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The case of Free SSL for custom TalentLMS domains


One of the most important, albeit technical, improvement introduced in the latest TalentLMS release is the free SSL for custom domains. For example, Chrome recently started labeling all form fields on standard HTTP pages as “not-secure” At the same time, payment gateways like Stripe started enforcing communication of any payment related info only over a secure channel. However, when a customer opts to use their own custom domain, a new SSL certification is needed.

How You Can Build WordPress LMS Websites as a Service with WaaS Entrepreneur Michael Short


Learn about how you can build WordPress LMS websites as a service with WaaS entrepreneur Michael Short in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. You may be familiar with the term SaaS, meaning Software as a Service, that can refer to companies like ClickFunnels, WordPress, and LifterLMS. Michael’s products are focused around somewhat of an offshoot of SaaS called WaaS, meaning Website as a Service. What level of customization do they have?

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Setting up a Branded Portal for Customer Training


Have a great product or service that you know adds value, but sometimes you feel that your customers are not getting the best out of it? Do you think your customer onboarding process could be more efficient? You need a customer training portal! Providing training to your customers addresses these challenges while increasing adoption, retention, and the customer lifetime value. Why set up a customer training portal?

Podcast 18: Driving SaaS Customer Success – With Samma Hafeez of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

EPISODE 18 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Customer success has become an obsession among high-growth companies – especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors. But why is customer success so important? Today, we discuss these questions and more with expert, Samma Hafeez , VP of Customer Success at Thought Industries , a learning platform provider that helps businesses educate their external audiences. As customer success practices mature, metrics continue to evolve.


Evolving From Service Provider to Course Creator to Software Entrepreneur with Sam Brodie from Offsprout Page Builder


Learn about the journey of evolving from service provider to course creator to software entrepreneur with Sam Brodie from Offsprout page builder in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. They decided to take Sam’s knowledge of freelancing and apply that to starting an agency that provides web design and marketing services for attorneys. The minimum that we would charge is $100 a month for a monthly maintenance and service package.

Interview: Micro Agility Featuring Acky Kamdar, CEO, Magic EdTech

Magic EdTech

Acky Kamdar, CEO, Magic Software Inc serving Education markets (Magic EdTech) and Financial Services Markets (Magic Finserv), has been active as a technology entrepreneur and an investor in the fields of digital technologies, blockchain, machine learning, AI and NLP.

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How Intesa Sanpaolo Produced Over 1 Million Hours of Learning Content With Docebo


needed to re-connect its learners to its L&D activities – it turned to Docebo to make it happen. Needing a way to incentivize learning, and radically change their “modus operandi,” the company turned to Docebo to create an ecosystem of bite-sized learning objects via a white labeled Netflix-style learning portal called Apprendo. We have given birth to a new service model, setting a disruptive approach. Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A

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How can I start my own e-learning business?


The hosting gives your website a place to live and be active on the internet. Research your customer’s need and business requirements: You need to evaluate and validate the competition in the market according to your customer’s need. Do market research to target specific audiences for your online services. Research the customer’s need, comprehend their pain points and compare the solutions given by your competitors.

How to start an online school in 2020 [An Ultimate guide]


If you are planning on starting an online school, it is important to choose a business model to power your services. A revenue model details the pricing of your services the value you are offering to your student base and the type of learners you are selling your services to.

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What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


LMSs now provide improved data collection activities and support activities such as mobile learning and gamification to help achieve greater engagement, boost productivity and promote continuous learning and upskilling. Customer Training : Another common LMS use case is for organizations to provide training to customers. Ongoing customer training will also provide more value to customers and prevent customer churn. on all learning activities.

Best Learning Experience Platforms to Consider for Online Education

Hurix Digital

Do is about discarding the idea of passive learning and inculcating active learning. Working on an Education-as-a-Service model, Woz U offers a tech-driven learning experience platform focusing on three verticals – software development, data science, and cybersecurity. . The white label LXP has a fully designed curriculum that can be accessed through its partnership programs. .

2020 LMS pricing guide: Here’s what makes up the cost ??


Poor user experience and training can also cost us business partnerships and customer relationships that contribute to revenue flow. Here are some of the big questions to ask: How much additional revenue could you be pulling in with (successfully run) customer/partner training that they love?

