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Storytelling and Video Solutions at ATD TechKnowledge 2018


Last week in San Jose, California, Danielle Feinberg, Pixar’s Director of Photography and Lighting, discussed some of the challenges she and her colleagues face in making these great movies in the closing keynote of the ATD TechKnowledge trade show. Of course, there are no talking fish or toys in the “real world”, but they thrive in Pixar’s worlds. Of course, we are operating at the other end of the spectrum in terms of budget and personnel. Storytelling.

How to Level Up Your Marketing, Web Design, and Photography with Consultant and Business Coach Jean Perpillant


So the scenario would be where she brings the kids in, sets them up with a snack, and gives them some toys so they can sit down and play, and then while they’re playing, she’s able to sit back on her recliner and grab her iPad, and then she’s able to go through and start listening, or partaking in this course. Chris Badgett: And I like your focus on the budget. In terms of how many employees do you have, if it’s 20 to 25, they’ve probably got a budget.