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Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


e-Learning is dynamically evolving, thanks to the incredible achievements in highly powerful and intelligent tools and technologies that are rapidly emerging. These disruptive technologies are re-shaping the learning and education landscape. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY.

Answers: How Do I Get Started With xAPI?


That’s pretty darn impressive considering the impact on other programs and agencies in US Government alone, and that it’s seen so much adoption. ADL Sample LRS. If you are running local on your machine alone, the ADL Sample LRS is the easiest and fastest approach to doing so.

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Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning


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Webinar Q&A: Empowering Continuous Learning with the Experience API (xAPI)

Experience API

Answer: There’s four different Open Source LRSs that I’m aware of: Learning Locker , ADL LRS , lxHive and TinMan. They’re released under different licenses, use different technologies, have different levels of community engagement and are at different levels of completeness. We are early in the adoption process and are developing processes for helping remind users to report their learning when not on adopters. Time to adoption? ADL LRS.

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