Captions vs. Sound – How to Get Heard?

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However, there’s a huge difference between doing video, and doing video well, and one of them is knowing when to use captions vs. sound. One of the most annoying things you can find in your Facebook feed is a video that autoplays with the sound on. It’s TV ads with the sound turned off.” While scrolling through your social feeds with your sound turned off (which 85 percent of users do) , most individuals will completely skip a video whose meaning is lost without sound.

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The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Sound of Silence by Jim on April 7, 2011 in eLearning At what point does narration really add anything to an eLearning module, and at what point is it simply being added because “it’s what’s expected?”

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The Key to Adoption of Collaboration Tools: Process Integration

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Plenty has been written about why employees are slow to adopt enterprise collaboration tools. As with more traditional IT initiatives, the old “senior executive support” mantra is frequently cited as a key to successful user adoption. For example, in a Klint Finley interview called Five Principles for Improving Social Enterprise Adoption , Yakabod CEO Scott Ryser cites the importance of “political juice.” Just as it is with sound instructional design, context is key.

Possible hindrances to user adoption of e-learning courses

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What are some of the possible reasons for a low adoption rate? Unwillingness to go the whole way and invest in a course that can be made truly effective; the incentive for an e-learning course, from an org's perspective, is often to cut down on training cost and the hassles of coordination rather than learning efficiency All of these points lead to the creation of a training program and an atmosphere that is not conducive to adoption.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Forbes (2017), ‘2017 State Of Cloud Adoption And Security’ 10 Translate Your Learning into. sound complex and potentially costly but. Think that sounds unlikely when there are massive. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber

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And how does training adoption help ensure a consistent customer experience? So how can franchisors encourage training adoption? Sounds like a very franchisee-friendly approach. Training adoption matters. So what advice would you recommend to franchisors who want to improve training adoption and impact? The post Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber appeared first on Talented Learning.

6 Ways to Promote Modern Learning Adoption


Although many sales managers and reps immediately appreciate the benefits of a modern sales learning platform, some are like Hayes: it sounds great but they’re not sure they’ll actually use it. This is true in any organization, but promoting widespread adoption of modern learning technology in a globally distributed sales force can be especially challenging. The post 6 Ways to Promote Modern Learning Adoption appeared first on Allego.

Why Adopt Microlearning – 15 Questions Answered

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This article addresses 15 questions on microlearning covering its definition, benefits, usage, impact, and why you should adopt it. Why Adopt Microlearning? Microlearning sounds a lot like Just-In-Time learning of the past. Their widest adoption continues to be as Performance Support Tools or PSTs (just-in-time leaning aids).

Why You Need More Than ‘Convenience’ To Drive Digital Adoption


Have you ever launched a new digital product, confident customers will love it, only to have the adoption rate drag? Sound familiar? There’s a common assumption that if you tell consumers how convenient digital products are, adoption will follow. According to the EY Fintech Adoption Index, 85% of consumers are aware of digital products, but only 33% have adopted them.

LearnTrends - Sound - Best of eLearning Learning

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Virtual Worlds, Innovation and Adoption , September 24, 2009. Sound (27). Best of eLearning Learning. September 18, 2009 to September 25, 2009. Upcoming Free Online Webinars. Metrics for the Modern CLO: How to Measure Formal and Informal Learning. Thursday, October 08, 2009. Social Media: Trends and Implications for Learning. Tuesday, October 13, 2009. Formalizing Informal Learning …What? Thursday, October 15, 2009. Featured Sources.

POINT-of-WORK: Is It a Destination or a Discipline?

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It’s tough to create the critical mass and momentum necessary to reach full Change Adoption and Sustainability which leads me back to the advice of “start small and scale”. As ominous as that sounds, PWD is a necessary evolution to enable our abilities to sustain effectiveness in our dynamic learning performance ecosystems. The “Point-of-Work Discipline - PWD” is dynamic Change that enables L&D effectiveness at a new Destination – "Point-of-Work".

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What is Just-in Time Training (and the Best Practices to Adopt it for your Business)


What is needed to adopt Just in Time Training to the business? In order to adopt a just in time training model successfully, learning has to be a fundamental part of the business. Courses that address these issues attribute effectiveness to two points: careful analysis and sound data gathering methodologies. The post What is Just-in Time Training (and the Best Practices to Adopt it for your Business) appeared first on eFront Blog.

