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Answers: How Do I Get Started With xAPI?


Getting Started with xAPI… for Everyone. The information the US Department of Defense (via ADL) has available on the Experience API , and the larger Training & Learning Architecture of which xAPI is a part, broadly paints the picture of the research and development that is being performed now and into the foreseeable future, much of which will find its way to standardization. If you’re not already on the mailing list(s) for xAPI, you should sign up right away.

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A Glance Back at xAPI; A Look Ahead at Data Ownership


” Well, my objectives with xAPI were the following: Enable data interoperability across systems. None of us standards nerds are used to the market so quickly adopting what we create. So… good job team: we standards nerds knocked out something that industry is super excited about and, in some respects, ready for. I was, shall we say, “ eloquent ” in my post from September highlighting the way forward for IEEE to standardize the Experience API.

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What is Cmi5? A new set of rules for xAPI


SCORM has long been the most common standard for eLearning content. In recent years another standard has emerged that has breathed new life and possibilities into the way in which your content can interact with your LMS and wider eLearning ecosystem. Initially called Tin Can, a more formal name of xAPI was settled upon. A new set of ‘rules’ for xAPI called cmi5 is set to harness the possibilities of xAPI making it even more impactful.

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In many organizations, the courses are locked behind firewalls or LMSs and the learner has limited access to them.”. As this wonderful year comes to a close, we wish to take a look back at our little journey, which presented us with some great learnings about ‘learning’. We want to stop here for a moment and thank you for all the amazing support and encouragement that you had showered upon us along the way.

LEARNNOVATIONS ~ Looking Back, Looking Forward


” “ ADL is considering how to provide soldiers on the battlefield with the information they need at the precise moment of need.” ” “ The community is often both a standard’s greatest asset and greatest obstacle.” ” “In many organizations, the courses are locked behind firewalls or LMSs and the learner has limited access to them.”

Guardian of the Coast

CLO Magazine

One of the critical tasks included ramping up training for ship inspectors who make sure shipping vessels meet safety and regulatory standards. Brignoni’s team also found that many of the relevant online training elements available from other military organizations were inaccessible due to firewall issues. “It xAPI is Changing Everything. The single biggest thing Gladys has done for the Coast Guard is to show us what’s possible with xAPI,” Penoyer said. “It’s

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