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Attended the session with Phil Cowcill in Washington at the Adobe eLearning conference focused on using Adobe Animate and Captivate. Rather than ActionScript programming control will come by the use of Javascript, then publishing to.oam format and ultimately bring the content into Captivate to create animated or interactive content. The post Using Adobe Animate in Captivate Slides appeared first on eLearning.

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Best of eLearning Learning. Presentation: Twitter is Dead (really?) - Dont Waste Your Time , April 8, 2010 I was not privileged enough to be able to attend this years eLearning Conference at the University of Plymouth, but have been following some of the conversations and sessions on Twitter thanks to the #pelc10 hashtag. aLearning , April 13, 2010 We make recordings all the time: podcasts, recorded audio conferences, recorded Webinars. ActionScript (8).

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I was invited to speak at the Innovations in eLearning conference last Thursday. Both organizations take eLearning very seriously and so it's always a pleasure to hang out with all of the very smart people I'm happy to call my eLearning colleagues. The programming, or logic, is available to the user at all times. Instead we insist on complications of ActionScript, or C++, or any of the others.