Top 5 Free and Low-Cost Adobe Captivate 9 Alternatives


Adobe Captivate 9 carries the Adobe name, giving it instant recognition. Like all products, however, even from Adobe, its popularity relies on its usefulness. Adobe Captivate 9 boasts a wide range of features: Blog articles

6 Responsive eLearning Design Tips for Adobe Captivate 8

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As you may know, when using Adobe Captivate 8, you can design for responsive courses to adapt to the device or the devices you are using. You’ll find Adobe Captivate has three breakpoints for desktop, tablet, and mobile. I found a great example of this on the Adobe Captivate Blog.

Capture Adobe Captivate Data in Real Time

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In this short blog post (and video), I will give a brief overview of how to use Adobe Captivate’s built-in JavaScript interface to gather data and send it to our data collection service. Essentially, Adobe has a created an API that standardizes the way we communicate with Captivate.

Introducing the New Adobe Captivate 2017

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Adobe just released the newest version of its popular eLearning authoring tool, Captivate. For the purposes of this blog, I’m just going to give a high-level overview of these new additions. The post Introducing the New Adobe Captivate 2017 appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

[Video] How to Use Adobe Captivate Scenario Templates

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Need to learn how to use Adobe Captivate Scenario Templates? Take a moment to watch this video and increase your knowledge on how to use Adobe Captivate Scenario Templates. The video will cover Scenarios in Captivate blank projects or Adobe Captivate 7 templates only.

Adobe Joins LMS Space Late


If you haven’t heard yet, recently Adobe announced that they too will be trying their luck in the learning management system market. They shared this via their blog just a couple of days ago. Adobe is surprisingly quite late to the game.

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Solving Your Development Issues in the Adobe Captivate Community

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In this post, you’ll learn how to solve your development issues using the Adobe Captivate Community. Using Adobe Captivate Community Search. #1 1 Create an Adobe Account. Once you are a member of the Adobe Captivate Community , typing a question is super easy.

Steps to Convert PPT into eLearning Using Adobe Captivate 2017

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Adobe Captivate is a one-stop solution for all the rapid, responsive and interactive eLearning requirements. Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want… Authoring Tools eLearning HTML5 Adobe Captivate2017 converting PowerPoint eLearning course html5 authoring tool.

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Adobe Captivate 9 Review

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Guest Blog by: Dr. Nancy Reyes, Learning Strategist at OnPoint Digital, Inc. Adobe Captivate Draft Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Whats new adobe captivate 9 adobe captivate draft Captivate 9 Captivate Review Device Demo Multi-state objects rapid elearning Responsive eLearning

Integrate Raptivity with Adobe Captivate


We have earlier showcased in one of our blogs how Raptivity integrates best with the various versions of Adobe Captivate under various scenarios. This blog will shell light on the step by step process of integration with the help a [.]. Authoring Tool Videos adobe captivate authoring tools integration of raptivity Jigsaw puzzle video clip

Download Adobe Captivate Example Courses

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Elearning developers need ways to optimize Adobe Captivate, and get more creative inspiration. The Adobe Captivate blog is the place go. A Word of Caution: To be fair to Adobe Captivate, they say on their site, “You may download and use any of the project files or samples.

How to Make a Printable Results Page in Adobe Captivate 8

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More than a year ago Brother Bryce wrote a successful blog on 6 Steps on How to Make a Printable Results Page in Articulate Storyline. I’ve always enjoyed this eLearning tip, so I figured it would be a good idea to do the same thing in Adobe Captivate 8.

Helpful Tip: Interactive Video in Adobe Captivate 8

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Guest blog post by Erik Lord. He is trained as both an instructional designer and developer, and is an Adobe Community Expert. . Before we discuss interactive video in Adobe Captivate 8, we need to discuss a little bit about HTML5 video.

5 Advantages of using Adobe Captivate 9

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Adobe Captivate has been a top choice for creating dynamic and engaging e-learning for quite some time now. With every version, Adobe makes improvements and also has some neat additions to the tool which make it easier to develop e-learning courseware.

Webinar: Customizing An eLearning Trivia Game for Adobe Captivate

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If there are more questions you’d like to see addressed in future webinars or blogs, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. The post Webinar: Customizing An eLearning Trivia Game for Adobe Captivate appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Reviewing Adobe Captivate 2017 Responsive Output

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Blog Uncategorized 2017 captivate 2017 fluid boxes ResponsiveCaptivate 2017 (and 9 really) provide great options for you to preview your responsive courses. But did you know your Reviewers can see the course at almost any size by using

Making the Most of Adobe Captivate 2017’s WHILE Loop

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Adobe Captivate 2017 is packed with a ton of new features. To learn more about that technique see my previous blog post, How to Trigger Captivate Advanced Actions with Javascript. The post Making the Most of Adobe Captivate 2017’s WHILE Loop appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Adobe Captivate 7 - Now or Later?

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These days, Adobe is the software vendor I''m using the most. I use the Adobe Master Suite and Adobe Captivate for many of my projects. So when Adobe Captivate 7 was released, I was eager to unwrap the gift. The new release is the same Adobe Captivate you already know. Adobe is continuing to strongly support Microsoft PowerPoint. That said, Adobe has added some new interactions to its library. Are you an Adobe Captivate user?

