3 Crucial steps in ensuring business agility


Well established organizations pride themselves with how long they have existed and many even put their starting year on their logo – the fact that they have been around for a long time is supposed to be a quality guarantee. Durability, however, might sometime prove to be a hurdle when it comes to agility. 3 Steps in ensuring business agility. However, the structures at the top have remained rather closed and hierarchical.

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L&D’s Diversity Dilemma

CLO Magazine

When Masie arrived, he ran into leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, who lives just three blocks from Masie in New York — only to find out that Goldsmith was the other keynote speaker at the same event. Masie, CEO of The Masie Center, an international think tank focused on learning and workplace productivity, and a columnist for this publication, said the coincidence was funny but also sad. According to the data, 5.6 Diverse? The Big Picture.

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The Benefits of Strategic Agility and Systematic Innovation


Have you ever felt like your organization’s products, services and ideas tend to be just one step behind the market? In today’s business world, companies need to adapt and innovate rapidly to keep up with market demands. This can be a challenge which is why so many business websites, journals, blogs, etc. are focusing on the benefits of strategic agility and systematic innovation. What are Strategic Agility and Systematic Innovation?

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Business-aligned strategies for Leadership Development: An Interview with Dr. Yvonne Catino, VP, Leadership and OD, Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning

The bedrock for sustainability of training is strategic planning and a clear focus on outcome”. Empowering leaders is the key for organizational success in the cut-throat competitive business environment of today. A training session can be inspiring at the time.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

12 Ways to Get the Most. this ebook to help you cut through the. We know that the plethora of options out there. can make the process of choosing an authoring. what you need and make the decision easier. the latest Performance Management Maturity Model.

Bend & Flex: Building Learning Agility

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A former manager once told me I had the ability to quickly assimilate information, that he could tell me how to do something and I would then apply that knowledge to a variety of different situations. I now see this feedback as the ultimate compliment, for my manager felt I had learning agility. Learning agility is openness to new information and the ability to gain and apply insights derived from this information. Look for the common thread.

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Psychological safety: an overlooked secret to organizational performance

CLO Magazine

Chances are you could probably answer these questions without even knowing the full definition of this concept. We have worked in both situations, and the differences in effectiveness are stark. Psychological safety is the why behind our responses to the questions, “Can I speak up?

Agile by fire: how the tech industry is transforming learning

CLO Magazine

When it comes to the fourth industrial revolution, machine learning and artificial intelligence are at the center of the universe. It is “agility by fire” — the ability to move quickly but not easily, and still excel. The No. It’s the perfect storm.

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Inclusion is the X-factor for agility and innovation

CLO Magazine

Given the rising importance of diversity and inclusion, many organizations are building internal D&I initiatives and teams to track diversity metrics and apply best practices for inclusion. While D&I numbers are improving across the nation, many feel that the rate of growth in hiring (and retaining) diverse workers is too slow. Many companies have experienced product failure due to a lack of diversity. The Coca-Cola Co.

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Product Insider: 5 Ways Degreed Increases Business Agility


Business agility — quickly adapting to sudden change — is now a non-negotiable. But what exactly does it look like to build an agile business? Organizations are throwing around words like flexibility and agility so often, they’re at risk of becoming buzzwords with no real meaning. Agile : marked by ready ability to move with quick, easy grace. Does that sound like any of the technology you use to manage learning, talent, or HR?

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Diversity & Inclusion – 5 Steps For Building An Inclusive Workplace

Hurix Digital

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) represent two of the most essential factors in creating and maintaining a workplace that’s completely safe, productive and welcoming for all. Also Read: How to Deliver POSH Training Effectively. Steps to Create a Diverse & Inclusive Culture.

Is Your Learning Organization Agility Fit?

CLO Magazine

Developments in such diverse fields as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, biotechnology, robotics, machine learning and genetics are all building on each other and creating a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, VUCA for short. For CLOs, it has become a business imperative to develop agility and capability to meet the talent needs of organizations that are rapidly changing in such a turbulent environment. In 2006, The U.S.

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Interview: Micro Agility Featuring Acky Kamdar, CEO, Magic EdTech

Magic EdTech

Acky Kamdar, CEO, Magic Software Inc serving Education markets (Magic EdTech) and Financial Services Markets (Magic Finserv), has been active as a technology entrepreneur and an investor in the fields of digital technologies, blockchain, machine learning, AI and NLP.

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Extremophiles & Organizational Agility

Clark Quinn

A number of years ago, I co-wrote a chapter with Eileen Clegg called The Agility Factor , that appeared in Marcia Conner & James Clawson’s excellent collection of organizational culture articles in the book Creating a Learning Culture. The focus of the book was on empowering organizations to be nimble in a context of increasing change. Eileen’s husband is a marine scientist studying deep sea vents and the creatures that live there.

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How to Drive Agile Learning for a More Effective Workforce

Learning Wire

Although required skillsets have evolved rapidly in recent years, many organisations have not updated their methods of learning to keep pace. However, with the right approach, it is possible to drive agile learning to create an agile and highly-engaged workforce to help deliver business goals. Understanding the need for workplace learning. The impact of a skills gap. How to drive agile learning. Article Learning Trends

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Why Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce Builds More Than Good Rapport


The phrase diversity and inclusion has been thrown around a lot in recent years. Will you be harnessed for the advantages your left handed-ness comes with? Or kept on the bench because they’re unsure how to train you or handle your skillset? Diversity is having different handed players on one team. Inclusion is making sure all players are utilized on the field. This diversity makes the team more creative, competitive and innovative.

