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How to Become a Digital CLO

CLO Magazine

In 1994, software company Asymetrix released ToolBook, a computer-based training authoring tool that made it possible for virtually anyone to create web-based training programs. At the same time, new technologies have emerged to enable learning to happen at the point of need via mobile phones, wearables and cloud-based learning management systems. As companies tried to figure out how to use these technologies, the onus fell to the learning leaders to answer their questions.”

CLO 58

A Brief Historical Look at Corporate Training


ith Windows based PCs dominating the workplace, the cofounder of Microsoft Paul Allen launched an authoring tool business called Asymetrix with their flagship product Toolbook. Internet technologies were advancing rapidly, the battle cry of learning professionals became, "Death to the boring page-turners.” The Sharable Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) , standard was adopted by the U.S. This decade also has seen the rise of streaming media and virtual reality.