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The information age is rapidly turning into an age of information overload. A simple search of the web using a search engine like Google reveals a fantastic array of information. is changing the way information is handled; content can be tagged with descriptors, marking the change from a display of information to actually understanding what the information is. These matches link up to information that ranges from very simple to extremely complex.

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Top 47 Posts and 10 Hot Topics for February

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Here they are (I have removed one or two as I don’t agree with them, and have put my interpretations at the bottom): Definition of an E-Learning Curve – Bloom’s Taxonomy - The E-Learning Curve , February 4, 2010 A colleague recently asked me “What is an e-learning curve?&# How to effectively architect information for your elearning course - Free as in Freedom , February 6, 2010 As Instructional Designers, its always a challenge to balance meaningful instruction with information.

Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Workscape evolution - Informal Learning , May 7, 2010 This morning Jane Hart posted this 5-stage model of the evolution of workplace learning in an organization. learning is a mix of formal and informal , not one or the other. Take This LMS and Shove It - Living in Learning , May 19, 2010 With the rapid shift to informal learning, the LMS is being dethroned as the center of the learning systems universe. Trainers won’t be replaced by technology.