Online Learning Conference: eLearning Development

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This crew has been hard at work writing scripts and producing eLearning using every tool under the sun including Adobe Captivate, Adobe and Articulate Presenter, Articulate Storyline, and Techsmith Camtasia Studio. Adobe Captivate We're deep into day 2 here in Chicago.

9.5 Essential eLearning Development Tips

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In this blog post, I mention nine and half eLearning development tips that could save you time, money, and help your eLearning to be more awesome than it already is. So if you are am elearning developer or instructional designer, these tips are going to awesome. #1.

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Top 5 ELearning Development Programs


If you are involved in the elearning industry, then there is a strong possibility that you have at some point needed a rapid elearning development tool for course creation. 5 Popular Rapid ELearning Software Programs.

Free eLearning Development Calculator… Quickly Determine Your LOE

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

One of the most common questions we hear during our live, online classes is how long does it typically take to create eLearning using Adobe Captivate. Click here to download the Adobe Captivate Production Calculator for FREE!

Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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As more organizations and associations embrace rapid eLearning development to keep pace with new products and services, evolving business needs, and industry and government regulations, the need for distributed authoring solutions that enable collaborative, team-based development continues to grow.

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Authoring Tool/ Framework Selection for Responsive eLearning Development: Captivate 9

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We’ll end our series on responsive eLearning authoring tools with a look at the features, advantages, and limitations of Captivate 9. Captivate 9 Captivate 9, a proprietary tool from Adobe, supports a desktop-first approach with page turning navigation. eLearning Captivate 9 Captivate 9 Authoring Tool Captivate 9 Features Captivate 9 Limitations Responsive Authoring Tools

How to Make a Printable Results Page in Adobe Captivate 8

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I’ve always enjoyed this eLearning tip, so I figured it would be a good idea to do the same thing in Adobe Captivate 8. Printable Results Page in Adobe Captivate 8. It took some testing, but making a printable results page in Adobe Captivate 8 does work.

A Book to Elevate Adobe Captivate 8

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Pull up your sleeves everyone, it’s time to Elevate Your Captivate 8 knowledge with Diane Elkins’ new book, E-Learning Uncovered: Adobe Captivate 8. . Don’t waste any more time, and start learning Adobe Captivate 8. It’s Time to Elevate Your Adobe Captivate 8!

Introducing the New Adobe Captivate 2017

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Adobe just released the newest version of its popular eLearning authoring tool, Captivate. The new release contains several enhancements and additions that have really enhanced your ability to create high-quality eLearning in a short amount of time.

Adobe Announces Captivate 8: The Most Significant Release Yet

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Since its last release in June 2013, Adobe Captivate 8 leapfrogs the current paradigm of eLearning development and addresses the needs of today’s eLearning developer with it’s all new mobile responsive design. Joe Ganci – eLearning Joe.

Designing Mobile Learning with Adobe Captivate (Free Online Adobe eLearning User Group Event)

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You're ready to take the plunge into designing and developing true mobile learning, but where do you start? During this session, Joe will explain the pros and cons of including certain instructional design features and show how to design and develop alternatives for those elements that will not work on mobile devices. Joe Ganci  is President of  eLearningJoe, LLC , a consulting and training eLearning company located outside of Washington, D.C.

What’s the Best Tool for Custom eLearning Development? Articulate vs. Captivate


Right now, two players dominate the eLearning landscape: Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. When it comes to providing your students with the very best custom eLearning, it is necessary to. Hospitality Hotel Restaurant Retail Text Posts custom elearning development hospitality training hotel training restaurant learning management system restaurant lms restaurant training retail training retail training hotel training retail training software safety training

Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario

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We are excited to announce our Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario. Adobe Captivate came out with a new update with new features that support mobile. That’s a good enough reason to go get Adobe Captivate 8 right now. Get Free eLearning Templates.

Solving Your Development Issues in the Adobe Captivate Community

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Did you know each major eLearning authoring tool has a thriving community of eLearning developers constantly asking and answering questions about your burning development issues? Using Adobe Captivate Community Search. #1 1 Create an Adobe Account.

Introducing Adobe Captivate Draft: Storyboard and design eLearning on your iPad

Adobe Captivate

One of the greatest new features in Adobe Captivate 9 is the addition of a pre-production workflow for Captivate. Adobe LMS Captivate Prime Documentation eLearning this week Extending Captivate How do I.

ELEARNING DEVELOPMENT: Background Music & Copyright

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Over the past few months, I've received more and more calls and emails about the pros and cons of adding background music to eLearning projects (specifically projects created using Adobe Captivate and TechSmith Camtasia).     Looking for eLearning training?

Adobe Captivate 9 Introduction Video Course Now Available on Adobe KnowHow

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Get a Jump-Start On Mastering This Awesome eLearning Development Tool! If you're looking to learn Adobe Captivate. You'll learn how to publish your eLearning content for the widest possible audience.   Adobe Captivate e-learning eLearningand quickly. this beginner course is for you. During the 6 chapters that make up this course you'll learn how to create a soft-skills lesson from scratch.

Download Adobe Captivate Example Courses

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Elearning developers need ways to optimize Adobe Captivate, and get more creative inspiration. The Adobe Captivate blog is the place go. Here are some ideas for developers: Learn the basics of Captivate. Do you know of any other Adobe Captivate example courses?

