Why Should You Outsource Your Content Development

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With digital technology gaining rapid momentum, it becomes imperative for organizations and educational institutions to digitalize their learning and development content. Therefore, it may not be feasible to develop content in-house.

Choosing the Right eLearning Content Development Service Provider

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It is no longer looked at as an alternative or a supplementary tool to support learning objectives but a go-to choice to deliver customized and pointed content modules. To be able to achieve that goal, finding the right eLearning content development provider is a must.


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Thoughts on Content Development for VR and AR Training


It is only logical that you need to follow a similar process you would when you develop a program in any other learning format. This technology hasn’t yet been fully adopted in all industries as a corporate learning tool, but we are heading in that direction.

Ensure better content development using cutting-edge technology

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It can be safely stated that elearning content development is gaining prominence with time and this particular aspect cannot be ignored or neglected. What is elearning development services all about? E-learning involves imparting knowledge to students by adopting high speed internet as the medium of teaching. Contents are well researched and of superior quality to ensure efficient and effective course. Charges are taken for creating the content only once.

Product Adoption to build Customer Success, Trust and Loyalty

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Customer Success is a strategy that needs to be aced as well, to truly claim victory in driving Product Adoption. There is simply no other way to drive Product Adoption to ensure Customer Success. Creating relevant and timely content is critical, undoubtedly.

Get Acquaint with the Types of E-learning Best Suited for K-12 Content Development Needs

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Who should adopt this type of e-learning? . Who should adopt this type of e-learning? . While framing the course content, the professionals keep in mind the student’s understanding level, performance, skills, abilities, and characteristics. Who should adopt adaptive e-learning?

Adopting Microlearning for Custom eLearning Development of New-age Workforce


So, it is time to move away from the tick-box learning approach and choose microlearning- dividing content into short chunks to ensure custom eLearning development. Due to short attention spans of the millennial workforce, it is essential to deliver bite-sized training content, which is quick to access and easy to digest. As the majority of organizations adopt microlearning, employees learn more and effectively knowledge on the job.

Increase your workforce quality with Learning and Development programs


Learning and development must be the top goal for any company. With the application of a learning and development strategy, you will be able to solve the learning and training needs of your employees and build a workforce with great leadership and administration skills, as well as having highly qualified human assets within your company. Developing a good learning and development strategy can mean a lot to your company.

A Step-By-Step Outsourcing Guide For eLearning Content Development

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In this article, I will share a step-by-step outsourcing guide based on my 14 year experience of providing offshore eLearning content development services to customers worldwide. eLearning Content Development: A Step-By-Step Outsourcing Guide. My company EI Design has been providing offshore custom eLearning content development services to our customers across the globe. How To Evaluate The Right Partner To Outsource Your eLearning Content Development.

Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber

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And how does training adoption help ensure a consistent customer experience? Trista has contributed to Hooters’ success for more than 15 years, in multiple training and development roles, and as a talent acquisition manager. For the past two years, she has been responsible for development and delivery of training content and programs for management and hourly employees, worldwide. So how can franchisors encourage training adoption?

How Not to Adopt an LCMS


Modern learning organizations understand that, in order to provide learners with the resources they expect (such as content personalization, mobile learning, microlearning, and just-in-time support) new technology tools are no longer a “nice to have” — they’re a necessity. Today’s modern learning ecosystem demands a learning content management system (LCMS) that allows organizations to: Deliver a Better Experience. Build flexible content. Personalize content @ scale.


4 Important Differences Between Agile and ADDIE in L&D

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The ADDIE and Agile frameworks are two development methodologies that are leveraged to guide L&D teams through a project. The Agile methodology merges ADDIE’s practices of analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation into two-week sprints.


The Agile Guide to Agile Development

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We put together this guide to help other learning professionals harness the power of Agile development. The steps will help you anticipate the most common reasons for failure faced by Agile adoption. This guide is a not a quick fix but instead lays the groundwork for transforming your team to Agile development. In this ebook you will learn: How to encourage the adoption of an Agile mindset. The difference between Agile Development and waterfall methods.

