E-learning Activities That Don’t Suck!

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Start by creating better e-learning activities. In our article, “The Dummies Guide to Developing Online Learning” we listed several e-learning activities. Now, we provide successful online activities for self-paced e-learning. By focusing on activities where the learner is thinking about their choices, you’ll create e-learning activities that don’t suck! Instead how about using fun, interactive , and engaging learning activities?

Articulate Storyline 360 – Word Puzzle Activity

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As part of the custom eLearning development requirement, we developed word puzzle interactivity in Articulate Storyline 360 with responsive eLearning design. Authoring Tools eLearning Articulate Storyline Articulate Storyline 360 Authoring Tool custom eLearning Elearning courses elearning interactivities elearning puzzle eLearning sample Engaging elearning Online Courses responsive elearning design Word Puzzle activity word puzzle intaractivity

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Lambda Suite: How To Sell Individual Activities

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We’ve just released the ability to buy a single activity through Lambda Suite. This is how it works: Create an activity in your course. Here’s what a customer will see in the Store: Here’s what a learner might see in the course: Other ideas for selling individual activities include: Exam retakes. - 2 MIN READ -. If you are selling your courses online, then you’ve probably put some thought into pricing.

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10 Active Learning Methods for Super Engaged Corporate Learners


The preferred learning approach has now turned the way of active learning methods. The preferred learning approach has now turned the way of active learning methods. First, there is a definite need to adapt active learning activities. Utilizing active training methods in the classroom is already a challenge in itself; but now, active online learning has also become part of the equation. What actually is active training?

Agile Microlearning Explained

new or different and actively seek disruptive technologies to fuel. OttoLearn’s learning mechanics include: › Engaging learners in Activities immediately › Providing learners with the freedom to fail › Eliminating the need for pre-learning › Providing a scaffolded learning experience › Delivering learning sessions over time › Interleaving content to increase learning efficiency ASSESSMENT MECHANICS With every interaction, OttoLearn builds a model of each. of future Activities.

7 Top Skill-Building Activities That Are Ideal For Customer Service Online Training


In this article, we’ll highlight 7 skill-building activities that are just right for customer service online training. 7 Skill-Building Activities For Customer Service Online Training. Your customer service reps are on the front line of business operations. Here are 7 skill-building activities that you may want to add to your customer service online training. Employees must use this skill set to identify and address customer needs.

Activities to Improve Soft Skills


Activity-based soft skills training gives you the opportunity to instill these desirable qualities in new hires. More importantly, what are some soft skills training activities you can use to help employees? Active Listening. Activities to Teach Soft Skills. Activities keep people involved in the subject matter and encourage them to take ownership of their learning. Activities that let people imagine success helps them visualize what success looks like.

7 Sales Enablement Training Activities For Performance Management Support

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Sales Training Customer Service Training eLearning eBooks Performance Management Sales Enablement Sales TeamBridging personal gaps is part of the job description. How can sales enablement training provide your team with Performance Management support to address personal areas for improvement?

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How to Exceed Customer Expectations During the Coronavirus Pandemic


If it’s been hard for you to keep your business afloat while also maintaining stellar customer service, you’re not alone. Now is not the time to let your customer service standards slip. Instead, take this time to enhance your customer service skills—reflect on who your customers are and what products or services you can offer them. Best Practices in Customer Service. With competitors at every turn, customers have a lot of options.

Good vs Great Customer Service


Good vs Great Customer Service. Good vs great customer service can make all the difference to your bottom line. Did you know that 84 percent of businesses that focus on customer service see an increase in revenue as a result? If you want to see revenue increase, start with customer service. Not sure what the difference is between good customer service and great customer service? Why Does Customer Service Matter? Customer Service Training.

How to Prepare for Active Shooters in the Workplace

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Numerous crisis consultants and security firms have recently entered the L&D world to help prepare and train employees for an active shooter situation in the workplace, and not without reason; 2017 broke the record for the most mass shooting deaths ever recorded. According to Covenant Security Services Vice President James McGinty in a 2016 NPR report , 75 to 80 percent of businesses are looking to do some type of active shooter policy procedure and training.

