What is Social Learning (And How to Adopt it)


For enterprises, there are several reasons to adopt social learning in the workplace, including: Shorter orientation times for new hires: It can take up to 2 years before an employee is “fully productive.” How to Adopt Social Learning in The Workplace. Adopting Social Learning Just Makes Sense. START A FREE TRIAL! The post What is Social Learning (And How to Adopt it) appeared first on Docebo.

Give User Adoption the Respect it Deserves | Social Learning Blog

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According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and ROI is effective user adoption (70% listed it as #1). Features are rarely the driving force behind successful user adoption.

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Increasing LMS adoption: Does the User Interface make a difference?


This creates a powerful push for learning and increases the overall adoption of the LMS as well. This can make a world of difference in your LMS adoption. Take a free trial at www.wizdomcloud.com and post your experiences, comments and suggestions as comments to this blog or by filling the form below: [contact-form-7].

3 Ways Product Walkthroughs Will Drive Digital Adoption


This post will cover how product walkthroughs drive digital adoption. Both of these customer groups need human interaction to adopt new tech. The worry-free environment will help nervous tech users warm up to digital products.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

for a free trial so that your team can test how easy it is. world • Huge savings on IT resources (freeing up budget. Forbes (2017), ‘2017 State Of Cloud Adoption And Security’ 10 Translate Your Learning into. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber

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And how does training adoption help ensure a consistent customer experience? So how can franchisors encourage training adoption? They are free to upload any of the courses we make available. Training adoption matters. So what advice would you recommend to franchisors who want to improve training adoption and impact? The post Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber appeared first on Talented Learning.

Free eBook: Why You Should Adopt Gamification For Corporate Training

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This free eBook Why You Should Adopt Gamification For Corporate Training provides insights on how gamification is poised to impact corporate training and why it makes business sense to adopt it. Why You Should Adopt Gamification For Corporate Training. Organizations were reluctant to adopt gamification a few years ago. Over the years though, gamification has seen increased adoption in learning circles and this is expected to continue.

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Launching a Mobility Program? Beware of the Adoption Chasm


This is what we call the “adoption chasm.” ” How can your organization avoid the adoption chasm? Here’s a look from our latest eBook on how to create a mobility program your employees will love: What causes the adoption chasm? Avoiding the adoption chasm requires designing a program with the end user—the employee—in mind. Beware of the Adoption Chasm appeared first on Inkling.

Free learning & development webinars for June 2020

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In the meantime, June’s list of free webinars is full of possibilities for future L&D. Jump to our latest free L&D webinars posts.) Successful adoption of such programs requires sales manager support and involvement before you initiate your programs for reps.

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5 Winning Reasons For Adopting Mobile Learning

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Mobile Learning Corporate eLearning Best Practices Free eLearning eBooks Mobile Learning BenefitsWith mobile phones becoming ubiquitous, it is no surprise that they are the most preferred way we consume content today. In fact, the mobile proportion of internet usage is expected to touch 79% in 2018. Given these trends, it is a natural progression for mobile phones to be used for training as well.

Free eBook: Why You Should Adopt Social Learning

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The eBook Why You Should Adopt Social Learning by Asha Pandey addresses precisely these aspects. The Why You Should Adopt Social Learning Free eBook. The eBook Why You Should Adopt Social Learning is part of a series designed to help Learning and Development professionals understand the new and trending aspects that can enrich their training delivery. The eBook Why You Should Adopt Social Learning provides answers to the following questions: What is social learning?

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Some causes of slow xAPI adoption

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So, now it’s nearly 2020 and we can begin to answer the question, to what extent has the global learning community actually adopted xAPI? An ideal source of information is The Elearning Guild’s September report, The State of xAPI Adoption.

5 Must-Adopt Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training

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In this article, I share 5 mobile learning strategies that you can adopt for corporate training. Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training You Should Adopt. Read More: Mobile Apps For Learning: Free eBook – Why Mobile Apps Are The Right Fit For Your Learning Strategy.