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How Long Does It Take To Develop VR Training Content?

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So, you want to adopt VR as a training modality , but may be wondering how long it takes to actually develop VR training content. This article will explore the typical timeline for VR content development, map out the different factors that affect development time, and explain who can develop VR content across different platforms. . How Long Does It Take To Develop VR Content? Development and Programming.

The Top 5 Things Organizations need for Mobile Learning

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My previous articles, you must have gone through surely depicted the emergence and penetration of mobile learning in learning and development industry, as one of the means of achieving an advanced leaning experience. May be, few critics label it bit slower, yet it is still a natural process for the adoption of a new technology and a novel ways to carry out functions. What are the things they must go for in order to adopt mobile learning to the fullest for learning and development?

Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering: An Edtech Evolution.

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Need for Speed – There is an understandable pressure to deliver and curate engaging content faster. Offline access to Content . Adopting Agile methodology for Content/platform development. QE is also not at the fag end of a software development cycle.

how not to adopt an lcms


Home > Executive Perspective > How not to adopt an LCMS How not to adopt an LCMS June 2nd, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment As the economy has forced organizations to do more with less, we’re seeing more and more interest in LCMS systems. Some common mistakes organizations make when adopting and LCMS are: Trying to shoe-horn your existing process into your new system. One of the reasons you’re adopting an LCMS is to streamline your process.


Discovering Instructional Design 11: The Kemp Model

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The Morrison, Ross, and Kemp Model defines different elements, rather than “step, stage, level, or sequential items” of an instructional design, and emphasizes the adoption of continuous implementation and evaluation through the instructional design process.

Training & Development: How sensible is it to outsource?

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Why should businesses look at outsourcing training and development? A leading and fast-growing global provider of security and compliance management solutions chose Origin Learning Solutions as its e-learning partner to partially outsource its training and development activity in order to march ahead with its scaling-up operations.As also had a training calendar to help employees and partners plan their development schedules.

Demystifying Gamification vs Game based eLearning

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Understanding them will ensure that you adopt the appropriate strategy for your training program. The learning content is integrated into the context of the game. Game-based eLearning requires a lot more effort and time because the content must be designed to fit within the game elements. Therefore, you need to choose the right game approach for the given content. An Overview Of Gamification And Game-Based eLearning.

My Favorite Things: Tools and Tips to Facilitate Content.

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You may even gain a little peace of mind the next time you need to share or collaborate on a flow chart or diagram during the course of your content development efforts.

Learning Program

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Developing a Successful Learning Program. Specifically, a company to design, development, and implement a learning program for their senior leadership team. With the intention of developing a unique deliverable while driving business results. The senior leadership team included directors who lead and develop teams of hundreds of professionals. Develop high-performing employees for future roles within the leadership team.

Encouraging Mind-blowing 2013 eLearning Stats: Needed new approach

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These encouraging facts and figures may give elearning developers added perspective on the other levels of elearning which they can further explore and develop. 23% of employees leave their jobs because the position lacks opportunity for development and training. My suspicion is that the early attempts of elearning adopters were for the immediate transfer of content into elearning format.

Personalization for Knowledge Workers


We’ve adopted a philosophy of hiring the talent where it is, promote hard work and high quality of life, and have cultivated a virtual culture of global collaboration and communication. In our virtual workplace, we assume our employees to be self-starters, who take upon themselves the responsibility for their personal learning and development. Perpetual Content Improvement . Personalization is only as good as the content that is available.

Top 8 eLearning Trends For 2019

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In my last year article on eLearning trends for 2018 , I had predicted that adaptive learning will become stronger with greater adoption. Organizations and learners will benefit as organizations ensure that there are better competition rates, and learners will enjoy the learning process as they get to see only that content that is personalized to them. Using effective assessments, learners can skip the content that they are completely confident about. Content Curation.

How Does the Managed Learning Services Strategy Help Businesses Transform?

