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Enterprise LMS and its Benefits for Your Workforce


Enterprise Learning Management System has evolved considerably since its inception. What is an Enterprise LMS and its Essential Benefits? An enterprise LMS software delivers online training courses and other learning content to employees.

Who would use an Extended Enterprise LMS?

Absorb LMS

In 2 of our previous blog posts, we defined the meaning of Extended Enterprise (training, development, certification or support provided to your external non-employees) and reviewed its measurable benefits. In this post, I would like to address what type of client would take advantage of Extended Enterprise and in our experience how these types of clients have applied Absorb LMS to deliver their external training. The post Who would use an Extended Enterprise LMS?


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2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

Talented Learning

Based on my work as an independent advisor to learning tech buyers and sellers , I’ve outlined 16 key extended enterprise learning trends and related predictions. 2) Talent Management LMS Platforms Struggle With Extended Enterprise. Success metrics that matter most – and why.

Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber

Talented Learning

On a regular basis, I’m interviewing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of extended enterprise learning – including vendor executives, consultants, customers and others. And how does training adoption help ensure a consistent customer experience? So how can franchisors encourage training adoption? Training adoption matters. So what advice would you recommend to franchisors who want to improve training adoption and impact?

New MOOC Research: What the Findings Mean for Corporate Training

Your Training Edge

Measuring learning is a much harder task — requiring first the identification of what metrics are most appropriate — but it is the only way we will be able to determine the true effectiveness of different learning environments, which will become even more important as new digital tools and technologies emerge. Read more about the Top 10 Training Metrics.

Everything You Need to Know About Extended Enterprise Training


Recently, corporate training has broadened its focus from business’ employees to also include those in the “extended enterprise”. In this post, you will become familiar with extended enterprise training and why your company needs to invest in it. What is extended enterprise training? Extended enterprise training refers to training offered to a business’ external partners. Hang on, there are solid reasons why you need to invest in extended enterprise training.

Not Your Father’s ROI

Jay Cross

Productivity in a Networked era: Not Your Father’s ROI. One cherished industrial age concept that is proving particularly difficult to let go of is return on investment (ROI). But like Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles, old-school ROI’s day in the sun is waning. In an environment of continuous flow and interaction, there’s a need to consider an emerging metric: return on investment in interaction (ROII). Traditional ROI. Adopting F.W.

ROI 56

Podcast Episode 5: Learning Systems the Dairy Queen Way – With Chris Shanks

Talented Learning

On a regular basis, I’m interviewing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of extended enterprise learning – including vendor executives, consultants, customers and others. Since then, her focus has shifted to engagement – adapting and enhancing the LMS to increase training adoption in franchise managers and crew members everywhere. What kind of business-related learning metrics matter at Dairy Queen?

How Docebo and Salesforce Come Together for Optimal Sales and Training Potential


Though the idea of linking a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with a Learning Management System (LMS) doesn’t come up as often as it should, in recent posts we’ve discussed the value of integrating your business’ CRM and LMS , as well as the ROI that can be generated by doing so. Higher product adoption and renewal rates. And in many cases this can be found in looking at the disparity between pre- and post-metrics. Extended enterprise operational.

Docebo 160

How to Determine the Advantages of Your eLearning Program?

Enyota Learning

Much like everything else, the learning and development initiatives of enterprises across the globe have experienced a major shift owing to technological change. eLearning and mLearning have cemented their place in the enterprise of today. To determine the advantages of your eLearning program, adopters quote ease of learning, better learning outcomes, better knowledge retention, and consequent application and cost-effectiveness as some of the benefits. ROI of eLearning.

User Onboarding: Do You Have a Post-Launch Success Plan?

Epilogue Systems

You’ve made sure you have a solid business case, including calculating ROI. Gauge user adoption and establish a plan to grow and improve user adoption. Measure whether your ROI projections are on target. Simply launching an application and providing users with training does not guarantee user onboarding and adoption success. Measure End User Adoption Post-Launch. The biggest reason is poor user onboarding and adoption. Validate User Adoption.

Podcast 18: Driving SaaS Customer Success – With Samma Hafeez of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

KEY TAKEAWAYS: “Customer success ” is more than a buzzword – especially in the subscription software industry, where onboarding and training directly influence product adoption and renewal rates. As customer success practices mature, metrics continue to evolve. Ultimately, our customers must drive product adoption, retention and time-to-value among their customers. But those customer-focused metrics no longer guarantee business success.


Key Benefits of Performance Management Software for Corporate Training


Bridging Skills-gaps, Driving Workforce Performance, and Increasing ROIs. With technological advancement, online LMSs are leaning towards adopting performance-aided and ROI-aligned solutions. When the online LMS integrates with other enterprise systems, it collates KPI data and automatically assigns relevant training to meet personalized objectives. Employee performance analysis is a significant aspect of modern corporates.

