Communication in the time of COVID: tips for effectively engaging with employees

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Update employees, but avoid information overload. Having someone to count on for important updates can ease the tension of “information overload” and receiving news faster than it is possible to digest.

Top 50 Posts on Working Smarter for May 2011

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5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload - Luis Suarez , May 4, 2011. Alternate Pedagogies and Experiences - Clark Quinn , May 18, 2011. Lean or Agility? - Dave Snowden , May 5, 2011. Ridiculous research findings on informal learning - Jay Cross , May 15, 2011. Information: What am I missing? - George Siemens , May 30, 2011. Best of Working Smarter Daily. May 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011.


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Working Smarter: Most popular posts of 2011

Jay Cross

Working smarter embraces the spirit of agile software, action learning, social networks, and parallel developments in many disciplines. 5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload - Luis Suarez , May 4, 2011. Agile eLearning – 27 Great Articles - Tony Karrer , April 6, 2011. Time’s Up – Learning Will Forever Be Part Formal, Part Informal and Part Social - Dan Pontefract , February 6, 2011. Lean or Agility? ,

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What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

How do I search for information?”. Reduced email traffic and information overload. New levels of business agility and faster cycle times. Social and informal learning are the hottest trends in corporation learning and development. But beyond making alternative social network connections available, a school with no internal networks is pushing its consitutents out into the street. What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks.

Uncertainty: Learning’s Final Frontier

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Stokes cited former Big Three automaker General Motors as an example of a company that is navigating complexity and reinventing itself to be more agile than most people expect a megacompany to be. We’ve done a lot of research around this area of building agility,” Stokes said. “We So one of the things we work with our clients on in becoming more agile is the idea of simplicity. The successful leader enthuses all to experiment with new situations and information.

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