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Learning Management: What does a Training Company need an LMS for?

Upside Learning

Training companies the world over are changing the way they operate and the services they offer customers. An important one is the inclusion of eLearning (or online training) as part of their core offerings for existing and new customers. Such an offering is not purely driven by a cost-saving strategy on the customer’s part, but is also due to the growing acceptance of eLearning as an effective way of delivering training.

How To Start Teaching Astrology Classes Online?


You are helping to reveal the mystiques of astrology to your customers and also selling products to those who need it. According to Google, over 97% of customers use the web search to find their favorite online classes and the services they offer.

The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


Apart from offering remote conferencing services, it also comes with the ability to host live online meetings. It has public and private chats that allow viewers to communicate without interrupting the presenter. Despite the fact that it is one of the oldest webinar platforms around, it comes with a pack of useful features that are suitable for every business including custom-made landing pages, email notifications, and reporting capabilities.


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As well, the use of help desk and customer support resources can be reduced when educating customers. For example, in marketing, training support for customers or internal staff, and partners. It’s simple to develop a customized course module for specific audiences. For example, different versions of a course could be created for customers, employees, or service providers. Other examples include quests, scavenger hunts, and timed activities.

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7 Best Digital Publishing Platforms for Your Business


White-labeled app. Distribution on different channels, custom apps, and through email campaigns. Customized design studio. Offers 1 membership plan: Studio ($250/month) You can avail customized services with add-ons on offer. Publishers can contact the support team to discuss customized pricing plans. Custom subscription plans. Custom subscription models. How to Identify the Best eBook Conversion Services.

Ten Interactive Online Platforms to Deliver Holistic Learning to Students


Captivate is easy to install and use, enabling eLearning administrators to quickly assign roles and activities, and organize content into modules and courses using the inbuilt LCMS functionality. The intuitive interface can be customized to brand your courses. You can also benefit from a variety of reports related to course enrollment, online learning activities and completion rates while keeping a keen eye on the progress of each student during the course.

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

Magic EdTech

For instance, deploying software tools for K-12 education, which include elements like gamification and other interactive forms of learning, can become a breeze when you get an outsourced white-label solution that allows you to not just customize the learning platform completely but also integrate it with existing legacy systems. 5.Improved Service Quality . 6.Increased Focus on Core Business Activities .

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


Just Google the phrase “LMS software” and you will see thousands of links to different products, services, and articles claiming to offer an eLearning platform or an LMS tool. Besides custom requirements, if any LMS , online learning and training software or an eLearning platform does not meet the following ten requirements, consider getting it done through custom development. Interactive white-board tools. Gamification is the best way to make learning a fun activity.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

For these reasons, a complete continuing education solution usually requires multiple elements: A high-quality public “branded” website; Integrated systems for content management, customer relationship management, event management and membership management; Tools for marketing automation, social networking, secure ecommerce, product fulfillment, analytics and more. Current and/or former customers and employees must endorse the winners.

Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools to Empower your Sales Force


There are a host of things that an enterprise must look into before investing in a sales enablement tool- the features that it offers, can it address all their training needs, will the data be safe, are customizations possible, is it multi-device friendly, and finally the cost of the software. This tool also allows offline access, along with white label custom branding options. Crescendo is a custom branded presentation app. What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

Best LMS Features and LMS Tools for Mid-Sized Enterprises

Hurix Digital

With a personalized LMS, you can create custom courses for all the employees of an organization, irrespective of the department they are working in, for example, accounts, sales, admin, etc. The LMS tool you choose should incorporate portals that can be tailored to the preferences of your end-users based on their social networking activities, to gauge their knowledge and preference and provide complementary content and training.

How to Build a Mobile-Ready Training Program for Pharmaceutical Industry


It includes multiple choice questions, drag and drop, labeling, writing brief answers, click and reveal etc. These features will keep the course modules interactive so that the learner can actively partake in the learning process by taking and sharing notes, playing videos etc. Customize the Course with Your Branding. You can work closely with a service provider and get the app tailored as per your requirements. How to Train Your Customer Facing Employees .

