Adobe Captivate: More Power to Quiz Feedback

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In Adobe Captivate 9, you can convert the interactive and non-interactive objects to multi-state objects and easily add additional objects to the states allowing you to quickly build interactions.  Adobe Captivateby Dr. Pooja

Coaching first training Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 2019 (version 11) was released on the 22nd of August. I had agreed to coach a personalised training 27-28 of August, which was planned for CP2017. I didn’t coach about all the new features as you’ll read. ’ Captivate 2019 features. Intro.

Adobe Captivate: More Power to Quiz Feedback

Adobe Captivate

In Adobe Captivate, you can convert the interactive and non-interactive objects to multi-state objects and easily add additional objects to the states allowing you to quickly build interactions.

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3 Creative Informal Learning Activities To Consider For Your eLearning Course

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Corporate eLearning Adobe Captivate Coaching And Mentoring Informal Learning Social LearningStatistics say that 80% of learning happens in subconscious and informal settings.

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

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12 Tips To Improve Your Focus - The eLearning Coach , July 6, 2010 If you’re having trouble maintaining your focus at work, check out these tips. Post from: The eLearning Coach 12 Tips To Improve Your Focus. Adobe Captivate (32). Best of eLearning Learning.

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Adding Audio to Adobe Captivate

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The Coherence Principle: Adding interesting material can hurt learning The Personalization Principle: Use conversational style and virtual coaches. There's a 3-part series in this blog along with a reminder of why we need to add audio in our elearning platforms. According to Colvin Clark & Mayer (2002) there are six different "broadly applicable" media element guidelines to follow when undertaking e-learning instruction.

eLearning: Become a Pedagogical Agent

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by Jennie Ruby  If you've taken any of our  Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, or Articulate Storyline classes , you are probably aware that these programs provide a selection of screen characters--cut-out pictures of professional actors in business, medical, or business-casual clothing posed as if they are talking to you. Over the past few weeks, I've had multiple students ask how hard it would be to use themselves as the learning coach.

Open ended questions to be marked by a teacher

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I need to create activities that students can complete online and then receive feedback from their writing coach. What, if any Captivate 2019 activity would allow me to design this type of activity? Adobe Captivate Q&As Question "Elearning authoring tools" q&as questionWe are creating online writing activities for middle-school students. They should be able to go back and improve the writing piece over several rounds of feedback.

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A brief fun trip into the world of 360 learning.

Adobe Captivate

Something that has got me really excited is the new 360 features in Adobe Captivate. Raising five kids, coaching 2 soccer teams and being the only instructional designer/developer in our organization I don’t have much time available to play as much as I would like.

Learning Thursday #5: Overcome Your Blended Learning Phobia

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Look for topics in your program that can be reinforced through coaching and one-on-one interactions. Try Adobe’s learning management system, Captivate Prime , for free. Discussion Learning Programs Management adobe captivate prime blended learning classroom training Corporate Training curriculum eLearning Program Learning and development Learning Management System learning technology LMS microlearning video virtual classroom YouTube

CP2019’s Tiny Gems

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Not yet 3 weeks is insufficiente, especially since I already coached a training which included some of the new features. Adobe Captivate Blog Project Upgrade blog css HTML5 play button preview project upgrade Skin EditorReview?

Instructional Design Portfolio Resources

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Storyline and Captivate. In most places, that means either Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate. If you’re a student, discounts are available for both Articulate 360 (which includes Storyline) and Adobe Captivate.

Staying Relevant in E-Learning in 2014

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And we’re now offering free webinars, starting with a comparison of e-learning authoring tools on January 31 from 12pm to 1pm EST. The Articulate , Adobe , and Lectora websites are also good resources when looking for training on authoring tools. Although the Lectora forum and the Captivate forum do not have quite as many contributors, you will find quality information on each of these, too. There are groups for Lectora , Captivate , and Articulate Storyline and Studio.


eLearning Brothers Launches a First in the Training Market – Customizable Courseware

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Coaching Others. Each course in the library includes: eLearning Course: Full Course Projects (built in Adobe® Captivate, Trivantis® Lectora, and Articulate® Storyline). Quiz Questions (built in Adobe® Captivate, Trivantis® Lectora, and Articulate® Storyline).

eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go

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Adobe Captivate, the DominKnow suite, Lectora, and Articulate Storyline all offer publishing capability for xAPI. Note: We are building out this course in both Adobe Captivate 9 and in DominKnow Flow as a comparison of two different approaches to the mobile experience.

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Customize Your Customizable Courseware In the Cloud With Lectora Online

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So ever since we launched our Customizable Courseware library with source files in Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora desktop, we’ve been quietly working on getting those Lectora Online source files ready to rock. Coaching Others. Lectora Online users, rejoice!

Using Your E-book to Create an Online Course


Popular programs for creating engaging HTML5 content include Articulate, iSpring, Adobe Captivate, and H5p. If you have created an e-book then you are well on your way to an online course (and more profit)! Do you have an e-book? Is it doing well?

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Always On, Always Available Learning With Chatbots (and Training Magazine)


You can’t be available to provide coaching and feedback 24/7, but an intelligent chatbot can! You’ll recognize how easy it is to integrate a chatbot with what you’re already using: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, even Microsoft PowerPoint.

