Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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Nowadays, I have been observing that various new online learning solutions are popping every month and conventional classroom settings are getting even keener than ever to integrate new technologies into their content and strategies.

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Learning Technologies 2010 – Day 2 Recap

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After having a great first day at the Learning Technologies 2010 I was looking forward to an exciting second day. Kids are very smart and are already onto the new technologies. These are just indicators of what technological tools/help our children will have.

Duolingo: The Smartest Business Model in Education Technology


Key resources: The technology data centers are the key resources particularly for the person who involved in developing and maintaining the platform. Duolingo’s business model is one of the smartest in the technology space. It was in 2015 that Duolingo adopted a new monetization strategy, by introducing a new app, called the Duolingo Test Center. It’s a given that the company has invested heavily in technology. NGINX web server.

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10 tips for using eFront


Then just unzip on the server. 3) [professor] Use the open-source version to create locally lessons and then just upload them to you distant server.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


The powerhouse of a complete learning technology solution, an LMS is a fundamental component of an effective learning strategy. New advancements in learning technology have helped to support evolving learner needs and revolutionize the e-learning space.

Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

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Since then, adoption of “badging,” as it has come to be known, has been steadily increasing: Mozilla put on a grant-funded competition to help a variety of organizations develop their own badge programs. Is Your Organization Ready? Learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom.

7 Things to Avoid when Choosing a Video Platform

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Instead : Consider ease of use over features in order to ensure strong adoption and high return on investment. More server downtime can lead to instructors not being able to record videos, and students locked out from critical study material. Choosing a video platform isn’t easy.

Moodle: the LMS for everyone

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Evolved and developed constantly by a global community of developers, Moodle’s baked-in robustness and scalability have led to its adoption by major institutions like the Open University (200,000 users) and the UK Civil Service Learning platform (half a million users). Technology

[WEBINAR] Docebo’s Approach to Regional Cloud Hosting


Growing SaaS businesses must consider their global footprint, particularly as it relates to the architecture of their systems, and those with a global presence must embrace a flexible IT design that keeps pace with their technology and its changing demands.

Recent LMS Trends That Affirm The Continuing Increase Of LMS Popularity For Corporate Training


Modern organizations are now making investments in corporate training and implementing learning management systems (LMSs) to automate training as well as reap other benefits of technology-aided learning. The organization need not have their own servers or IT team to moniter the LMS.

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When or When Not to Use Open Source LMS?


– this is what a client’s IT Manager commented after looking at technology requirements sheet of our Wizdom LMS in a presentation last week (It’s built on.Net, and uses Windows Server, IIS, & MS SQL/Oracle as back-end platform). You love Microsoft!

Benefits of Learning Management System for Corporate Training

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It is a cost-effective training method widely adopted by the organizations to keep the employees updated with the latest developments in terms of advent of new technologies, new ways of strategy implementation, process improvement, filling skill gaps etc. cloud server.

Mobile Learning: 3 Security Threats & 7 Ways to Beat Them

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It’s constantly evolving, as the technology focus has shifted to Smartphones from computers. Though learning solutions providers make large claims about m-learning, only a few organizations are coming forward to adopt it because of the possible threats.

5 Best Ways Virtual Training Labs Enhance Workplace E-Learning


Getting your office up-to-date on current technologies involves training in the workplace that translates well into improved productivity. Classes can be given at any time from any location within virtualized training environments set up from a server.

The Top 5 Things Organizations need for Mobile Learning

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Being a corporate learning and development oriented firm, I have witnessed a number of tipping point in this industry, including the adoption of novel means that deliver great value for the people who need to perform at the utmost level in their respective organizational fields.

Answers: How Do I Get Started With xAPI?


That’s pretty darn impressive considering the impact on other programs and agencies in US Government alone, and that it’s seen so much adoption. Local/Bring-Your-Own-Server. If you want to run this from a server, you’ll likely want to put the time into setting up Learning Locker.

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How to Train your Dragon to Move Away from Legacy Business Applications

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The metaphor of course, refers to migrating your IT infrastructure from legacy business applications to new age technologies. These cutting-edge tools and technologies promise and deliver more often than not, improved processes and productivity.

The Top 5 Things Organizations need for Mobile Learning

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Being a corporate learning and development oriented firm, I have witnessed a number of tipping point in this industry, including the adoption of novel means that deliver great value for the people who need to perform at the utmost level in their respective organizational fields.

Smartphones in mobile healthcare

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Among the surveyed apps are those assisting in chronic disease management, whether as standalone apps or part of a BAN (Body Area Network) and remote server configuration. Finally, we briefly discuss barriers to adoption of health and healthcare smartphone apps (e.g.,

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Package & track elearning: why companies need both AICC & xAPI


So why is AICC still important for elearning adopters? And this first reason drives us to the second one – due to the ability to keep content on its own server, a lot of big course vendors still have a huge catalog of courses which are using this standard.

