E-Learning is Becoming More Social: Here’s How it’s Happening


In addition to revolutionizing the way cinema was made, as with most sci-fi movies, it introduced new concepts of where technology could eventually take us. In Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel “Ready Player One”, he describes entire virtual schools rendered in a virtual environment, the Oasis.

Oasis 56

48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


Learning technology books (2). Richard Mayer and Ruth Clark use evidence-based findings to show how (and why) it’s so important to ensure that the technology you use meets the psychological learning needs of your learners. Learning technology books.

Learning Experience : the best workplace environment you need

Learning Wire

Nowadays, big names have already adopted the designing strategy for their office – and it’s working well. It is indeed not a space for working, but rather a place for recharging your batteries during the day – an oasis of peace.