Leading In a Technological Disruptive Market

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While we all are appreciating and embracing disruptive technologies and innovations, it is still unclear whether we are able to convert our mindset into this repeatable process. Technological Disruptive Market Demands Disruptive Leadership.

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Megatrends in MOOCs: #1 Adoption at Corporate Universities

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The goal is to establish an overall picture of the current place of corporate MOOCs, where they are likely headed, and the challenges they may face on the way. What are some challenges to the adoption of MOOCs in corporate universities?

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Wearable Computing Technology In Learning

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We’ve been tracking the growth of wearable computing devices and associated technology as they are likely to have interesting implications for learning technology. I think there are three reasons we shouldn’t ignore wearable technology for learning-.

PD with Pictures: Using Screencasting to Save your Sanity!

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In the past several years, I have been training teachers and staff to use technology as a teaching tool. In my role as Instructional Technology Specialist in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, I have had the pleasure of being schooled by some of the best teachers. Pictures (Not Words) in a Preso.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

How Not to Adopt an LCMS


Modern learning organizations understand that, in order to provide learners with the resources they expect (such as content personalization, mobile learning, microlearning, and just-in-time support) new technology tools are no longer a “nice to have” — they’re a necessity.


Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


e-Learning is dynamically evolving, thanks to the incredible achievements in highly powerful and intelligent tools and technologies that are rapidly emerging. These disruptive technologies are re-shaping the learning and education landscape. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY.

What’s in Your Technology-Enabled Learning Toolbox?

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Last week, we looked at the building blocks of technology-enabled learning , from elements like learning objectives that are common across all training formats to those that are specific to digital formats, like content authoring tools. This step also requires planning more than technology.

How Effective is Tin Can API in Measuring Learning Effectiveness of Technology-aided Learning?


Technology-aided learning is now a reality for most organizations. Not only does this give a fuller picture of learning effectiveness, it also makes sure that the learners is suitable encouraged in accordance to their learning enthusiasm. •

The Advent of Mobile Learning Technology

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Fueling the rapid increase in adoption of mobile/cell phones is the advent of more powerful telecommunication networks. With pervasive data access enabled by networks, work can begin in earnest to provide applications that realize the potential of mobile technologies.

The Benefits of Adopting Digital Learning


We summarised the other important points to come out of the study in an infographic: e-Learning Paints a Pretty Picture. In spite of all this, a massive 60% of organisations cannot implement a technology-enabled learning strategy due to lack of skills.

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A technology angle to Christmas and the way we greet!

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Of course, there is an effort required to learn how to use and leverage technology! So, in a constantly changing technology-driven world, the immediacy factor comes to the fore as everything, including connectedness, is instant and borderless in a globalized world.

Innovation at the Intersection of Technology and Teaching

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Director of Learning Technology Solutions Leif Nelson shares models of innovation, practical experience with managing change, and thoughts about where innovative teaching and technology will converge in higher education. Why do people adopt new innovations?

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Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

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When you need solid advice about learning strategy and technology, which blogs come to mind? But as an independent analyst, I spend my days investigating which companies excel at driving learning technology forward. A must-read for learning technology decision makers.

All About Pixels

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Learning everything there is to know about pixels is a challenge especially as screen technology changes more rapidly. It takes a lot of computer power to run high resolution screens, which is why it takes a while for new resolution standards to be adopted into the main stream.

Reality Meets VR, AR, and New Learning Technologies

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New Learning Technologies Offer Powerful Advantages. Your learners are ready for the benefits of Virtual Reality , Augmented Reality , and other new learning technologies in their learning. What Are These New Learning Technologies?

10 hot topic talks at Learning Technologies 2016

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Learning Technologies 2016 is just around the corner, and Europe’s leading L&D exhibition and conference is bigger than ever. Donald Taylor contrasted the old way of thinking about mobile learning with the modern approach made possible with advances in technology.

Podcast 19: Customer Education 101 – With Dave Derington of Azuqua

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I tend to look more at consumption and adoption. And for the long term, I need to focus on adoption. ” How do you move the meter on adoption? Then I can begin correlating this with customer adoption and success. WELCOME TO EPISODE 19 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

Continuing Education & Technology: Equipping Your People to Tackle the Future


Robotics, artificial intelligence, and other technological advances are changing the business world. It is easy to say that people need to keep learning throughout their careers to stay ahead of the technology curve. There are a number of steps you can take in your organization to reverse this trend and support your employees’ continuing education – both in technological know-how and other necessary job skills – thus setting them (and your enterprise as a whole) up for success.