Free learning & development webinars for September 2020

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If you feel like your year is whizzing by but you haven’t had much chance for personal development, how about taking a quick hour to view a free webinar? Know of any upcoming free L&D webinars? “ Chestnut, tree, nature ” by Holger Schué is licensed by Pixabay.

Top 5 Tools for Engaging Remote Employees

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The good news is that there are a few companies that are offering free trials of their collaborative software. Adopting software and technology can create a virtual workplace – that is engaging and productive. Infopro Learning is now offering free 3-month trials of its learning management system. Microsoft has begun to offer free trials of its premium plan for their Teams application for the next six months. Blog Online Training Software Adoption

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5 Free Licenses of Opus

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We’re offering free use of Opus digital adoption content creation through July 31, 2020 for up to 5 content creators. The post 5 Free Licenses of Opus appeared first on Epilogue Systems.

Adopting Digital Game-based Learning: Why and How

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I’ve just finished writing a basic paper on adopting DGBL (digital game-based learning). Please feel free to comment about and question/debate the paper here.

10 Video Based Learning Trends to Adopt to Deliver High-impact Training in 2020

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Before I do that, let me summarize a few insights on why adopting Video Based Learning to deliver high-impact training makes business sense. A cceleration in the Adoption of Video Based Learning in 2020.

Free e-Learning books


> If you know a free e-Learning book that is not included in the list please I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link to that book. -- -- CU Online Handbook - University of Colorado Denver (Update 12/06/2010: suggested by PRL ) Do you currently teach online?

Why Corporates Need to Adopt ePub3

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You may reach out to us to discuss and know more about our platforms and corporate solutions, we will arrange a free demo for you! The post Why Corporates Need to Adopt ePub3 appeared first on Magic Edtech. Digital transformation and automation are the topmost initiatives in the corporate world, affecting every business function across industries.

8 Best Practices Business Leaders Can Adopt to Lead Through Business Disruption During COVID-19

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Business leaders must use this opportunity to adopt different approaches that were in the storeroom. The L&D teams can adopt several tips and strategies that will help them deal with this business disruption and successfully offer remote/ Virtual Training. Free eBook: You can also download my eBook , COVID-19 – Survival Guide for L&D Teams – Featuring Tips, Strategies, and an Action Plan to Handle the Challenge.

Free L&D webinars for February 2020

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A leap year day is a gift, and so are February’s crop of free webinars to get you revved up for spring — when it decides to come! Dr. Cindy McGovern, CEO at Orange Leaf Consulting, will show you how to take the "ick" out of selling, and adopt a new and energized sales mentality.

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Free L&D webinars for May 2020

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This month’s crop of free webinars offers tons of hints and suggestions for our new modes of work. Friday, May 1, 2020, 11AM – 12PM PT: Coaching for Behaviour Change (Free for ATD members) Coaching’s an effective tool for developing people and producing positive behaviour change because it aligns with almost any learning theory or learning principle. Learn to turn any content into professional graphics using PowerPoint, free and low-cost tools, and a few tricks the pros use.

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5 Reasons to Adopt a Personalized Learning Plan for Your Corporate Training

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They can do so by adopting eLearning and Mobile Learning, but these options also have drawbacks. Each learner learns at his or her own pace and adopting a personalized learning plan in your corporate training goes a long way in achieving better learner engagement.

Free learning & development webinars for July 2020

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This month’s crop of free webinars offers plenty of tips for getting the most out of virtual work. Friday, July 10, 2020, 9AM – 10AM PT: How to Test if Starting a Consulting Business Is Right for You (Free for ATD members) If you’re looking for ways to step into your own consulting business, especially in the current business environment, sign up for this webinar. Know of any upcoming free L&D webinars? “ Barbecues, Grills, Grass ” by Hugh Song is licensed by Pixabay.

