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Multimedia Wars: Flash or HTML5


HTML5 is being hailed as equally competent in developing rich-media, adopted by Google and Apple. Firefox will most-probably support it in future and Internet Explorer 9.0 Sachin has 11+ years of multi-domain exposure including project management, instructional design solutions, eLearning consultancy & LMS implementations. e-Learning Tools & Technologies Flash HTML5

Using Pattern Libraries for Accessible Elearning: Insights from CSUN 2018

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The 33 rd California State University, Northridge Assistive Technology Conference (CSUN) is like all good conferences: so much information so quickly that you fear your brain is about to melt. (By Sean Kelly and Thomas Dinkel identified three key behaviors developers can adopt to ensure accessibility ( presentation available here ): First, validate the code. Technology changes, as do challenges. Making elearning accessible is the right thing to do.


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Mercury XRS: What it is, How it Works, What it Could Mean For You

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The training industry has adopted virtual reality and augmented reality. However, the technology advanced rapidly, developers multiplied, and costs came down. Once the software is up and running, it uses cloud-based API technologies to send messages from the device to your dashboard. .

Online multimedia content in e-learning: Flash vs. HTML5


The best instructional designers know that they have to create their training courses in ways that attract and engage learners, making them pull the information and ultimately beg for more. A lot of technological advances support this pull method, with most LMSs permitting the embed of multimedia content files in the online courses. Flash is a mature technology that runs well on all browsers, including older versions of Internet Explorer, which some businesses still use.

Building an advanced eFront theme using CSS3 elements


In order to create shaded boxes use: -moz-box-shadow: 3px 3px 3px #888; -webkit-box-shadow: 3px 3px 3px #888; In order to crated shaded text use something like: text-shadow:1px 1px 1px #000000; The theme We started from the standard blue theme extending it to be simpler (by removing the background header and adopting a neutral white background color). Compatibility Rounded corners are supported by Firefox and Safari. Shaded letters are supported by Safari, Firefox and Opera.

eLearning Learning - Best of June 2009

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The Various Roles of Instructional Design (work in progress) - Jonathan’s ID , June 5, 2009. Business of Learning - eLearning Technology , June 15, 2009. Discovering Instructional Design 12: the ICARE Model - The E-Learning Curve , June 11, 2009. ASSURE Model: Discovering Instructional Design 18 - The E-Learning Curve , June 24, 2009. Phases of the 3PD Approach: Discovering Instructional Design 15 - The E-Learning Curve , June 16, 2009.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

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Dr. Kevin Gumienny is our senior learning architect and leads Microassist’s instructional design team. Digital content needs to be created in such a way that accommodates these assistive technologies. robust (content has to be able to be interpreted by assistive technologies such as screen readers). to work with the way that people use devices today (for example, mobile wasn’t a significant technology in 2008, when WCAG 2.0

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

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Top 100 eLearning Items - eLearning Technology , April 7, 2009 Interesting that my own post got the top spot. With solar powered technology you will get all the workspace and electrical independence you need, even in your back garden. in Technology, Innovation and Education, where she studied how new media and emerging technologies can be used to effectively educate children. from 2008 to 2013 for learning technology products and services.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

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Digital content needs to be created in such a way that accommodates these assistive technologies. If training is either made by or delivered to a federal agency, it’s covered by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which requires information and communication technology (including elearning) to be accessible (See Maureen Orey’s TD at Work publication “ Designing Section 508 Compliant Learning ” for more detail (purchase required)).

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


Trying again to respond via firefox browser - seem to have difficulties with internet explorer. ► June (2) eFront Contests Course-instances on eFront 3.6.3 ► May (2) eFront Wins Learning Technology Award E front v3.7 - architecture ► April (3) Interview on Exclusive offers for eFront facebook fans ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter ► March (2) eFront sites to check out 10 tips for using eFront Search This Blog Loading.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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If you are considering creating a “Serious Game&# or an instructional game, one of the first place to start is a great game design document. Let us address the technology aspect. Instruction. Group instruction, on-job training, self-study materials. Text-to-Speech vs Human Narration for eLearning - eLearning Technology , September 14, 2010 Some challenging questions are being raised in this month’s Big Question - Voice Over in eLearning.

Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

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A typical admin may be the person overseeing training (if the company is small) or someone in the department who is an instructional designer or more often then not, someone in your department who has been assigned this honor. There are enough vendors who are not going into the widget space, but are enabling the integration possibilities of APIs, which are really offers a powerhouse potential (a future emerging technology topic). Firefox, Opera and IE9 are in the pipeline.