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According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and ROI is effective user adoption (70% listed it as #1). The problem often comes back to a fundamental error in how a company introduces users to the new technology.

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Why You Need More Than ‘Convenience’ To Drive Digital Adoption


Have you ever launched a new digital product, confident customers will love it, only to have the adoption rate drag? You ran targeted Facebook ads, sent out pamphlets — you even have a TV commercial in market. The problem isn’t awareness.

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Are Facebook friends real friends?

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Facebook users in the UK, a 300% increase on the year. The average Facebook user has 150 friends (suddenly I feel unloved). If anything, social networking can be seen as a symptom of the problem: we attempt to surround ourselves with friends online to compensate for the lack of 'quality time' that we can spend with our friends face-to-face. Looked at in this light, Facebook is alleviating what could be a much worse problem.

How Social Networks Can Harness the Power of Weak Ties | Social.

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The power of tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yammer, are pretty astounding. The real discovery came when they posed problems for various employees to solve.

How to MOOC: Social Media in the Corporate Classroom, Part 2

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Facebook, aka social networking. Facebook is the prime place for people to connect, and studies have shown that college students (i.e., those entering the workforce) prefer using Facebook to discussion forums hosted within an LMS.

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Some such as Jane Davis said they thought it was a good idea to do this to maintain salience and focus on context specific roles, but others such as Martin King saw problems suggesting that ''just as identity is complex, so is trying to divide it''. Who are you?

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My recent post on disruptive activism and Edupunk provoked some good discussion, not only on this blog, but also elsewhere on Twitter and on my own Facebook account , where I had shared the link. Monday at 01:22 · Graham Davies : No problem.

Our Take on Google+

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If I were to start over, I could see using Google+ over Facebook or Twitter. But the problem is, I’m NOT starting over. So adoption could be quite fast. JU: I think it’s the best of Twitter plus the best of Facebook. But Google+ also encourages deeper communication by having no character limit and keeping the whole conversation in one place (one strength of Facebook). The comparison to Facebook is tougher. Are you using Google+ yet?

APUSH Quarterly Ch 8-11 (2nd Quarter)


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There Goes the Eye Medicine - Cisco's Big Move to Social Networking

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But Chambers said Cisco plans to add vision to social networking, putting structure behind Web 2.0-type tools like Twitter or Facebook (he alluded to the way "kids" use social networking tools here), validating their use as business tools." "A

Using Chatbots in eLearning

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From Facebook and Twitter chatbots to virtual voice assistants that are programmed to respond to basic queries; chatbots have grown in popularity. Remember Clippit , the default office assistant, the animated icon that would guide you when you had a problem with MS-Office?

Social Networking – A Contrarian View

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Today, I’m going to adopt a contrarian view. Sure, lots of companies want to replicate ‘Facebook’ behind the firewall; safe from prying eyes, but open enough for employees to freely express themselves.

8 Productivity Tips for Online Course Creators


Adopt a batch approach to production. When you come up against a difficult problem in your online course creation process, do you find yourself opening up Facebook or Twitter?

“We’ve Always Done It This Way” and Technology-Enabled Learning

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We’ve always done it this way” syndrome is rampant in companies, especially regarding adopting new technology, and it can be difficult to overcome. But while adopting a new way of doing things can be painful for some, it must happen for businesses to survive and grow into the future.

Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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Motion sickness can still be a problem, but most people can tolerate it for periods of up to 30 minutes’ time. Mobile is no longer new, but it does appear to be “stuck” with adoption not proliferating as trend watchers predicted back in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

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My top 10 favourite resources from February

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If a department is not part of the networked workflow, or tries to block it, it is part of the problem.” “Just gaining widespread adoption — getting people to use the technology — can present a major hurdle.

On the MOOC Horizon: Tin Can API

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For example, an API makes it possible for you to share a YouTube video on Facebook or a photo on Twitter. Organizations are increasingly adopting MOOCs for everything from building talent pipelines to standard workforce training, to customer education.


Realizing the Potential of the Tin Can API

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With vendors adding Tin Can support to their products, it signals a quick and wide adoption of the new standard. They would argue that to adopt Tin Can only as far as to replicate SCORM’s limited functionality completely misses the point. A major problem keeping the idea from taking off is a classic chicken-and-egg dilemma. It’s not an insurmountable problem by any means. You might also be interested in our page on Facebook or Twitter feed. By Joseph Suarez.

