How Technology Can Make Corporate Training Programs More Effective

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Technologies have become a brainy power in its own self, and has integrated long-winded complex gaps of global industries, relatives living abroad, country-to-country trades with an impressive interconnected order. Technology creates High Hopes for Employee Ambitions.

How to Get Executive Buy-In for New LMS Technology

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Even if your learning and development department has its own budget, you’ll need to craft a convincing proposal that builds the business case for new technology. Executives won’t endorse a program that doesn’t solve a problem or isn’t easily adopted by your employees.

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Webinar Software - Adoption Advice

Clark Quinn

Good question about adoption of webinar software / services - this time from someone who went to my workshop in Cincinnati - Revolution in Workplace Learning - who by the way - called it "awesome." It doesn't have any bells and whistles like web cam compatibility or video streaming, online polling, white boards or anything cool like that. Our webinars have been successful by our standards and for the most part, we've been early adopters of the technology.

Leveraging technology for learning during a time of social distancing

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While not a perfect substitution for face-to-face interaction, leaders can leverage technology, including augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to remain connected with their workforces and continue supporting learning and development initiatives, including onboarding.

Webinar Software - Adoption Advice

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Good question about adoption of webinar software / services - this time from someone who went to my workshop in Cincinnati - Revolution in Workplace Learning - who by the way - called it "awesome." It doesn't have any bells and whistles like web cam compatibility or video streaming, online polling, white boards or anything cool like that. Our webinars have been successful by our standards and for the most part, we've been early adopters of the technology.

How will adopting an adaptive learning strategy help your business


However, with today’s technological innovations, adaptive learning has become more of a reality than a mere aspiration. Thanks to adaptive training technologies, corporate learners can now learn on-demand, whenever they have the time to do so.

Elearning innovation: examples, tips and technology


The latest technology. Social polling and personalized feedback provide a unique opportunity to personalize the learner’s experience. Adopt a people-centered approach. Adopting a modern, learner-focused approach to content creation is an easy way to get better results.

Organizational Change Management Cited – Again – as Key.

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In a recent post, he cites a recent poll by Panorama Consulting , in which IT executives are asked about the “deadliest sin” of ERP implementations.

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AI and Learning Systems: Is This Combo as Great and Powerful as it Seems?

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In just a few short years, AI has become one of the most talked-about technology advances since the dawn of the internet. So the promise of AI is real, but some technology providers seem willing to blur the lines to attract deeper investment.

3 Reasons Your L&D Tools Aren’t Fit For Today’s Workforce


That’s according to a Docebo survey that polled 2,400 employees across the U.S. Outdated Technology and Courses. The interactions we have with technology in our personal lives are influencing what we now expect in our professional lives and learning tools are no different.

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MOOCs Aren’t Interactive, So There’s No Real Learning Taking Place

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In fact, in a study about interaction in MOOCs presented at the EdMedia2013 World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, 65% of MOOC students reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the level of interaction in their courses. Use surveys and polls.

5 Steps to a Successful Blended Learning Strategy

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In short, blended learning is any formal training/development program in which a person learns in part using technology, with some element of control over time, place, path, and/or pace. Blended Learning Strategy. This Blended Learning post was originally written for

Putting The 70:20:10 Learning Framework Into Practice


L&D leaders recognize the benefits achievable through modernizing their learning strategy with technology and the key role it plays in the process, yet many are failing to achieve their goals. Docebo Blog Learning Technology Trends Learning technology solutions lms

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5 Ways Using Mobile Learning Creates High Performing Teams

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A recent Gallup poll shows that opportunities to learn and grow top the list of things that Millenials want out of their job with nearly two-thirds of them expressing they would be “deeply committed to their role and to work for a manager who will invest in their development.” [4].

Webinar Video – A Unified Approach To Learning Management

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As per a quick poll conducted during the webinar, a staggering 67% of the poll respondents said that their organizations used 2 or more vendors for learning technology platforms, while 53% answered positively on wanting to adopt a unified learning system.

Podcast 20: Interpreting Global eLearning Trends – With Donald H. Taylor

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And since 2000, he has chaired the Learning Technologies Conference. Today, we’re fortunate to talk with Don about the results of his annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey – a must-read for anyone who cares about the direction of learning technologies!

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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As fiercely independent learning technology analysts, we think a trend isn’t just a fleeting idea that comes and goes like fashion, or a social media hashtag. It directly affects learning technology buyers and sellers.

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6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


While those are exciting, buzz-worthy technologies, it’s not an L&D trend typical organizations will see in 2018. As technology infrastructure catches up, increased interactive functionality for multi-person webinar platforms is now a reality. Mobile Adoption. Save the Date.