Customer Service Chatbots – Best Practices

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Back in 2018, there was a report that cited that 67% of consumers worldwide had interacted with a chatbot for customer support with a projection of 85% for 2020. Most web-based customer service chatbots rely on a menu system (this is sometimes called a guided chatbot experience) with buttons.

How to Measure Customer Value (And Why It Matters)

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Today we feature advice about customer value metrics from Laura Patterson , President of VisionEdge Marketing. And how can you reflect this in customer-focused metrics? ” Why Value Creators Put Customers First. As Favaro frames it, value creation is more than calculating the optimal price customers will pay for a good or service you offer. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what your customers value most. Factors that Influence Customer Value.

Customer Success Spotlight: Active Interest Media

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Whether delivering content and education to consumers who are trying to learn new hobbies and enrich their lives, or training and certifying professionals for career development and personal growth, online learning is applicable to audiences of all kinds and can be packaged and monetized in creative ways to encourage engagement. Publishing B2B B2C Videos

The 8 Top Reasons to Opt for Custom eLearning

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Custom eLearning is personalized to meet the needs of your organization. From brand integration to specialized online training activities, experienced professionals take care of every aspect of your online training course. In this article, I’ll highlight 8 top advantages of custom eLearning. The 8 Top Advantages of Custom eLearning. There’s no doubt about it, custom eLearning can cost a pretty penny. Allows For Full eLearning Customization.

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eLearning Activities and Interactions

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What products might help this company process customers’ payments?”. “You see a customer at the counter complaining about their cold food. The customer is visibly angry. Visit our other sites: eLearning Activities , eLearning Games , Articulate Skins. Everyone is always looking for ways to make their eLearning more interactive. There are many ways to do this. Here are just a few: 1. Interactions.

Keeping the activity in online learning

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There are plenty of ways to include activities in elearning, including opportunities you couldn’t achieve face-to-face. Here at Learning Pool, we’re passionate about creating active and compelling learning experiences with practical outcomes at the heart. Synchronous activity.

Keeping Your Sales Team Active, Focused And Motivated During COVID-19

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Just because your sales team is languishing at home doesn't mean that you cannot lead and drive sales activity. Here is a short guide on how to manage and maximize sales activity and focus motivation. And, show your customers you care with positive interactions! This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Employee Engagement Change Management Corporate eLearning Solutions Employee Motivation Remote Working Sales Team

Best Customer Education Blogs: 25 Must-Reads for Learning Professionals

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Which blogs offer the best advice about customer education practices, strategies and technologies? But with such phenomenal recent growth in the customer experience market, there is no obvious answer. The thirst for tools that drive profitable customer relationships seems unquenchable. In fact, most learning-related solutions are tucked into the gold column under “Customer Experience, Service and Success.” 25 Must-Read Customer Education Blogs.

LearnDash Visual Customizer Add-On!


Whenever you need a feature, you can often add it by simply uploading a plugin, adding a bit of CSS, or even a bit of custom code. You can now completely customize the look and feel of LearnDash templates without the need for any custom coding – simply point & click! LearnDash Visual Customizer. With the Visual Customizer, you can make your LearnDash courses 100% unique to your brand and tailor them to your audience. Simply install and activate.

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How to design software training, part 2: Practice activities

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Let’s consider two marketing employees who are expected to learn MegaMailer, which sends promotional emails to subsets of customers. Kate : In her previous job, Kate used a program called Mail-a-lot to send emails to a database of customers. He’s never used a database of customers. We can avoid unnecessary presentations and provide spaced practice if we try this: Create self-contained activities that help people learn by doing. Create activities.

Activating Raptivity in Online and Offline mode


As a part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers, we have come up with some simple ‘How To’ videos for all our users who have purchased Raptivity recently and need to activate it. The videos take you through [.]. rapid learning raptivity Videos

How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?

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Today we feature insights about customer experience from Daniel Newman , Principal Analyst at Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite Media Group. Some organizations assume that digital transformatio n is about efficiency – saving time and money, beating competitors to market or snagging customers with fancy apps. As I’ve often said, digital transformation is about one thing – creating business value by improving customer experience.

