Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

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But as with any other form of popular technology adoption, it’s important to see if the adoption has been as wide as it is deep. eLearning Mobile Accessibility Mobile Accessibility Guidelines Mobile Accessibility Standards Top 10 Mobile Accessibility GuidelinesVariety and affordability have made mobile devices ubiquitous.

The Shoemaker’s Children: 3 Guidelines for Building Solutions that Drive Technology Adoption

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7 Highly Effective Guidelines to Create an e-Report for Associations


In this tech-inspired age, every enterprise is keen on leveraging the benefits of technology, however minimal. Because technology has often proved to be a cost-efficient and productive solution in the long run. And technology has helped them achieve this aim quite efficiently.

AI-as-a-Service: The Next Big Thing in Business Tech?

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Daniel is an author, speaker, blogger and educator who works with leading technology brands to help businesses around the world embrace the benefits of digital transformation. That latter part – AI adoption – is where too many organizations seem to be getting stuck.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. adheres to your visual guidelines.

From eLearning to mLearning: The Top 5 Challenges beyond Technology

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However unlike some people who think that things like the price tag of a mobile device or its battery are holding mobile learning back from full adoption, I’m convinced technology has little to do with what’s holding us back from crossing the chasm.

The Building Blocks of Technology-Enabled Learning

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So, you’ve decided to start using technology-enabled learning in your corporate training program. Well, just like there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to all of today’s training challenges, there also isn’t just a single way to “do” technology-enabled learning.

Adopting Social Media in Your Organization? A Few Considerations

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Here are few things to consider if you want to help your organization adopt social media tools for learning. Cultural influences in terms of sharing and open information is more important than the technology. An atmosphere of sharing is required for Social Media to be adopted. Give people a few simple but firm guidelines and rules and then enforce that small set of rules vigorously. A small group will adopt irregardless of training.

AI and Learning Systems: Is This Combo as Great and Powerful as it Seems?

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In just a few short years, AI has become one of the most talked-about technology advances since the dawn of the internet. So the promise of AI is real, but some technology providers seem willing to blur the lines to attract deeper investment. Guidelines for measuring results.

18 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest –12

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iPad takes centre stage once again as it gains increasing foothold in education, with educators touting it as one of the must-have technologies and students preferring it over hardcover books. Need to quench your thirst for the latest in learning, technology and media links further?

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Best Customer Education Blogs: 25 Must-Reads for Learning Professionals

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Which blogs offer the best advice about customer education practices, strategies and technologies? The sheer volume of solutions that define the broader marketing technology landscape has ballooned from only 150 in 2011 to nearly 7000 this year, according to Scott Brinker at

Podcast 34: Online Customer Education Success – With Brittany Tamul of ArrowStream

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However, they all share a common bond – the need for technology that ensures their operations run smoothly. With so much explosive growth in the foodservice market, we’re seeing many younger technology-driven people entering the field. Guideline for optimizing your content mix.

6 Ways to Blend Technology in Classroom for Employee Training

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Here are six ways to blend technology with classroom training. In an effort to integrate technology with classroom training at work places, you can move some basic portions of training to online. In this way, you can blend technology enabled learning with classroom training.

K-12 Education in the Post-COVID Era

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So, while schools may start in the fall as scheduled under new guidelines, further quarantine periods can no longer be ruled out. Programs will have to adopt a blended approach, with some built-in digital redundancy. 8 Trends in Education Technology That Will Have A Major Impact.

6 Steps to Prepare Your Company for a MOOC

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Perform a technology assessment. What enables this anytime, anywhere learning is technology. Technology problems are one of the top causes of frustrations in a MOOC, and the best way to prevent them is to be prepared and head off problems before they happen.

Six Obstacles To Building Communities In Organizations


I have written before about the fallibility of trying to have social learning as a bolt-on strategy , on the role of social technology as an avenue for building communities in organizations , and the importance of building communities to facilitate emergent learning.

Ensuring Continuity in Learning in the Times of COVID-19

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Technological advancements, however, are helping institutions to switch to an online learning model which learners can embrace. Guidelines to help employees access various training materials.

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Out with the ‘Couch Potato’ – Motion-based games get you in Active Mode


Gaming systems like Wii Fit and Kinect employ motion-based video gaming technology, where the players have to employ physical movements to play the game. Motion-based games can definitely motivate users for a better lifestyle by adopting physical exercise.

The Open Screen Project – Will It Succeed?

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Even though HTML5 standards have not yet formalized, many browsers have started implementing the guidelines and encouraging developers to develop and test their applications. Recently, even Blackberry is adopting a Webkit based browser. Adobe recently announced AIR for Mobile devices.