Association Learning Systems: Why and How to Invest in a Specialized LMS

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Currently, learning programs contribute nearly 25% of average non-dues association revenue, according to a 2017 Association Adviser poll. Only 30% of association professionals are “very satisfied” with their LMS, according to a recent survey by technology provider, Abila.

Reimagining workplace learning during COVID-19

CLO Magazine

After months of social engagement and technological immersion, workplace learners and business leaders will have a higher expectation with regard to how they want to engage and learn. For example, the trend of “polling” in online synchronous learning is picking up.

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8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

Enyota Learning

However, there still are a few aspects that need to be focused on to make it a universally adoptable and financially viable across geographies. Hence, social learning is a trend to watch and adopt in today’s corporate learning courses.

Agile Teams Create Agile Learning Organizations

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Leverages new technologies to expand human capability in the flow of work rather than creates a one-stop shop for content. Disruptions are adopted by consumers more quickly than ever before. Integrate technology and people. It is about people and how they will use technology.

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ISD and the Problem of Change

There Is No Chalk

ASTD posted a column by Laleh Patel reviewing a study by ASTD and I4cp on the rapid advancement of learning development technologies, and where companies are in adopting new instructional strategies. The study found that a shocking 97% of polled companies still use the traditional classroom for current courses.

Engaging Participants 4: Virtual Engagement

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Some applications allow you to poll, meaning you can ask questions along the way and have participants respond virtually. For live collaborations, moderators still need to be present, but you can use some of the same tools from webinars, such as polling and questions, to engage participants.

6 Mobile Learning Trends That Grew in 2012

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There are thousands of apps available for the classroom that teach math, language, and even handwriting, and text message polls that encourage class participation.

Top Learning Systems Trends – A 2019 Extended Enterprise Market Guide

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Fortunately, the consumerization of business technology has changed all that. It’s often by SaaS software applications for customer onboarding and ongoing education, where it is proving its value in driving product adoption and retention. #4 Welcome to our 5th annual trends post!

A Complete Guide On Blended Learning Solutions

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Additionally, you need to look at the readiness of technology and deployment. What Is Triggering A Wider Adoption Of Blended Learning Solutions Over Instructor-Led Training Or ILT? Top 10 Benefits of Adopting Blended Training Approach.

Unlocked Learning—why an invisible LMS will set knowledge free


With the implementation of most online training platforms, there was a standard process for adoption. So he encouraged the team to try creating sharable course URLs and polls that could be delivered via this tool.

9 Ways to Boost Remote Sales Productivity


While the right technology can make remote work more accessible across different countries and time zones, 54% of HR leaders in a recent Gartner snap poll indicated that poor technology and/or infrastructure is the biggest barrier to effective remote working. Pro Tip: Use mobile access and video sharing technology to extend managers’ reach, maximize time, and accomplish as much or more as they normally could during a ride-along. Adopt the Right Technology.

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Why Higher Education Institutions Need an Education Services Company

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The higher education community is at an inflection point today with technology, cost inflation, and social change being three main elements posing challenges to students. Technology allows them to redefine education with access to real-time student data, content, apps, and much more.

Managing the Self-Directed Learner

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They will need help identifying their learning needs, finding and using resources (including computer technology), practicing and reinforcing learning, and evaluating results. Make technology available to learners. Learn how to use technology to learn. According to a 2014 Gallup poll, managers who cannot or will not provide feedback “fail to engage 98 percent of employees.”

Where is L&D heading?

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By this I mean integrating the content with the environment in which the individual is situated, and I see a lot of potential in augmented reality and wearable technologies facilitating this. While this isn’t actually mobile learning, it leverages the technology.

Measuring Success (ROI) of a Training MOOC, Part 2

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Measuring success at this level is easily adopted into a MOOC, with the opportunity to collect much, much more data. To increase engagement, many videos have quizzes embedded, and polls and surveys are common throughout the courses as well as during synchronous elements like live webinars.

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Foraying Into The Expanding ELearning Market of South Africa


Newer sectors such as retail, services, banking, information technology, telecommunications, and tourism are also gaining momentum. Currently, less than 30% of public schools in SA use some form of technology to deliver classes. Quick live polls.

5 Ways to Utilize E-Learning Games in Employee Training


In the ever-changing world of technology, the race to stay up to date is an exhausting feat. The possibilities are endless and employees will most likely be familiar with the game rules making adoption easy. You can now build, configure, and assign a quiz or poll within Spoke LMS.