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Webinar: Future of eLearning – The Death of the LMS and eLearning s Next Generation of Tools

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Have you heard of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), SCORM, or XAPI? In last week’s webinar we heard from the team that created these standards in eLearning.

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His guidance is as applicable to classroom-based as it is to e-learning based training." — Patty Crowell, director, Global Education Services, LSI Logic 20 webtools applied to teaching by Ana Maria Menezes Theory and Practice of Online Learning - Athabasca University Awarded the Charles A.

SCORM Cloud vs Learning Management System comparison


But in the same way, it is important to have an LMS platform with excellent service, that reproduces your SCORM’s and gives you many more features. Use an ADL-conformant Learning Record Store (LRS)+. Authoring tool: Create your own eLearning courses compliant and easy.

xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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Aaron, can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you became involved with ADL? In 2003, the eLearning startup I worked for shuttered its doors as our customers moved to adopt SCORM, and we had no idea how to do that. That makes it easier to create tests.

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6 Tips to Select the Right Online Compliance Training Provider

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Well-versed in Adult Learning (ADL), Instructional Design (ID) Principles. The company you wish to outsource your compliance training requirement to must have strong command on Adult Learning (ADL) and Instructional Design (ID) principles. Capable of Creating Videos.

A Conversation with Reuben Tozman about Learning on Demand: Part One

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Reuben Tozman is the President and founder of the learning services company, edCetra Training. edCetra Training is focused on the design and development of customized e-learning programs, and specializes in single sourcing of content.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

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Though the famous mail service only lasted from April 1860 to October 1861,” it was a reflection of early communication methods. Many education and training practitioners are creating new mobile content without consideration of: Supporting alternative learning methods (e.g

Important Features of an Ideal Rapid Authoring Tool

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Creating global quiz preferences. Adding custom navigation in the tool. Customize the look and feel of built-in interactions and Player skins. Create custom themes, templates, and master slides/pages. Create scripts. Accessibility (ADL, Section 508, etc.)

Text-to-Speech Costs – Licensing and Pricing

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If the recording is going to be heard by many people and helps the customer make a lot of money, the voice talents expect to get more money than if the recording has a very limited use. Audio Distribution – a sound file that was created with the voice is distributed and played to an audience. Audio Distribution Audio distribution, which is similar to broadcasting a voice talent recording, is considered to be a usage that is more valuable to the customer.

The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms


Application programming interface, A set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. It helps you improve your profitability and retain customers.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning). An eLearning content authoring tool is a software package which content developers use to create and package eLearning course content using SCORM or xAPI standards. CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Customer Training.

Beginners Guide To Tin Can API


Tin Can API was developed by Rustici Software when they were contracted by ADL, the keepers of SCORM, to come up with a new approach to learning systems and methodology. This was the year 2010 and ADL was looking for research ideas for the development of the next generation of SCORM.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


One of the main benefits of open source platforms like Moodle is that they’re free and can be highly customized. Understanding who learning content is created for, and what they should learn from it, will shape how it’s designed and presented.

Beginners guide to Tin Can API


Tin Can API was developed by Rustici Software when they were contracted by ADL, the keepers of SCORM, to come up with a new approach to learning systems and methodology. This was the year 2010 and ADL was looking for research ideas for the development of the next generation of SCORM.

The Pulse of Mobile Learning

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ADL’s Jason Haag places mobile learning in context, reviewing influential ideas and arguing for the ability of mobile devices to deliver on that attractive anywhere, any time promise. Yapp makes it easy to create an event app, no fuss, no bother. Committed to performance improvement for instructors, customer service reps, drivers, auditors, engineers, and first line supervisors? A faint pulse today.

LMS Spotlight: Litmos

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The founders of Litmos created a tag line: “Love your LMS.&# Litmos is Software as a Service (SaaS). Outstanding customer service. Certified by ADL. Custom themes and branding. Drill-down and more selective custom reporting. The face of the LMS is quickly changing. Five years ago, I could name only a half-dozen LMS options. Today I find new ones every week, and I estimate that there are more than 200 viable LMS choices.

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#ASTDTK14 Review

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There was one fellow there and every time I walked by or was chatting with vendors in their area (AT’s), he was just sitting on his stool awaiting customers. It may have broke all past records, since I walked into many booths who were using their mobile phones (3G/4G) for higher net connectivity than the $600 (don’t know if that is per day/or one time fee) for Wi-Fi – which more than a vendors were mad they had to pay for such poor service.

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Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


note : Epignosis has created a module that provides integration of BigBlueButton conferencing in eFront Open Source Learning Management System. It is available as hosted service or you download and install a package on your server with no limitations in usage or users.

Webinar Q&A: Empowering Continuous Learning with the Experience API (xAPI)

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Answer: There’s four different Open Source LRSs that I’m aware of: Learning Locker , ADL LRS , lxHive and TinMan. CUES: are you needing the learning to click on the booklet for the Learning Record to be created? To create the right kind of learning culture in the org. What development tools can provide the highest amount of data in a course to evaluate how they are thinking through the simulations to create better courses? ADL LRS.

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The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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Once the big picture is in focus, it is time to create the implementation strategy and plan. The next step is to design the instruction necessary to accomplish the teaching objectives and create an assessment structure to assure that the objectives have been met. For example, your ultimate goal is to increase sales, raise the level of customer service, reduce manufacturing costs due to human error or increase employee moral and their overall wellbeing.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point?

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Web conferencing services like DimDim now offer the equivalent of WebEx. There’s no vendor who creates Moodle per say. Well, it’s true that Moodle was originally created for academic use and it already has a great foothold in the academic world. Out of the box, Moodle may not have all the features an enterprise needs, but simple add-ons can be created. But the beauty of open source is you can customize it. Our customers are price sensitive.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Value of Instructional Designers

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In reducing the value of an instructional designer by handing them tools to be lone gunmen, we have created the problem of believing we can replace or eliminate the instructional designer, since our in-house resident experts can do the very same job.