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Global Microlearning Forecast to 2024 – Gamification of Training and Education to Boost the Adoption of Microlearning


The vendors have adopted several organic and inorganic growth strategies, such as new product launches, partnerships and collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions, to enhance their product and service portfolios and strengthen their presence in the global microlearning market. Gamification of Training and Education to Boost the Adoption of Microlearning Growing Demand for Scalable and Cost-Effective Solutions to Boost the Adoption of Cloud-Based Microlearning Solution.

Why Managers Should Adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset


If you are interested in learning more about our offerings, feel free to check us out at www.abilitie.com or reach out to us directly for a consultation at hello@abilitie.com Entrepreneurs are touted for their grit, innovation, and risk taking.

Free L&D webinars for April 2020

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There are tons of free webinars this month to keep you connected with your communities of practice. Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 10AM – 11AM PT: Key Components of Building a Successful Internal Coaching Program (Free for ATD members) Building coaching programs and coaching cultures within organizations is an increasing trend. Organizations have grappled with the digital transformation of learning for years, slowly adopting new technologies in fits and starts.

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7 Reasons Why You Need To Adopt A Unified Learning System

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However, if you are still bolting on different systems with a hope to create a (pseudo) unified system, or still aren’t convinced of adopting a unified approach to learning management, it’s time to open up your view and look at the reality of a true unified learning system. Below are 7 key reasons why you need to adopt a Unified Learning System. means greater adoption rates by end user and increased ROI for the organization. Register now (free).

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

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Some are actually adopting new digital practices with lightning speed. So we’ve compiled a list of free tools and resources in 7 categories: 1) Learning Technology Offers. So feel free to bookmark this page, so you can return periodically for updates. NOTE: Although we don’t receive compensation from any of the sources mentioned below, feel free to tell them I sent you. Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work Solutions.

Microlearning Trends To Adopt In 2019

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As microlearning-based training moves to center stage, I outline what is driving its rapid adoption. Microlearning will leverage mobile learning further—particularly, apps for learning : Building on the wider adoption of mobile learning in organizations, it will be the mode L&D teams would prefer for varied corporate trainings. On the other hand, there would be a rapid adoption in programs like: Induction and onboarding.

10 Mobile Learning Trends to Adopt in 2020 – To Drive Employee Performance and Behavioral Change

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Its widespread adoption (across varied corporate trainings across different industry verticals) is reflected in the fact that we now use the terms eLearning and Mobile Learning interchangeably. 2020 marks the acceleration in its adoption as it moves from being a “good to have” to a “must have” option. As L&D teams step up the adoption of Mobile Learning in 2020, I share my list of Mobile Learning Trends you should adopt in 2020.

eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go

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by Megan Torrance      In my  previous xAPI article  I pointed to the emergence of "geek-free tools and platforms" as the hallmark that xAPI is beginning to achieve main-stream status. Here's the evidence:  Four leading courseware development tools have adopted the specification, putting the creation of xAPI statements within reach of the average elearning instructional designer/developer.

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Free L&D webinars for December 2019

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December is notoriously busy, but if you find yourself with a free hour, why not check out a free webinar? How do you continuously build skills and competencies, and create an engaging user experience for high adoption?

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How to Promote Mobile Banking & Boost Adoption


Answering these questions ( with a reason other than “it’s more convenient” ) can elevate your campaign from one that raises “awareness” to one that drives adoption. Today, I thought I’d talk about the promotional tactics that best support adoption. But first, let’s look at some of the other factors affecting mobile banking adoption rates. Why Some Banks Are Pros at Driving Digital Adoption 1. This isn’t to say older customers won’t adopt new tech.

ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 4/08/2010 ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter eFront is an LMS commited to international standards.

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Boomers Adopt Consumer Technology 20x Faster!

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Accenture has published exactly this sort of data about the adoption of consumer technology by Boomers and Gen X and Y. This seems to suggest that boomers are better placed financially to afford such consumer technology applications and have available free time for its use. A similar situation exists with Gen Y consumers, who’ve been quick on the uptake and are early adopters but whose usage has dropped with time.