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How Blockchain is changing Learning & Development

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Well, this is the question I have been encountering with high frequency regarding this technology that until recently, previously belonged to cryptocurrency Bitcoin. These computers create a peer-to-peer network, which means that there is no single centralized server or database and the blockchain database is spread across a decentralized machine network, each works as a node on that network. promoting participants to adopt such innovative technology in educational context.

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The Potential Impact of Blockchain on Financial Sector

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The world’s powerful and smart people are yet to reach a new consensus as to whether this revolutionizing technology is a good or a bad evaluation, however, most of them agree to the fact that it is indeed an evolution.

Multimedia Wars: Flash or HTML5


HTML5 is being hailed as equally competent in developing rich-media, adopted by Google and Apple. DRM with HTML5 is not straightforward as it requires special servers and settings, not available to many developers. e-Learning Tools & Technologies Flash HTML5

Learning on the Job in a SaaS-Driven World

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The stats make it quite evident that SaaS-based companies are going to see an upward swing as more organizations adopt SaaS based products to cut down on costs and maintenance overheads. How is it that you are ensuring product adoption and in-product training?

Top 10 Cloud myths busted, pt. 2


While the adoption of the public Cloud by larger organizations is slow (for cultural, financial and other reasons), adoption of private and hybrid clouds is already high and ever increasing. So, keep calm and keep adopting the Cloud. Mythology.

Everyone Is Talking Mobile Learning. Brilliant!

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Last week we were at Learning Technologies 2012 in London braving the winter chill here in London. I think there is a lack of understanding on the customers’ part about the following; these issues will delay the customer adoption of mobile learning: What is mlearning most suitable for.

Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security

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He also said that blockchain technology is fully transparent and transactions cannot be changed. Records are saved on numerous servers and computers around the world, eliminating the central point of failure. Blockchain technology is indeed able to provide us with the kind of all in one cyber security solution. In the world of increasing cyber-crimes and businesses’ struggle to cope with data security, its regulation and privacy concerns, can blockchain be a great relief?

Why L&D should prepare for training global virtual teams


Globalization and the rapid technological advancements have led to a new type of team – one in which members may never meet face to face. Team members practically never meet in person but still manage to work together flawlessly due to the wondrous possibilities of present-day technology.

The Bank of England Creating its own crypto currency: The Impact

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Moving further to the Blockchain Week, this is the time to discuss some practical and recent scenarios, happening in the world, and are based on the utilization of technology. It is being said that it would function on the same blockchain ledger technology that runs Bitcoin.

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Does the glove fit? How to make the most of HTML5 in e-learning

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So what should drive adoption (aside from wanting to sit with the cool kids)? Chris Milk is a filmmaker and storyteller, using HTML5 not just for its technological functions but as a creative and collaborative tool. Really, it’s about using new technology to win emotional engagement with difficult content. All this data can be stored without affecting the website’s server performance. Blog Technology

6 Software Training Use Cases for Virtual Training Labs


In 2017, TSIA released a report which examined the adoption of 18 technologies in education services. In that report, virtual lab technology ranked second highest in terms of satisfaction scores among survey participants – and for good reason.

Benefits of moving your online learning platform to the Cloud


Every half-decade in IT sees the rise of its own star technology. But are all business use cases fit to adopt a new popular technology? are so big that adopting eLearning is really a no-brainer. Cloud is just were the servers live.

MOOCs: Adapt, Change or Die

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However, the new MOOCs ventures sparked high interest due to prestigious names like Harvard, MIT and Stanford, the sheer numbers and high diversity of enrollment, advanced technology and the fact they provide courses free of cost. Why do still many businesses and institutions show reluctance towards its adoption? Is there lacking on the part of MOOCs structure, the technology or the executers? Online education had been there for decade at various institutions.

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Publishing Success with Digital First Publishing – Part 2

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In our first blog on the evolution of digital first publishing Publishing Success with Digital First Publishing , we discussed how the publishing industry led by decreased sales in education textbooks initially adopted a general digital first workflow. This second blog will discuss how technology entrepreneurs facilitated the implementation and reach of the workflow. . It is server-based with a scrolling-based metaphor composed of pages, articles, blocks, and components.

Compliance Training of the Future – What to Expect

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Well, companies are likely to adopt the following to impart good compliance training online. Learning Technology Tools to Enhance Safety Compliance Programs How to Impart Good Compliance Training to the Staff of Insurance Firms. What is the future of online compliance training?

A Conversation with Duncan Lennox

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Duncan is passionate technologist who enjoys bridging the gap between theory and application and mapping out strategies and solutions that allow technology to be leveraged in new and unique ways.