Driving learning program adoption: Start with the right tool (part 1)


Welcome to Part One of a three-part series on the value of driving the adoption of your learning program. Today, we'll focus on the first of those -- the solution -- and what's required in an LMS to drive strong adoption of your learning program. It sounds medieval today, but back then the idea was solid because people worked in an office all of the time, so when their day jobs allowed, they could switch gears for an hour or so to take required training courses.

From Workflow Documentation Springs Exemplary Performance

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While that sounds like a contradiction in terms, it […]. AGILE Discovery & Consulting EPSS Learning @ the Point of Work Performer Support adoption agile. I just had breakfast with a good friend and colleague, and, the usual thing happened; the conversation shifted to performance challenges around business systems implementations. He is a process improvement engineer blessed with the curse of a training background followed by deep business process improvement experience.

Starting a Customer Education Program: What You Should Know

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This means your customer education charter should be to help drive these metrics at scale, by enabling customers to adopt and use your product successfully in their space. But if you measure training’s impact on product renewal leading indicators like increased adoption, you can build a strong case for establishing and maintaining a customer education team. Product adoption rates?

How to author user content for your critical applications

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It’s also not about trying to sound smart. You also end up with content that sounds like you’re talking down on your users. However, do use varying lengths to ensure the content has a nice flow and doesn’t sound like a robot. One of the fastest and most powerful Epilogue Opus Digital Adoption Solution. Contact us today to learn more about the Opus Digital Adoption Solution. Blog Digital adoption solution documentation User Onboarding

Need to Change Behavior? Just Follow the Wizard

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Ultimately, by paying close attention to the kind of change they’re after, instructional designers and learning professionals can boast about their own sounds-too-good-to-be-true achievement: create learning and communication strategies that both produce immediate results, and stand the test of time. ERP Training Organizational Change Management user adoption behavior change behavior change wizard persuasion user buy-in

Musings on Memory Engineering to Aid Learning Retention

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So this “service” sounds a little like my worst nightmare. Learning Retention learning retention memory performance support Training Development user adoptionIn my search for something to write about this month I stumbled upon an article in Wired magazine entitled “ Clive Thompson on Memory Engineering.”

Technology and Training: Using Artificial Intelligence for Learning and Development


The earliest VR used screens and speakers to surround the user with moving images and sound. That’s why it is so important to partner with a vendor who can help adapt to and adopt these new tools. Featured Learning & Development Technology Adoption AI AR Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality Virtual Reality VRArtificial Intelligence (AI), once the stuff of science fiction, has today established a firm presence in our everyday lives.

Podcast 19: Customer Education 101 – With Dave Derington of Azuqua

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It sounds mostly like webinars and live streaming. I tend to look more at consumption and adoption. And for the long term, I need to focus on adoption. ” How do you move the meter on adoption? Then I can begin correlating this with customer adoption and success. WELCOME TO EPISODE 19 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW! To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page.

S/4HANA – 10 Things To Do in Phase Zero


It sounds logical – wait for the plan to start before you begin work, right? That way, you will know when it is acceptable to adapt the software to map to your process and when it is better to adopt a new process to align with the software. Remember, the first impression your people get of the new system is important, so proper training plays a critical role in adoption. S / 4HANA – 10 Things To Do in Phase Zero.

5 Training Challenges In The Manufacturing Industry And How An LMS Can Help You Solve Them

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The adoption of automation by 50% of manufacturers sounds like good news. The manufacturing industry is in a tough spot. But with the upcoming retirement of Baby Boomers and the present skill shortage, about 2.4 million job openings in 2028 might remain open. The cost on the economy? Tremendous. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Management Systems Compliance Training Challenges Corporate Learning And Development Corporate Training LMS Features

DIYEL #2 ADDIE is like an expired medicine; it looks good but no longer works.

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The core principle of ADDIE is sound. ADDIE instructional design e-Learning Strategy e-Learning adoption Introduction. Table of Posts. DIYEL #2 ADDIE is like an expired medicine; it looks good but no longer works. Sometimes, we cheat ourselves. One day we open the medicine cabinet looking for a pill. We grab the bottle. The expiration date has passed but we take the medicine anyway because we are in pain. We hope it works.