LMS Technology Trends: Why Focus Is The Next Big Thing

Talented Learning

Later, I moved into high-end LMS sales for 13 years — specializing in solutions for corporate extended enterprise and associations. They’ve largely ignored the much more profitable and unexplored needs of the extended enterprise. So I co-founded Talented Learning as the world’s only research and consulting firm focused primarily on advancing extended enterprise learning. Several years ago, you predicted that extended enterprise learning would quickly gain traction.

The Best LMS Platforms for Effective Corporate Training – LPP and LXP


The modern learning management systems (LMS) address various training challenges such as widespread workforce, evolving needs, and low adoption of technology. The platform integrates with enterprises systems such as HRMS, CRM, and others to collate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). ? The LPP also uses a Rule Engine to set a different set of rules based on individual skill-gaps and performance metrics. ?

Emerging Role of Corporate LMS Software as Performance Management Systems


Organizations are actively adopting e-learning solutions to boost employee performance, knowledge retention, and the bottom line. Based on the KPI data, the LMS creates performance metrics and then automatically assigns training courses for targeted learners. Enterprises, whether large or small, are leveraging the benefits of online corporate LMS software to bridge compliance and performance gaps, thereby increasing ROIs and overall growth.

Why AI-Powered Personalized Learning Experiences are Here to Stay


Nearly 40% of enterprises have implemented artificial intelligence in some form in the past year – that’s up 270% in 4 years. With the introduction of AI in the enterprise learning sphere , organizations are seeing massive changes in productivity as menial tasks are automated.

How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?

Talented Learning

EDITOR’S NOTE: Because extended enterprise learning involves multiple disciplines, we sometimes ask other experts to share their insights with our readers. Digital experience management can help handle tasks like personalization, language translation, content management across channels, analytics and even ROI. How quick wins and clear milestones drive engagement and adoption. Tips for metrics that align customer objectives with business priorities .

Podcast 15: Tying Training to Customer Success – With Barry Kelly of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

Our guest is Barry Kelly , CEO and Co-Founder of Thought Industries – one of the first and now leading extended enterprise learning solutions. Customer training directly influences product adoption and ultimately, customer success. Originally, we wanted to build a platform that enables organizations to deliver extended enterprise learning. Ultimately, most SaaS companies are working towards managing that big Mac Daddy metric called churn. What metrics matter most?

Big Data: The Holy Grail for L&D?


L&D is under increasing pressure to prove the business value of learning: to demonstrate ROI and directly link learning initiatives to improved business performance. But, up until now, one of L&D’s biggest challenges has been to identify and capture metrics that clearly align learning with bottom-line business impact. There’s no doubt that Big Data has achieved mainstream business adoption. Is Big Data a Game-Changer for L&D?

6 benefits of integrating HR, Talent & learning management systems


Improved user experience, lower learning curve and higher adoption throughout the talent lifecycle. Improved operational performance and ROI from the HR function. When tracking results, the most business-critical metrics Cineplex is attributing to its learning programs are its talent retention rate and its increasing success in promoting from within. The HR landscape is complex – full of multiple systems that cover everything from recruiting new talent to payroll.

Is Big Data a Game-Changer for L&D?


L&D is under increasing pressure to prove the business value of learning: to demonstrate ROI and directly link learning initiatives to improved business performance. But, up until now, one of L&D’s biggest challenges has been to identify and capture metrics that clearly align learning with bottom-line business impact. There’s no doubt that Big Data has achieved mainstream business adoption.

Is Big Data a Game-Changer for L&D?


L&D is under increasing pressure to prove the business value of learning: to demonstrate ROI and directly link learning initiatives to improved business performance. But, up until now, one of L&D’s biggest challenges has been to identify and capture metrics that clearly align learning with bottom-line business impact. There’s no doubt that Big Data has achieved mainstream business adoption.

Get Real Results With a Learning Management System

Global eTraining

Weekly progress, popular courses, adoption and test scores are all featured in the dashboard to save you time and allow you to produce high-level reporting quickly and easily. From the dashboard, you can launch in-depth results showing engagement and individual learner progress, two of the most important metrics in measuring eLearning program success. Learn more about our enterprise solutions , and to discover more about how we work with individual learners !

What’s Better for Your Employees – Digital Training or Instructor-Led Training


Adopt a modern training approach such as digital training to make the employee feel like s/he has joined a company that’s focused on achieving results and at the same time values employees’ learning needs. Here’s more about BYOD and its Impact on Enterprise Content Delivery. Post training, this feature can also be used for tracking employee metrics and goals. Here are Employee Training Metrics: 7 Ways HR Experts Use Them.