Top Resources for Instructional Designers

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Allen Partridge Adobe Captivate Blog For those of you who work with Captivate, you can’t miss Allen Partridge’s blog -- practical know-how with a spark. link] Connie Malamed “The eLearning Coach” Connie writes a lot of posts that use the word “c ognitive”.

9 Clever Elearning and EdTech Trends You Must Try

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With their most interactive library of assets — which contains eLearning games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, and skins for Adobe Captivate, Articaulte Storyline, Lectora, and PowerPoint. Guest post by Gabbie Keegan.

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Using Artificial Intelligence in a Captivate Project

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The approach we took was to create the core module in Adobe Captivate 2017 and link it to the AI engine. Recording all conversations for management to review and utilize for further coaching.

Free L&D webinars for July 2019

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 11AM – 12PM PT: Developing Employee Resilience Through Coaching (Free for ATD members) We don’t have to explain how difficult and unrelenting the demands on employees have become. You’ll learn about topics such as: Research behind how EI enhances coaching effectiveness.

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Free L&D webinars for May 2019

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Many definitions of coaching exist and more than 200 schools train coaches. Join professional certified coach Adam Smith to discuss coaching and its value proposition, learn about the practice, and get tips for selecting a coach.

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Free L&D webinars for June 2019

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Join Katrina Marie Baker, Senior Learning Evangelist, Adobe to learn how these challenges can be easily addressed with Adobe Captivate Prime. It’s part of why video coaching tools have become so popular recently. Adobe Captivate (2019 release) has a magic solution for you!

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Resolve to Try Something New in eLearning in 2013

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Those looking to further their Captivate skills can benefit from these posts: Tips for Importing from PowerPoint to Captivate. Using Variable Flags to Provide Feedback in Adobe Captivate. Developer's Perspective of Adobe Captivate 6. Discovering Adobe InDesign for eLearning. 3 Ways to Use Adobe Connect. Practice Early and Coach the Details Later. By Shelley A.

All About eLearning Authoring Tools

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He is also adept at explaining and reviewing eLearning development tools and has a regular column (Toolkit) in Learning Solutions Magazine. […] Post from: The eLearning Coach All About eLearning Authoring Tools.

In Presentations and eLearning Visuals are worth a thousand Bullets on a Slide

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He came to speak to us when I was at Adobe during one of our annual sales and marketing conferences and wow, was I blown away, not only is he sharp and funny but the visuals he uses in his presentation leave you wanting more. I never seen anyone captivate an audience in that way that Seth did. I’m also a big fan of Carmine Gallo, a Communications coach and author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience.

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Free L&D webinars for August 2019

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Friday, August 9, 2019, 11AM – 12PM PT: Take It on the Chin Coaching (Free for ATD members) Effective coaching does not start in the locker room at halftime. Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh to learn how to create interactive virtual reality based training using Adobe Captivate.

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Free L&D webinars for December 2019

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 9AM – 10AM PT: Create Stunning Interactions in Minutes Using Adobe Captivate (Free for ATD members) Adding interactions to your elearning courses can make them interesting and engaging for learners, but it can be time-consuming and challenging.

Free L&D webinars for February 2019

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You’ll have an opportunity to explore the latest industry research on coaching and change management, and learn how high-performing organizations are leveraging various coaching modalities to ensure that their employees not only survive change, but become change leaders for their organizations.

Free L&D webinars for September 2019

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Thursday, September 5, 2019, 11AM – 12PM PT: Coaching for Career Growth and Success (Free for ATD members) In a world where everyone feels overworked, time-constrained and less engaged with their organization than they would like to be, how do we get ahead?

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Project-based Learning and Captivate

Adobe Captivate

In this series I try to report some of my experiences with Adobe Captivate while searching for better learning results and experiences both in live training and online training. In Flipped Classes with Captivate I described how I used the application for students in software training.

5 authoring tool examples to help you make the best choice


With Elucidat you get measurable outcomes: smart workflows to scale up content production and reach bigger audiences, a collaborative approach to authoring, and unparalleled support and coaching from a team whose sole focus is client success. Adobe Captivate. Captivate Strengths.

Top 10 LMS Platforms Comparison


Adobe Captivate Prime: $4 per month for every registered learner. Deemed one of the best LMS platforms, Adobe Captivate Prime lets you set up, deliver, and track learning modules in a self-sufficient manner. Adobe Captivate Prime has options to present the learning content in 10 different languages, which helps the administrators to manage native versions of a single content item. The e-learning culture has lately matured.

Top 25 websites for elearning tips

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Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog. The elearning coach. Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog. It’s also the place to read about updates to the Captivate software, so it’s a good idea to bookmark it and keep up to date if it’s a big part of your workflow.

Easy Custom Navigation Template With Master Slides

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If you would like further help with this, I provide virtual one-to-one coaching with Adobe Captivate. Blog Captivate Tips and Tricks workflowSomething I use a lot in my work is having slides, which can have both the Back and Next button, just the Next button or just the Back button. There is a debate on whether you should restrict navigation for adult learners, but as this will inevitably come up in your career, it’s useful to know how to do it quickly.

Free L&D webinars for November 2018

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Wednesday, November 7, 10:30AM – 11:30 AM PT: Coaching/Mentoring: a Task or a Program? Free for IPL members) The session will feature: What current industry factors are pushing for coaching and mentoring programs? What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?