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Organizations adopt the Managed Learning Services strategy to help with business transformation and improve overall learning experiences. Most organizations have realized the need to collaborate with external partners to design and deliver effective corporate training.

Technology and Training: Using Artificial Intelligence for Learning and Development


For these reasons and more, it’s only a matter of time before AI and related technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality transform the field of Learning & Development (L&D). It is important to note that AI is not designed to replace humans; it is being developed to free people from mundane and time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on more impactful things. The applications for VR for training and personal development are almost unlimited.

Top Custom eLearning Trends 2021 that you Must Know

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Remote teams also feel more prepared to face the disruptions and adapt to the change when they are suitably supported with learning and development. In addition, there is an increasing comprehension of how custom eLearning development is significant to corporate training.

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Rethinking Training Delivery for Remote Workforce

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This move has created a need for virtual training and development programs that can be used long-term. Training delivery and content development continue to be the two most outsourced services. Investing in technology and content allows for improved conditions for remote staff.

Streamline L&D Logistics with an Outsource Learning Administration Provider

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Over the last year and a half, much has changed in the world of professional learning and development. New software and technology have been adopted across various industries to meet changing customer needs better.

Why You Should Opt for a Managed Services Partner That Uses an Outcomes-Based Approach

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This year many organizations are working on developing their post Covid19 strategies. Last year we saw companies in nearly every industry make changes such as adopting new business models, integrating new software, or launching new safety protocols and measures.

4 Tips to Consider while Choosing eLearning Vendors


When it comes to collaborating with the best eLearning vendors in the market, there are few important tips to consider to optimize training quality, reduce costs, and adopt a learner-centric approach. 4- Content Quality.

S/4HANA – 10 Things To Do in Phase Zero


That way, you will know when it is acceptable to adapt the software to map to your process and when it is better to adopt a new process to align with the software. Remember, the first impression your people get of the new system is important, so proper training plays a critical role in adoption. They will help to balance technology and process training and they reduce the burden on your internal personnel to learn and deliver new content. Prioritize your Content.

Solving Business Challenges with Human Capital Transformation Solutions

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Businesses have now also shifted their focus from a state of survival towards developing new strategies that will help them thrive in the disruptive business environment. Human capital transformation is the process of developing strategies that help employees reach their fullest potential.

Managed Learning Providers: Developing L&D Strategies that Build Resilience

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This makes sense if you consider how employee learning and development have become critical to driving change, productivity, and business resilience. Outcomes-Based Approach to Strategy Development. They can help you develop a strategy to address each challenge in your organization.

Post Covid19 Strategy Planning: Why Managed Learning Services is The Way to Go

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Enterprise organizations adopted new software and policies to meet customer needs better. New Learning Strategies to Meet Growing Demand for Learning and Development. In addition to working with experts, you will be able to scale training and speed up the development process.

What is Rapid Learning (or Rapid eLearning Development)?


Are your content development costs far higher than you expected? Rapid development is changing the landscape of eLearning. With L&D costs under the microscope like never before, it’s essential that you include rapid development in your training environment. Rapid development is the best way to get time-critical training out to your people, without question. But the difference with a rapid development approach is reported as a 40% reduction.

Managed Learning Services and the Future of Work

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Developing a long term learning strategy. Many organizations had traditional employee development methods such as instructor led training in place at the start of this year. Now organizations are looking for long term learning and development solutions.

What are the benefits of Training Process Outsourcing?

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This past year, there has been a significant shift in the world of learning and development. Employee training programs have also largely shifted to a digital-first approach as many organizations have adopted more flexible workplace models. Strategy development.

Is E-learning Content Repurposing The Answer To Effective Use Of Available Resources?


With increased popularity of e-learning in the corporate world, it is a good idea to build in the scope of repurposing content, especially when creating custom e-learning content. By creating a strategy that takes into account all available resources, we can reap the benefits of repurposing by improving the speed and quality of e-learning content development. These learning objects are then reused to create further learning content. Blog Content Repurposing