The Benefit of Talent Management Strategies for SMEs


So, with these functionalities, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can achieve their goal in the short term with long term benefits. HR analytics strategy: To drive an effective ROI, it is necessary to monitor the development and success of the talent management program.

What is Customer Training and Why You Should be Doing it


Customer training is a branch of eLearning called the extended enterprise. This has a direct impact on customer satisfaction metrics like CSAT , or NPS. It’s a key performance metric to track the growth of your product. This is convenient for the learner and it helps with the adoption of your product. An enterprise LMS is the best way to provide customer training simply because it’s built for that specific purpose. There are some hard metrics to examine.

6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


To maximize adoption and success rates, training should be consistent, mandatory and standards-based. Your new, integrated LMS will enable training to be adopted and implemented on a grander scale by making it more highly visible, accessible, and engaging. Demonstrating ROI continues to be a challenge, yet the C-suite demands it. While measuring the effectiveness of your training is important, it’s a complex metric. Mobile Adoption. Save the Date.

What is stopping companies from measuring learning: Skillsets, datasets, toolsets or mindsets?


By adapting our language and perspective to integrate terms like traffic, bounce rate, conversion, time on site and social sharing into an L&D context, we create a dynamic system that uses data to drive smarter decision-making and draw on accurate metrics for more actionable insights. How much do you think enterprises are investing in their employees at the corporate level? . Is your company''s learning and development strategy wedged between a rock and hard place?

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


Many businesses are seeing the benefits of training the extended enterprise and looking for opportunities to shift their training departments from a cost center to generating revenue. Historically, eLearning is behind the time for tech adoption – a late adopter of flash, slow to accept HTLM5, and responsive design has only emerged for Captivate and Articulate in the past few years. I think there will be a bigger adoption of mobile learning.

Continuing Education & Technology: Equipping Your People to Tackle the Future


There are a number of steps you can take in your organization to reverse this trend and support your employees’ continuing education – both in technological know-how and other necessary job skills – thus setting them (and your enterprise as a whole) up for success. This is where your early adopters can help out by showing how they use the new technology to make things smoother. By measuring metrics (e.g.,

Free L&D webinars for June 2018

Limestone Learning

Unconnected employees hurt your business when they fail to see the big picture, don’t know how to uncork bureaucratic bottlenecks, and don’t contribute to enterprise-wide results. Learn how to design an enterprise-wide strategy that supports the growth of employees’ social acumen to build the organization’s social capital and fuel future growth. Why you should create an enterprise-wide strategy for boosting social acumen. Then someone pipes up, “But what’s the ROI?”

My top 10 favourite resources from February

Jane Hart

“The majority of the value-creation activities in an enterprise are hidden. ” 4 - Relevance trumps ROI , Jay Cross, 15 February 2012. A focus on formal school or executive education-type learning involving tests, for example, may not provide valuable metrics anyway, Cross said, because grades or test results in school are unrelated to anything outside of school.

Web 2.0 and Change Present Challenges to Many Learning Executives

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

One of the things that Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT Sloan School of Management, says when he talks about Enterprise 2.0 When organizations adopt new technologies, all of a sudden, things don’t cost as much. LXB: What are the real and useful metrics today? Cross: First, the metrics that people have been using for the past 30 years— using accounting measures—are totally ridiculous. Web 2.0

Free learning & development webinars for March 2017

Limestone Learning

Monday, March 6, 2017, 5:30PM – 6:30PM PT: Enterprise Microlearning? This webcast will share some practices to increase employee engagement and performance by adopting microlearning-based approaches and techniques. They collect data from systems all across the enterprise, certain that it holds to key to improving results. Selling training to your customers is also a tremendous business opportunity that will help to improve the ROI from your LMS.

Social, Informal Learning Can Be ?Measured

CLO Magazine

After six consecutive impact analysis studies showed a 2-to-1 benefits to cost ratio result for the program, executive sponsors suggested it was no longer necessary to conduct future ROI studies, saying they “got it.” Davidson said instead of the ROI studies conducted in the past, now Sodexo will conduct a second longitudinal study to ensure progress is being made related to pipeline development and other programmatic objectives.

Partnering With the C-Suite

CLO Magazine

With a single-minded focus on investment showing ROI, the CLO becomes an unbiased business partner, strategic consultant and team player in the C-suite. Army to describe changing battlefield conditions, this acronym, short for velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, has been adopted by the learning and greater business community as a description of today’s changing business landscape.

Suite 50