Stupidly Simple Social Learning Strategy


There are a wide range of options at your disposal for social learning, so let me provide you with a strategy for one tool that you may find of use: Social tool: a “Facebook” type wall for commenting. No problem, just ask the internal community… someone is bound to know.

How Does the Blend of Social Learning and Microlearning Boost the Overall Learning Uptake?


They are competing for market share by leveraging the latest technologies, adopting new strategies and thinking innovatively. Social learning is associated with learning in groups or interacting via chats or forums across different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants in L&D: 4 Use Cases to Pilot in 2018

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With proper up-front design and reasonable expectations, you can skip the gimmicks and implement a chatbot that solves problems and improves the learner experience. Tech analysts predict that 2018 will be a big year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all its forms.

How to MOOC: Social Media in the Corporate Classroom, Part 2

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Facebook, aka social networking. Facebook is the prime place for people to connect, and studies have shown that college students (i.e., those entering the workforce) prefer using Facebook to discussion forums hosted within an LMS.

Will a Chatbot Be Your Next Learning Coach? – How AI can support talent development in your organization


Artificial intelligence, or “AI,” is a branch of computer science that aims to create “intelligent machines,” capable of performing problem solving, pattern recognition and learning without explicit programming.

Work as Improv Theater: Teaching the Right-Brained Learner.

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How will organizations get them to adopt new business processes, procedures, or software systems when necessary? Workers have to solve problems on the fly. View all posts by Jon → ← Facebook or Kanye West: Which Pop Icon Has a Future in Enterprise Learning?

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Virtual Boot-Camp: Games and Learning with the U.S. Military.

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Navy’s new plan to crowd-source the Somali piracy problem may be even more revolutionary. Navy intends to sit back and watch what unfolds, taking advantage of thousands of minds to generate innovative approaches to a real-world problem.

Surviving the Millennial Apocalypse: Party Like It’s 1999

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Not only are the business problems increasing in complexity, but the new generation has also introduced a new dynamic. The eLearning movement began, but the adoption of eLearning was slow as many companies doubted its value and the capabilities of the providers were slow to evolve.

Can VR make learning viral?

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From being a prohibitively expensive technology used to impart simulation-based learning, the rapid use and adoption of smart phones, has,in day-to-day life ‘morphed’ the ‘pricy’ tag that generally is associated with VR and AR.

Demystifying Working Out Loud

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These call for an adoption of some fundamental digital skills of which #wol is one. A complex world requires collaborative and cooperative problem solving.

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Smarter Uses for Social Media

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Try creating an event page on Facebook that members can “join”. Now that’s providing solutions before the problem. Adoption rates for social media have also increased as social networks have found ways to further personalize the experience for individual users.

Why engagement is a critical ingredient in successful sales training?


More often than not, what seems like an easy problem to solve, can be a multi-layered challenge within a changing business and technology environment. Without adoption, it is futile to worry about downstream metrics like effectiveness, retention and application.

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The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

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For an excellent illustration of this problem, check out this great example provided by the always-interesting Cathy Moore (click the image to launch the Flash player): Courtesy of [link] So, why does narration in eLearning frequently do nothing more than parrot back what’s written on the screen?

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The Return of the (Digital) Native | Social Learning Blog

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The problem, though, is that many primary schools are still geared to teach in ways that would be more or less recognizable to students from thirty years ago.

A Paycheck Away, Our Learning Game For Change, Was a Game Changer

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And homelessness is really a symptom of more widespread societal problems… not a cause. Allow wealthy suburban areas to “adopt” a rural neighborhood through a coordinated charitable program. You can view a photo album from the event on our Facebook Page.

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Can VR Make Learning Viral?

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From being a prohibitively expensive technology used to impart simulation-based learning, the rapid use and adoption of smart phones, has,in day-to-day life ‘morphed’ the ‘pricy’ tag that generally is associated with VR and AR.

Social Media: The Virtual “Over-The-Partition” Learning Network.

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They might even jot down a few notes that you can reference the next time you troubleshoot that widget problem. Im a problem-solver and thoroughly enjoy helping clients succeed and look good.