How Can e-Learning Fit The Needs Of Small And Medium Businesses?


It is also an efficient and effective solution to the training problems of Small and Medium businesses; who have limited training budgets but a persistent need for continuous learning. There are various benefits of adopting e-learning for small and medium businesses. Increased Access to Learning: With adopting e-learning, organizations are able to make training accessible to learners that would otherwise be unavailable to them or just available for a little time.

How to Use mLearning to Maximize the Impact of Your Blended Training

EI Design

Other triggers for acceleration in the adoption of Blended Learning. It is also due to budget cuts and the need to maximize the available budget to meet the program objectives. Why Should You Adopt Blended Learning, and How Can You Design It to Ensure Success?


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The Skills Lifecycle Part 1: Alignment and the New HR


Memos have taken new shape as emails and instant messages, I haven’t used a stapler since 2014, and the debate rages on about the value of annual performance appraisals. The public policy adopts at a pace ¼ the rate of technological change, making it so business functions have a harder time evolving. Imagine an HR team that’s so tightly aligned to its line of business counterparts that it doesn’t make budget requests separately.

The Return of the (Digital) Native | Social Learning Blog

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Textbooks, blackboards, and overhead projectors remain the tools of choice for many teachers, at a time when their students are geared to learn from iPads, PowerPoint, and instant messaging. The result is a lost message, and a lost opportunity.

Daily Bookmarks 06/19/2008

Experiencing eLearning

Adopt and Adapt: Shaping Tech for the Classroom | Edutopia - Annotated. First, it helps to look at the typical process of technology adoption (keeping in mind, of course, that schools are not typical of anything.) Edutopia summary of the Flat Classroom project, emphasizing the possibilities for global collaboration even without a big budget. Tool for liveblogging that is actually live–it works like typing an instant message.

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10 Remote Training Ideas

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Adopting this remote training idea doesn’t only benefit the learners but also training managers. Primarily because this method can help you get the message across your team in a similar way as to how you would in a typical face-to-face training session.

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6 Effective Ways To Increase Employee Productivity


We suggest that you stay clear of the crude methods that some managers have adopted for measuring employee productivity, such as obsessing over total time spent at work and encouraging a culture of unnecessary overtime over actual productive work hours, or trying to gauge productivity from useless metrics like emails sent and meetings attended.

Come Together

Jay Cross

The use of instant messaging migrated from high school to corporate life. This is not atypical when companies adopt new technologies. She revealed that 40 percent of CLOs do not tie metrics to business performance; 40 percent or less allocate their budget to support business initiatives; and 70 percent could not provide an example of a great CLO in action, driving performance. Come Together, Right Now. Jay Cross.

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2020 learning technologies

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Some cynics might predict that there will be little change over the next few years in schools, because a) they are conservative organisations b) there is very little money available to invest in new technologies in schools and c) when introduced, new technologies are seldom successful in schools across the board unless a government initiative forces them to be adopted (see for example Interactive White Boards and school VLEs). When I try to gaze into the future I hurt my eyes.


Free learning & development webinars for August 2020

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Talent development professionals wonder how to navigate their job responsibilities when they are short staffed, short on budget and short on time. They’ll also share examples of organizations that have successfully adopted learning cluster design.

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