3 Reasons Your L&D Tools Aren’t Fit For Today’s Workforce


The findings paint a vivid picture of why learning and development tools are failing to hit the mark and the consequences of this. . Outdated Technology and Courses. One of the biggest barriers to learning adoption is the time it takes to complete a formal course.

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5 Corporate Training Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Last week, we looked at seven predictions for how technology will affect training and development in 2015. This week, we’ll look more broadly at a handful of corporate training trends—still mostly technology driven—that organizations can no longer afford to ignore.

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Five Interactive Learning Trends That Could Be the Game Changer This Year


The learning technology adoption rate has been growing steadily over the last few years. Better, newer technologies and devices have come to the limelight, and people have welcomed them with an open mind. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video definitely speaks a million.

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Resources to Accelerate your Learning Architecture

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Learning and training is getting technology savvy not just in terms of innovative learning modes usage, but also with respect to learning architecture that is going dynamically revolutionized since last decade. Incorporation of enhanced content technologies.

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #12

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Dots are instant blogs, and can contain anything (text, pictures, video, media, embeds) Dots are wiki-like, but their creator has to approve all edits, assuring each dot evolves along a consistent point-of-view. Do Serious Games Work? Results from Three Studies.

Managing Change in the Workplace Through Your LMS

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A desire for revolution prompted Google to adopt a four-phase approach to managing change in the workplace, according to Inc. As a result, Google accomplished a 90% adoption rate of the intended change. Learning and LMS technology can drive employee engagement and create transparency for the entire workforce. An LMS can support measurement of employee adoption when managing change in the workplace.

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Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

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Since then, adoption of “badging,” as it has come to be known, has been steadily increasing: Mozilla put on a grant-funded competition to help a variety of organizations develop their own badge programs. A handy user guide with pictures is available here. Is Your Organization Ready?

Experience is the New Learning

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From music to media to FMCG to retail to engineering to automotive to hospitality or sports, the scope of using this technology for effective outcomes is expanding like never before! Technology adoption is happening today with a more focused approach.

Six Obstacles To Building Communities In Organizations


I have written before about the fallibility of trying to have social learning as a bolt-on strategy , on the role of social technology as an avenue for building communities in organizations , and the importance of building communities to facilitate emergent learning.

Are Innovation and Education a Perfect Couple or a Dangerous Match?


There is no disputing that the pace of innovation and new technologies being delivered to the education marketplace is at an all-time high. Upon first blush you might say that would align great with the world of innovation and technology, but I am not sure I share the same view.

Present Business Schools Are Teaching Yesterday’s Expertise! Why?

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As we big to adopt smart technologies in our everyday lives and workplaces, these machines will start interacting with each other making changes automatically. Technology has no doubt changed the way we live, but even more, it needs to change the way we work.

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7 Things to Avoid when Choosing a Video Platform

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Instead : Consider ease of use over features in order to ensure strong adoption and high return on investment. At Montana State University, Colin Smith goes beyond the face-value of video to look at the bigger picture. Choosing a video platform isn’t easy.

Mobile Learning in India

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Such phones with voice only technology can be used to learn languages, literature, public speaking, writing, storytelling, and history amongst a whole range of topics. Most phones today have far more graphic power and are able to display words, pictures and animation.

A Mobile-Powered Learning Makeover

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In response to industry trends, we sought new ways to use technology and create digital efficiency for improved decision making. Our employees have digital knowledge, resources and even pictures and memories from the in-app social feed, Interact, in the palm of their hand.

The 3 Ms: MOOCs, Mobile, and Millennials

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This lack of understanding means that while Millennials are increasingly adopting a mobile mindset and seeing MOOCs as not only a viable method of training, but their preferred one, many companies are still slow about moving in these new directions.

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MOOCs – What Are They? Why Should You Care?

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Nuts and Bolts (technology, transitioning from ILT/elearning). Picture ID required for building security. Being a big believer in “Technology Enabled Learning”, Bryant seeks to create awareness, motivate adoption and engage organizations and people in the changing business of education.

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Celebrating 9 Glorious Years Of Learning!

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Our 9 year journey (we celebrated our anniversary yesterday) is a picture of these and many more qualities. And what better way than to leverage the latest web designing technology – Parallax Scrolling?

Tablet Computers for Learning in India

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The leap beyond computers as learning devices – I’ve always thought that India would would make a great technological leap and adopt mobile technology in a big way, skipping the personal computer paradigm along the way. Will post pictures or video of the device in action if possible. As I picked up a tonne of junk mail this morning a flyer fell out that took me by surprise. It advertised a product called iProf.

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