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Instructional Design: The Process – Part 2

Origin Learning

The article ended with an introduction to ADDIE framework of learning design. The five phases of ADDIE framework encompass the entire content development process, from discovery to delivery. ADDIE framework essentially follows a sequential process; however agile or iterative process is increasingly being used in ADDIE. ADDIE Framework. The main activities of this phase include, but are not limited to: Storyboard Design or ILT Deck.

Preference of E-Learning – Structured or not?

eLearning 24-7

People who were running training/L&D always viewed blended to be paper and ILT (pre-WBT). When WBT appeared, there was an “AHA moment” The early adopters recognized that web-based training not only could work, but could do a better job at training and learning, that the current mode of ILT and paper. There is plenty of data out there that supports the notion that WBT can equal and even surpass ILT for retention, comprehension and synthesis.


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Build Gr8 Micro-Learning Course

eLearning 24-7

ADDIE? People coming from ILT who have never built an e-learning course. Usually I find the PPT driven approach, due to it. On the other hand, if they never go into the scenario that is acceptable – because remember a WBT (web-based training course) is all about enabling someone to focus on what is relevant to them, what they want to learn to help them achieve success or gain insight and knowledge. .

What if….? (E-Learning)

eLearning 24-7

If I have a company laptop or tablet, and I can’t access certain web sites, but I have my own tablet or smartphone (highly likely you have both), that blocking goes bye-bye. Here is what will happen if people used the power of their authoring tool (sans Studio, which is really a PPT converter). As I always say, do you read every article in a newspaper, on a web site, magazine, etc? Anyway, there are people who just won’t move away from ILT.