Customize Your LMS to Support Your Brand


There are plenty of best practices to drive toward that goal, including customizing your LMS interface. What does this have to do with a customizing your LMS? Custom brand SAP Litmos Training for a better learner experience. What Can You Customize?

How Training the Customer-Facing Workforce is Different

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It could even be said that more than your product offering, it is the quality of your customer service that will make or break your organization. According to a report, businesses lose as much as $41 billion each year just to poor customer service. The task is made more complex by the various kinds of touchpoints where employees interface with customers, the call center, the store, and even online. Providing quick service: The customer’s time is precious.

Should you provide online customer Training?

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Customers make the backbone of any business. Therefore, it is the role of a business owner to do anything possible that would enable them to retain the existing customers as well as obtaining new ones. Such can be best done by ensuring that the customer gets the best value from your products. Research indicates that one of the best ways to retain and get new customers is by offering them training. Use eLearning to train customers. Train your customers early.

E-Learning Design Part 6: CDSM’s Active Learning Model™


In this final post in the series, we’re going to reveal how we ensure that sound theory is turned into exemplary practice, by giving you an insight into the formula we use for producing successful e-learning content for our customers – a formula we call our Active Learning Model™. What is CDSM’s Active Learning Model™? How CDSM’s Active Learning Model™ Works for Everyone. The Future of CDSM’s Active Learning Model™.

8 Top Advantages of Custom eLearning

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There’s no doubt about it, custom eLearning can cost a pretty penny. You’re paying for customized eLearning content that aligns with your brand image and gives corporate learners the personalized online training they require. Here are 8 of the most notable advantages of opting for custom over off-the-shelf eLearning for your organization. Allows For Full eLearning Customization. It may be less expensive than custom eLearning in the beginning.

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Empower your company trainings with Custom LMS by Paradiso Solutions


Most learning management systems can offer custom LMS solutions that could include features like changing the logo or the colors of your LMS. But with the challenges and multiple opportunities that the eLearning world presents nowadays, to talk about customization is a major step than simple look changes. In Paradiso Solutions, we recognize the necessity to have proper branding within your LMS, that’s why we have worked to make you a custom LMS according to your preferences.

Learning The Language of Customer Education: A Pocket Guide

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We’re living in an increasingly customer-centered world. But what I don’t always get is how to distinguish one customer-centered business term from another. And where exactly does customer education fit in? These days, with a vast spectrum of customer-focused solutions jockeying for position in the marketplace of ideas, we should expect vocabulary lines to blur. If a customer adopts your product, the next step is renewal or expansion.

How Uber Eats uses EduMe to retain and keep couriers active on their app


Related: 5 Vital Tips for Keeping the On-Demand Workforce Safe During Coronavirus So what efforts can you make to better retain couriers, and keep them active on your app? Video activates over 50% of our brains , and we are able to process visual information in just 250 milliseconds.

Evidence-Based Teaching Strategy Using Activities For Better Engagement

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An important evidence based teaching strategy is to use activities. In this article, I am sharing how interesting activities create better engagement for your learners. eLearning Design and Development Custom eLearning eLearning Design Tips Learners Engagement Personalized LearningEvidence-based teaching strategies have been used for decades to create engaging learning experiences.

Geenio Update: Active Directory support, Survey pools, Redesign and more


Authenticating Users via Active Directory If your organization has a corporate Active Directory or LDAP -compatible domain, you can enable users logging in the learning portal via their corporate credentials. Daria, UI/UX Designer at Geenio Survey Updates: Question Pools and Custom Answers Typically, surveys in different courses still have the same or pretty similar questions.

25 Ways to Increase Customer Retention in a Membership Site


If your customers don’t maintain an active subscription, your revenue from each customer soon dissipates, and growing a profitable membership site business becomes nearly impossible.

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Create Custom Registration Forms!


This integration opens up a lot of different possibilities for your learning management system, especially if you are wanting to creating a custom enrollment capability, be it for free or paid courses. For years, Gravity Forms has been the leader in custom form creation for WordPress powered sites, and they are often the “go-to” form plugin for many developers. If you are in need of custom forms (contact forms, order forms, etc.),

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