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eLearning 24-7 was in full bloom. The dominating authoring tool by far, was Authorware. Authorware usage and fan base made Storyline supporters and usage look like a rock stage at a state fair. Other course authoring tools started to appear right after Authorware.

Lessons from the past

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Other technological improvements followed rapidly – Windows 95 was a game-changer, as was the introduction of the PC authoring system Toolbook along with cross-platform tools like Director and Authorware. Back then there were no instructional models to follow like ADDIE, Kemp, Gagne, Bloom, and Mager. My great aunt, who was a teacher in a one-room school, used to tell me about the evolution of technology she’d witnessed in her life.

Lesson 140

The King is Dead

eLearning 24-7

The weapons including Authorware, Macromedia Director, DazzlerMax, Toolbook were the ones that separated the knights from the common folk. While the knights scurried around their round table debating the merits of these dragons compared to the sages of Gagne, Bloom and ADDIE the magician, the common folk were making the jump onto these creatures with keyboards in their hands and helmets made of computer glass.