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Making BYOD Work: Benefits And Best Practices

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The reason for this is simple: BYOD gives organizations the best of both worlds – lesser costs of providing hardware yet the ability to capitalize on technological devices. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD as it is popularly called, is not just another fad.

Compliance Learning Management System to Meet Your Training Needs


Today, it is necessary for Learning and Development teams to train employees on the company’s culture, policies, and safety guidelines. With technological advancement, companies are implementing corporate LMSs which comply with SCORM, AICC, Tin Can, Section 508, and other regulations.

100+ Days of COVID and its Impact on Digital Accessibility

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According to G3ict data , 59% of countries have now adopted a legal definition of accessibility, which includes ICTs, compared to only 49% in the year 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with and use digital resources.

7 Things to Avoid when Choosing a Video Platform

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Instead : Consider ease of use over features in order to ensure strong adoption and high return on investment. If they’re not already on the forefront of compliance, they’ll likely struggle to keep up with changing guidelines. Choosing a video platform isn’t easy.

Using Robust E Learning Tools for Effective Content Design & Development


With the shifting focus towards delivering technology-aided learning, organizations are utilizing robust authoring tools to mitigate overall training cost, time, and effort. From Automobile and Retail to Banking, Software, and others, industries face common training challenges, including geographically spread workforce, evolving needs, and low adoption of technology.

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Podcast 20: Interpreting Global eLearning Trends – With Donald H. Taylor

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And since 2000, he has chaired the Learning Technologies Conference. Today, we’re fortunate to talk with Don about the results of his annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey – a must-read for anyone who cares about the direction of learning technologies!

Effective eLearning Design & Development Using Top Rapid Authoring Tools


Organizations from Healthcare and Finance to Automobile, Retail, and other industries face significant challenges- widespread workforce, low adoption of technology, evolving learning needs.

Global Learning Platforms: Top 10 LMS Buying Challenges

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There are now hundreds and hundreds of LMS vendors in the learning technology space. As with any learning technology purchase, it’s up to the buyer, not the seller, to pick the right solution. Every LMS buyer faces challenges, but global LMS buyers have the roughest road of all.

What is blended learning? (benefits of blended learning in your LMS)


What blended learning does is it takes what has always worked and reinvents ways to deliver it better than ever using technology. How is Blended Learning Used in Hand with Technology? How is Blended Learning Used in Hand with Technology? Technology truly is a beautiful thing.

3 Benefits of a BYOD Policy for Learning Programs


A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy can serve learning programs well, especially as L&D leaders explore new technologies for delivering learning content in the flow of work. More on Microlearning: 4 Ways L&D Can Maximize Learning Technology for Hyper-Connected Learners.

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

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The tendency is to adopt a methodology where there is minimal dependency on each other while developing elearning content. While, implementation of these guidelines in the Silverlight architecture is possible, it not going to be as easy as ensuring compliance using Flash and JavaScript.

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

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The tendency is to adopt a methodology where there is minimal dependency on each other while developing elearning content. While, implementation of these guidelines in the Silverlight architecture is possible, it not going to be as easy as ensuring compliance using Flash and JavaScript.

48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


Learning technology books (2). e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning by Richard E. Learning technology books. Twenty-nine percent of training hours are delivered by computer-based technology.

What Is SCORM and Why Is It Important?


Are there any standards or guidelines for the transference of educational content from one platform to another? Considered by many developers as the “prototype” version and is not widely adopted today. which also includes S&N (Sequencing and Navigation) guidelines.


The Value of Video Learning

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With the range of video technologies available, it would definitely have not been wise of him to just provide them with written guidelines and how-to-do manuals. Most of my previous articles have explicitly established the importance of online learning, online teaching, MOOCs and so on.

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How COVID-19 Has Transformed E-Learning Strategies


alone, 81% of the students found that digital learning technology has helped them get good grades. The sudden shift from conventional classroom learning in many countries has encouraged educational organizations to adopt online learning.

Top Learning Systems Trends – A 2019 Extended Enterprise Market Guide

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Fortunately, the consumerization of business technology has changed all that. It’s often by SaaS software applications for customer onboarding and ongoing education, where it is proving its value in driving product adoption and retention. #4 Welcome to our 5th annual trends post!

3 Most Important ACCME Mandates Changing CME Expectations


The ACCME and AMA recently adopted the proposal to simplify and align their CME expectations for CME programs for the AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. Through the use of an LMS technology platform, you can set your innovations into motion and develop a better relationship with your learners.