4 Reasons Adobe Captivate is the Best Tool When Outsourcing eLearning Development

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The task of choosing an authoring tool often decides the fate of the eLearning endeavor. In this blog, let’s see how Adobe Captivate holds up against other authoring tools in terms of features and robustness. Learning Technology outsourcing elearning development

Adobe Captivate 5.5: Lowering the Size of Published SWFs

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I often hear from Captivate developers who are required to output smaller and smaller SWFs, while making their lessons more and more interactive. Looking to learn Adobe Captivate 5 or 5.5? Both Windows and Macintosh developers can attend these classes. by Kevin Siegel.

Branch Out with 2017’s Top Branching Scenarios

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Branching scenarios are an eLearning staple—and for good reason! Developing your own branching scenario can feel intimidating if you’re new to eLearning development, and that’s why our template library is full of branching scenario templates.

HTML 5 and eLearning Development

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Canvas - Web developers can now create 2D drawings controlled by JavaScript. Key benefit is that web developers can do this using JavaScript directly in HTML 5 without relying on technologies like Flash or Silverlight. How does HTML 5 affect eLearning Development?


eLEARNING DEVELOPMENT: Audio, Text, or Both?

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Over the years, I’ve taken a lot of eLearning courses; and at this point, I’ve seen it all. Some of the courses I’ve taken were clearly PowerPoint presentations and designed to be eLearning. When it comes to effective eLearning, should there be more text on the screen? eLearnin

Is Adobe EDGE Animate Ready For eLearning?

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As more and more eLearning development moves towards HTML, many of us can't escape that niggling wish for the richness and smoothness of Flash output. Adobe EDGE Animate CC is one such tool. […]. eLearning Adobe EDGE Adone Edge Animate Edge Tools and Services HTML Animation So any tool that offers a promise of similar output, but for HTML, with the same ease and flexibility definitely raises interest.

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Adobe Captivate: Saving Changes to Object Styles

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As I've continued to  teach Captivate  to new eLearning developers, one of my challenges is ensuring that object styles are used efficiently.   Adobe Captivate Essentials  and  Adobe Captivate Beyond the Essentials (Advanced). Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearningby Kevin Siegel    Object styles were introduced in Captivate 5.

ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Fix for the Object Style Manager Freeze

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I received an interesting distress email from a fellow eLearning developer about an issue that caused Adobe Captivate 2017 to crash frequently and otherwise behave erratically.     Looking for eLearning training (including beginner and advanced Captivate training)?

Adobe Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Articulate Storyline: Production Times

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by Kevin Siegel      One of the more common questions that I get from new eLearning developers is how much time it will take to produce published content. For instance, which eLearning tool are you going to use to produce the lessons? Is it Adobe Captivate? While there's a hot debate as to which of these tools is the best for eLearning, all three are capable. I have extensive experience using Adobe Captivate and TechSmith Camtasia Studio.

Adobe eLearning Community Formed Supporting Maryland, DC, and Virginia

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IconLogic's  Kevin Siegel  has been named the manager of Adobe's new eLearning Community supporting eLearning developers living in or around DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Kevin and the IconLogic team will be hosting regular meetings featuring tips and tricks on creating effective eLearning using such tools as Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter.

Career Advice from an Award-Worthy eLearning Developer

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Guest Post Andy Chan has been nominated as Best eLearning Designer in the Maestro eLearning Awards [ [link] ] , dubbed the OSCARS of the eLearning industry. What follows is an interview between Andy and the award’s organizers, Maestro eLearning [ [link] ]. To start off, I am currently a Senior Instructional Designer/eLearning Developer at Symantec Corporation. My path to Instructional Design, specifically eLearning, began about six or seven years ago.

Random Feedback in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Guest Blog by: Phil Cowcill, Senior eLearning Specialist at Department of National Defence As most professional eLearning developers know, the user’s experience is very important to the learning process.

Adobe Captivate: There's a Widget for That

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  Captivate is an awesome eLearning development tool, and it's loaded with functionality. However, Adobe simply cannot anticipate every scenario, every use-case you'll find for the program. In fact, widgets can only be created by developers using Adobe Flash.

Adobe Captivate – Use JavaScript to Display Google Fonts

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In this video tutorial, I show you a method to add from over 800 Google web fonts in your Adobe Captivate project. If you’re looking for an advanced eLearning developer who can get right to the core coding with JavaScript, Steven’s your guy.

Articulate Storyline vs. Adobe Captivate

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A recent LinkedIn post asked eLearning developers: which tool is best: Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline? As However, PowerPoint, Storyline and Captivate are robust development tools and if you aren't trained, you'll quickly find yourself doing the "hunt and peck" shuffle as you learn on-the-fly. Adobe Captivate Adobe Presenter Articulate Storyline e-learning eLearning Microsoft PowerPoint mLearning Storyline

New to eLearning? Try Adobe Captivate 8!

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Guest post by Coline Son Lee, Principal & Learning Strategist at Everest CS, Orange County, CA How Adobe has broken the entry barrier to developing eLearning with a more powerful and responsive product!

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eLearning: It's Time for Some Reflection

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Since I use Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate for my eLearning development, publishing projects as HTML5 would have taken care of his requirement. At that point, it would be a simple matter of adding hotspots and text to the backgrounds to create interactive eLearning.

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ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2017: Responsive Design Has Never Been So Fluid

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  To make Responsive design easier than ever, Adobe has done away with breakpoints (at least by default. However, because Adobe is attempting to streamline your development time, there are limits to how specific you can be when working in Fluid Boxes.

How to Create eLearning Using PowerPoint

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Many rapid content authoring tools are either based on or an add-on to PowerPoint (PPT), including: Adobe Captivate, Articulate Presenter, iSpring Presenter, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Storyline, as well as Digitec’s own Direct-to-WEB. Develop a “look” for the course.