get a lot of questions about buying elearning software. And with that I get to see some of the ridiculous checklists that some IT groups create to compare software.

Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

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On the other hand if the developer does not agree that a change is required, or if he has a question about the feedback, he can type a note to that effect and send that information back to the tester. Choose File > New Widget in Flash from the Captivate 4 menu and, provided you have Flash CS4 installed, a new Flash file opens that includes the base ActionScript code required to start building your own widgets. ActionScript 2 and 3 projects cannot be mixed.

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> Resources Down-and-dirty Guidelines for Effective Discussions in Online Courses Joanna C. Dunlap Improving the Odds of Effective Collaborative Work in Online Courses Joanna C.

The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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I worked with Flash authoring, programming Actionscript in educational projects 4 years ago. If you don’t have a tablePC, you can use a Wacom tablet to create the whiteboard effect. The Rapid Elearning Blog. The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning. December 17th, 2007. 30 comments. Most PowerPoint templates are designed for standard bullet point presentations. They’re not really designed for elearning courses.