E-Learning is Becoming More Social: Here’s How it’s Happening


In addition to revolutionizing the way cinema was made, as with most sci-fi movies, it introduced new concepts of where technology could eventually take us. Advances in computing power and graphics abilities, not to mention the large-scale adoption of the Internet, have dramatically changed how e-Learning is conducted. In Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel “Ready Player One”, he describes entire virtual schools rendered in a virtual environment, the Oasis.

Oasis 43

48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


Learning technology books (2). Richard Mayer and Ruth Clark use evidence-based findings to show how (and why) it’s so important to ensure that the technology you use meets the psychological learning needs of your learners. First published in 1973, the 8th edition now includes thoughts on information technology and how new research in neuroscience applies to adult learning. Learning technology books.

Learning Experience : the best workplace environment you need

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Nowadays, big names have already adopted the designing strategy for their office – and it’s working well. It is indeed not a space for working, but rather a place for recharging your batteries during the day – an oasis of peace. Consequently, do not allow for any technology and noise disruption. From the age of 25 until 65 (for the lucky ones), this is the place where we will traditionally spend around 80% of our awake time.