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How to Become a Digital CLO

CLO Magazine

In 1994, software company Asymetrix released ToolBook, a computer-based training authoring tool that made it possible for virtually anyone to create web-based training programs. At the same time, new technologies have emerged to enable learning to happen at the point of need via mobile phones, wearables and cloud-based learning management systems. As companies tried to figure out how to use these technologies, the onus fell to the learning leaders to answer their questions.”

CLO 58

Instructional Design Orthodoxy


I will be dating myself here, but so much of the orthodoxy in the instructional design process was forged back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when the only Computer-Based Training (CBT) tools were Toolbook for the PC, and Hypercard for the Mac. Even as we progressed from CBT to Web-based Training (WBT) in the 90’s the orthodoxy still held and most of the authoring tools enforced the no-scrolling constraint.

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Top Tools for Developing Simulation Based E-learning Courses – Part 2

CommLab India

Here is a wonderful simulation based game from Forio, where the player needs to influence key members of the organization to adopt a change initiative. Stem-Builder is a collaborative web-application that allows you to build complex branching simulations where learners get a chance to watch, practice, do, and learn from their own experiences. ToolBook Instructor . Learning Technology rapid authoring tools

A Brief Historical Look at Corporate Training


It was a time of flannel shirts, grunge music, OJ Simpson, The Rachel hair style, Sony Playstation, Linux, the World Wide Web, and CBT transitioning to WBT. ith Windows based PCs dominating the workplace, the cofounder of Microsoft Paul Allen launched an authoring tool business called Asymetrix with their flagship product Toolbook. The 90’s can claim the rise, and fall, of CBT and it’s transition to Web-Based Training.

GeoLearning Acquired by SumTotal: The mLearning Impact?

mLearning Trends

SumTotal's ToolBook authoring tool, now in version 10.x, There are also hooks in place to allow mobile-ready courses to be accessed by mlearners via a SumTotal LMS via a mobile browser as well but SumTotal has yet to take the leap from "mobile web" delivery into the realm of the "mobile app".