Totara for Finance Training: How Totara Learn Solves Online Learning Challenges in the Finance Industry

eThink Education

Financial institutions – including banks, mortgage, and insurance companies – are under pressure to become more customer-centric as regulatory pressures in the industry continue to grow. And, the need to be more agile is leading more and more banking CIO’s to manage their technology portfolio in a way that emphasizes activities that truly differentiate their institutions from others while also providing optimal ROI.

Learning Management: What does a Training Company need an LMS for?

Upside Learning

Training companies the world over are changing the way they operate and the services they offer customers. An important one is the inclusion of eLearning (or online training) as part of their core offerings for existing and new customers. Such an offering is not purely driven by a cost-saving strategy on the customer’s part, but is also due to the growing acceptance of eLearning as an effective way of delivering training.

Top 10 LMS Platforms Comparison


Docebo LMS: $370 per month for 1000 active users. One of the easily operable cloud-based Learning Management Systems, Talent LMS is widely known for its enterprise-friendly attributes like course management features, mode of delivery and white-labeling. Customization, Mobile Accessibility, Analytics: Owing to its responsive design, Docebo can be accessed from any device. One can also choose from a wide variety of colours and themes to customize the LMS interface.

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Online Course Platform


The starting point for this is a solid technology solution that can help you centrally manage all these activities. Or else, you can use it for in-house employee training as well as training remote employees , customers, resellers, channel partners, and other stakeholders. White-Labeling. Remove any traces of the vendor like “Powered by…” and make it easy for your customers to identify you instantly. Find Out the Quality of Customer Support.

It’s raining features: TalentLMS 3.5 update lands on the Cloud


With a large enough percentage of TalentLMS customers using the platform for commercial eLearning , we are always looking for ways to strengthen TalentLMS capabilities in that area. Free (and turnkey) SSL with custom domains. link] using TalentLMS through a custom SSL-secured domain was a little more involved than it should have been. TalentLMS comes with free SSL for your custom domains for everybody on a Plus plan and above.

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Software for Associations | 15 Platforms to Consider

Web Courseworks

Association management encompasses all activities related to achieving these goals, including program development, member communications, and recruitment. CourseStage LMS offers adaptive quizzes and customized exam feedback so that learners know where they’re excelling and understand how they can improve in other areas of the course. You won’t have to purchase additional custom features. Personify’s consulting services will help your association set up a successful platform.

How to Grow Your Community and Niche Network through a Virtual Summit with Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit


So running a virtual summit was a way to pivot to the next level and start to run passive programs that could also generate leads for a premium service. The Ecom Services Summit was Jan’s first summit. Given that I started in 2012, there are a lot of labels you could slap on me.

5 Critical Questions To Ask Potential LMS Vendors


Extended Enterprise for training external stakeholders (customers or contractors). The four most frequent cost structures you will see from LMS providers are: Pay per registered user and pay per active user. Pay per registered user: Paying for every customer that has registered and made an account in your LMS. Pay per active user: This structure allows you to only pay for users who utilize your system during that billing cycle.

All you need to know about the WordPress and TalentLMS integration


Click “Install Now” and activate it. WooCommerce is the best, free WP plugin developed by WordPress that lets users sell products and services directly from their WP site. TalentLMS comes with superb white-labeling options that allow you to customize your account’s appearance. WordPress is huge. That’s a given. But its glory lies in the fact that it can be as big or as small as you like.

Why Use Hospitality Industry Training Software for Your Business?


” Did you ever receive complaints from customers about your staff’s impolite behavior, delayed response to order, poor table management system, or poor customer support? No matter which department we are talking about, any sub-standard and unexpected service in your hotel or restaurant can sabotage your business. You can even white-label your hospitality training courses with your logo and messaging.

DMA Professional Development Portal

Association eLearning

DMA’s membership is comprised of individuals who are tech-savvy and responsible for carrying out the daily communication and public relation activities of the world’s top brands. Digitec Interactive’s commitment to excellent customer support and industry-leading service level agreement with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% put minds at ease. Private label micro-sites for organizational members, creating a branded, more personalized experience for their most valued members.

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