Webinar – Getting Started with Responsive eLearning using Fluid Boxes in Adobe Captivate (2017 release)

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Download the Workbook – Getting Started with Fluid Boxes in Adobe Captivate 2017. Adobe Captivate (2017 release) packs more punch when compared to its predecessors. Download the Workbook – Getting Started with Fluid Boxes in Adobe Captivate 2017. Blog Adobe Captivate Adobe Captivate (2017 Release) Adobe Captivate webinar fluid boxes responsive project responsive project with fluid box Webinars

NEW BOOK! Mastering Adobe Captivate 2017 has been released

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With the release of our book “Mastering Adobe Captivate 2017”, the project we have been working on for the last 6 month is now complete. Chapter 01 – Getting Started with Adobe Captivate. Happy teaching with Adobe Captivate 2017.

Features of Adobe Captivate 9 Introduced/Enhanced in 2016

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The e-learning authoring, tool Adobe Captivate 9, popular for its stunning software simulations, has been updated twice in 2016 and the versions are named 9.0.1 Now users can access the community portal directly within Adobe Captivate 9 or from the web. Adobe Captivate 9.0.2

Building responsive simulations with Adobe Captivate 2017

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Adobe Captivate 2017 comes with an exciting new workflow to aid in the creation of responsive eLearning courses: Fluid Boxes. Want to learn more about the new features and enhancements in Adobe Captivate 2017? This post was first published in IconLogic blog.

2nd Annual Adobe eLearning Conference

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2nd Annual Adobe eLearning Conference. Hosted By: Adobe & Carahsoft. Join our interactive conference with industry luminaries, eLearning and learning experts, and Adobe product teams to discover how to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving learning scenario. What’s New from Adobe? What’s New in Adobe Captivate? Build Custom Interactions in Adobe Captivate Using Advanced Actions, Variables, and JavaScript.

Adobe Captivate 5.5 Question: Will You Be Updating Your Books?

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Now that Adobe has officially released Captivate version 5.5, However, while I'm not adding the new features to the books, I am writing about the new features on this blog (search for Captivate 5.5). Adobe's Technical Communication Suite CaptivateQuestion: I'm a certified Captivate trainer who uses your books when I teach. will you be updating your books to include the new features? Answer:  The new features in Captivate 5.5

Adobe Captivate 2017 authoring tool review – It’s all about Fluid Boxes!


Having used Adobe Captivate since version 2, it’s been interesting seeing the way the tool has developed over the years.

Thanks everyone for making Adobe eLearning Community as #1 portal in the eLearning space!

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Adobe eLearning Community is listed as top eLearning portal on – NowComms. Thanks everyone for making Adobe eLearning Community as #1 portal in the eLearning space. Blog Adobe eLearning Community Captivate eLearning elearning community

Travel Through Time in Adobe Presenter 9

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Adobe teamed up with us to highlight the awesome tools they provide. One of these tools is Adobe Presenter 9, and it allowed us to travel through time! We found the Adobe Presenter tool to be powerful and flexible in allowing a user to build a flipped course both quickly and easily.

What L&D can take away from the top 6 talks at Adobe Make It


This is the kind of person you’ll find at the Adobe MAKE IT event. There’s nothing quite as invigorating and inspiring as being surrounded by game-changers. You know, the kind of people who look at the standard practice and ask the question “but what if we did this?”

Adobe Captivate: Reuse Text to Speech

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The Adobe Captivate BLOG features a video that goes into Captivate's Text to Speech feature and how to reuse audio files in multiple projects. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearningRead more.

Default Options in Adobe Captivate 9 That Need to be Upgraded

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Over the years, Adobe Captivate has released various versions adding a number of amazing features to the tool. In this blog post, I would like to discuss a few limitations I have come across in Adobe Captivate 9 so that the Adobe Captivate team can address them in the next release.

Adobe RoboHelp: Variables in Topic Titles

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You were first introduced to variables in this 2009 IconLogic blog post. In this article, I want to show you a fantastic enhancement to variables that was introduced in Adobe RoboHelp 10: the ability to add variables within Topic Titles. by Willam Van Weelden.

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TOP eLearning and Workplace Learning Blogs


I did my research and I listed 134 eLearning and workplace Learning Blogs. > If you would like me to include your elearning and/or workplace learning blog in this list please leave a comment. =>

5 Best Features of Adobe Captivate 9 That Enhance E-learning

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Even though many authoring tools are available, Adobe Captivate 9 which was introduced two years back is a favorite among e-learning designers for the versatility and range of features it offers. Adobe Captivate Draft . Learning Technology Adobe Captivate 9

Adobe Captivate: Customizing Smart Shapes and Captions for Simulations

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Adobe Captivate has made the task of creating software simulations quite easy. The good news is, Adobe Captivate makes customizations easy. eLearning Design Learning Technology Adobe CaptivateHowever, many of us still look to customize its elements.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Software Simulations Using Adobe Captivate

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Then, you can develop software simulations that engage your learners with Adobe Captivate easily. This blog is a step-by-step guide for developing software simulations using Adobe Captivate. Source: Adobe help manual). Learning Technology Adobe Captivate

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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When comparing the two big players in the rapid eLearning market, Articulate and Adobe, they approach mobile learning design very differently. Having said that, here are 10 things Adobe gets right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8: 1. 2014 " The mLearning Revolution Blog ".

New Drag and Drop Templates Added to Adobe Captivate 9 Assets Library

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Guest Blog by: Thomas Reyes-Cairo, Community Manager at eLearning Brothers The drag and drop interaction is often a stalwart staple of standard eLearning courses everywhere. We think Adobe […].