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xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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xAPI and LRS (Learning Record Stores) have been in the news and frankly everywhere within the e-learning industry in the past 1.5 Aaron, can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you became involved with ADL? Two months after my layoff, a company called CTC recruited me to work for ADL. I worked with ADL from 2003-2006 and participated in the Technical Working Group afterwards. Last heard ADL calls this new standard the Experience API? (on

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What is xAPI?


Over the past three years, xAPI has emerged as the hot new standard for delivering online training. xAPI is often described as the next evolution of SCORM. While the SCORM standard isn’t going anywhere soon, xAPI has redefined some of the fundamental practices of tracking learning experiences. But what is xAPI? What is xAPI? The SCORM specification was introduced by ADL in 1999. xAPI is the result of that work. How xAPI works.

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Ask a learning architect: Is it time to break up with your LMS?

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We’ve been together for almost two decades and made it through some hard times together, like e-learning during the pandemic and emergency compliance training. A: Dear Conflicted Chief, You’re not alone in asking yourself if it’s time to break up with your LMS. Why won’t my LMS open up?

Why SCORM 2004 failed & what that means for Tin Can


Sign #3: ADL itself heavily supports Tin Can as the successor of SCORM.[4]. It was a lot of work for LMS vendors to implement and more importantly, it was too complex for many courseware developers to use. was that when you took a SCORM quiz there was no way for the LMS to know what the actual questions were. We are living in a much different, and more connected, world yet SCORM is still an isolated, browser-based, LMS-centered standard.


The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


From Agile to xAPI and everything in between, there are a lot of eLearning terms to get your head around. ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning). Notable contributions include SCORM and xAPI. Often contrasted with the ADDIE process, the Agile design method emerged in the 1970s and became widely adopted in the 1990s. Similar to a username and password pair, the key allows developers to access the API and interact with data in an LMS. Cloud LMS.

What is Tin Can API?


Over the past three years, the Tin Can API has emerged as the hot new standard for delivering online training. Also known as the Experience API (xAPI), Tin Can is often described as the next evolution of SCORM. The SCORM specification was introduced by ADL in 1999. Although it can be integrated with an LMS, the LRS itself is a separate product. Once an LMS is Tin Can compliant, it can track, store and report on relevant statements.


Ten Reasons We’re Excited About MedBiquitous 2017

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Where else can you meet an MD who will hook you up to a stress detector that fires the data to a learning record store via xAPI in real time? (I’m Real xAPI work is presented at MedBiq. We’re presenting on a project Web Courseworks did using this next generation interoperability standard for online learning with our client, Chad Jackson of MedBiq participates in the ongoing development of xAPI.