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How To Use Mobile Learning To Increase Employee Engagement And Boost Performance

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Why Does It Make Sense To Adopt Mobile Learning To Increase Employee Engagement? Working styles and preferences in organizations are undergoing a sea change. Taking the mobile route to working is catching up big time. With exposure to modern day communication methods and having been accustomed to communicating with people anytime and from anywhere, flexibility at work is something that employees expect companies to provide them with, Kingl says.

Are You Developing Global Leaders?

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They have more alternatives to consider, factors to weigh, risks to assess.”. Effective global leadership takes strong leadership skills to the next level, said Goujon, who has worked with and managed teams in different parts of the world for much of his life. It embeds the identified values in learning and development efforts at all levels and is progressive. That’s why PwC tries to line up learning and development closely with employees’ daily work across employee levels.