The Process Of Producing App Tutorials

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Why do so many app tutorials and screen recordings look and sound so bad? I propose adopting a flexible and modular process for creating instructional content. A successful home/office studio environment requires a proper recording environment, consistent audio/display setup, and extensive planning. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Weekly Bookmarks (5/1/11)

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A full 85% said the voice only needs to sound good enough to get the point across without having to strain to understand it. A surprising 9% said the narration could be computer-generated as long as it didn’t sound too robot-like. Here are the guidelines we have adopted as a result of this study: [How much?] Control] We will make sure students have the ability to turn the sound on and off, and that they know how to do so. How Much Narration in eLearning?

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The power of Digital Storytelling: A corporate learning perspective


With the growing adoption of technology-aided learning, delivering stories too has taken a different form – the form of Digital Storytelling. Normal computer hardware like a microphone/headset and a sound card can suitably create an audio recording. Sound editing software can be utilized to further enhance the audio element and insert elements like background music and other sound effects that create a greater impact. Stories are a powerful way of communication.

What is VR's impact on education? - Technology meets Education

The perception is created by surrounding the user of the VR system with images, sound or other stimuli that provide a very absorbing environment. Later on, it was adopted by other industrial sectors such as Architecture, Medicine and Engineering. Virtual Reality or VR is a computer-based technology that provides visual, aural and tactile stimuli of a virtual world generated in real time.

Are Learning Experience Platforms the Next LMS?


What people describe when they talk about an LXP sounds great. In this narrative, savvy educators should adopt early to stay ahead of the curve. Are you falling behind if you haven’t already adopted them? What are LXPs, and will they replace the traditional LMS? I’ve recently seen a new term crop up in e-learning blogs, and it deserves some clarification. That term is “Learning Experience Platform,” or LXP.

Can ‘Movie Based e-Learning’ be the Future of Video Based e-Learning?


Effective narrative: A movie is a multimedia narrative form, based on a physical record of motion pictures as well as sounds. Instead of the much-utilized stock sounds, using effects like surround sound can give the movie an extra edge. The early adopters will be met with several hurdles: Cost Prohibitive: Though it may sound good on paper, making a movie can cost remarkably more than creating a plain-vanilla learning video.

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“We’ve Always Done It This Way” and Technology-Enabled Learning

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We’ve always done it this way” syndrome is rampant in companies, especially regarding adopting new technology, and it can be difficult to overcome. But while adopting a new way of doing things can be painful for some, it must happen for businesses to survive and grow into the future. That was in 2005 and she was talking about adopting new telecommunications technologies.

User Assistance: Standard Gauge

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Tony Self    It doesn't quite sound believable, but it's true. It started well, with a decision by the British Government's Secretary of State for the Colonies that all colonies should adopt standard gauge. Let's think standards, and how standard adoption by an industry can go horribly wrong with enormous, long-term financial consequences. Are technical communicators generally reluctant to adopt standards?

Training tools – Go digital! Incorporate digital learning into your blended learning strategy


This approach has increased adoption among our existing clients by up to 90%! We promise it’s as easy to put together as it sounds, and up to 50% faster than with an average elearning solution.

Writing & Grammar: More on Checklists

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Surgery and financial management are two fields where adoption of checklists has been slow, despite the fact that checklists work. Nevertheless, surgeons have been slow to adopt the use of checklists. For example, a daily calendar reminder that automatically sounds the alert near the end of the day helps her remember a crucial task that she must complete before leaving work. by Jennie Ruby. Last week I wrote an article about checklists.

Technical Communication: Applying Lean Principles to Documentation

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  While I was working as a bedside nurse, my organization decided to adopt a new way of approaching patient care and improve workflow: Lean. While adopting an industrial process in the creation of training materials may sound like a stretch, I'd like to illustrate one simple way that I applied the Lean principles to a PowerPoint presentation I use in my classes. by Megan Pitkin.

When Technology is your Friend: Regaining Control of your Content

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The sound is a thing of beauty. Pick easy, user-friendly tools (ideally, tools that require no training) and adopt one new "toy" at a time. I discovered my students can be surprisingly tolerant of the sound of my dog barking in the background or my cat's tail suspiciously appearing on the right side of the screen. University-wide adoption of any tool requires lengthy processes in which multiple committees of stakeholders have a say.