How To Create Engaging e-Learning: 10 Highly Effective Strategies For e-Learning Professionals


Spurring engagement is the age-old battle in learning and development. Whether we’re focusing on partners , customers , or employees , engaging our learners is the ultimate goal, simply because the learning process becomes so much more difficult if the audience isn’t engaged in it. Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”. So, how can you create engaging e-learning experiences? Set Clear Learning Objectives.

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Women and Diversity in the Workplace: Do Your Inclusivity Initiatives Measure Up?

CLO Magazine

“We don’t just have one identity — our identities are made up of many things, both physically and culturally, and the intersections matter.” — Elise Birkhofer, global lead for Google’s largest employee resource group. Companies across the globe are striving to increase their support of women as a group. The benefits of diversity in the workplace are clear. Take networking, for example — the “do’s and don’ts” can be pretty mysterious to multicultural employees.

How can your business become resilient? Digital skilling


If 2020 has taught us anything, it is companies must be two things: agile and adaptable. Organizations that have survived this pandemic have been able to swiftly pivot to online commerce and flexibly transition their employees to remote work. Vitalyst Live Training?

Developing And Measuring Training The Agile Way Revisited

Training Industry

In August of 2012, I began a series of blog postings about the experience that The DTCC Learning Group had while implementing Agile as a development methodology for training programs (click here for a link to those posts). For those who are not familiar with the term, Agile is a software development technique that supports frequent releases of product features and functionality to customers. Training employees also appeared to be more engaged.

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Agile Leaders: Born or Bred?

CLO Magazine

Leaders who can thrive in any business environment share one important trait: agility. Consider the following two very different scenarios. The first involves a manager in charge of the logistics operations for a company where the supply chain is in disarray. The second scenario involves a marketing executive in an emerging market whose product launch isn’t going according to plan. Mental agility. People agility. Change agility.

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The Business of Development

CLO Magazine

How does someone who went to college to become a high school math teacher end up leading learning at Nordstrom? The answer is simple: She loves finding solutions. Jesse Schlueter, vice president of learning and leadership for Nordstrom, leverages her passion for numbers in her role managing the development of the retail giant’s 72,000 employees. We strive to provide our employees with the resources they need to succeed in their roles.”.

Equality & Diversity: Still a Difficult Formula to Resolve for Many Organisations


Since becoming UK Law in October 2010, the Equality Act has received a great deal of press with recognisable discrimination cases in international football, sports media, healthcare, leisure and the police, to name but a few. Prior to the Equality Act we were faced with multiple and disparate pieces of legislation—each stand-alone Act dealing with individual elements or “strands” of equality and diversity. Can be deployed to organisational LMS or training systems.

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DevLearn DDX 2020: Week 2 Recap

Experiencing eLearning

It was fully online, called the “DevLearn Digital Experience” (DDX). Even online, it was a great experience. The sessions were valuable, and there was a sense of energy and community that doesn’t often happen in online events.

Six Traits Agile Leaders Must Have

CLO Magazine

These qualities can increase a leader’s ability to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s business environment. Leaders in today’s complex business environment must be agile to be able to respond to their workers’ needs and motivations. Here are six traits agile leaders must have. Champion: A champion builds the organization’s brand by his or her power to connect socially. Strategy is only as good as the ability to execute.

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The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


I am not the kind to crystal gaze. I lay no claim to being able to predict the future. Now that my disclaimers are in place, let me explain the premise of the post title and what I intend to discuss in this post. Companies take birth and vanish; business models come and go; technology appear, evolve and transform everything. Siri , the quirky and intelligent personal assistant has been an integral part of the Apple iOS since October, 2011.

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Podcast 34: Online Customer Education Success – With Brittany Tamul of ArrowStream

Talented Learning

WELCOME TO EPISODE 34 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW. To find out more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. EPISODE 34 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: As I’ve noted previously , customer training continues to be the hottest segment of the extended enterprise learning landscape. And now, she’s sharing some of her best advice with the rest of us.

Workplace Learning in a World “Beyond Automation”


I just finished reading an HBR article by Thomas Davenport and Julia Kirby called Beyond Automation , which is the trigger for this post. With automation, AI and robots looming over the job scene, there seems to be a constant fear of humans losing out to computers and technology. It’s akin to one of our childhood sci-fi movies finally becoming a reality – the machines are taking over. The digital disruptors in the shape of Robots, Big Data and Sensors are here.

How to create a training goal in 2 quick steps

Making Change

A measurable business goal is a great way to focus your training and show how your work helps your organization — that’s why it’s the first step in action mapping. Unfortunately, most clients don’t have a clear goal, so here’s a quick formula that can help you connect what they want with what’s good for the organization. Identify a measure that the organization is already using that your project could help improve.

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I am not the kind to crystal gaze. I lay no claim to being able to predict the future. Now that my disclaimers are in place, let me explain the premise of the post title and what I intend to discuss in this post. Companies take birth and vanish; business models come and go; technology appear, evolve and transform everything. Siri , the quirky and intelligent personal assistant has been an integral part of the Apple iOS since October, 2011.

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Webinar Recap: Constellation Research, Check Point Software Technologies and CloudShare Discuss New Business Acceleration Cloud


Sometimes you hear about a new biztech term and it takes a while to understand the context and see it slowly roll out. Then there are moments when you get the whole story up-front – technology and market overview, user experience, applications and advice – and it’s abundantly clear why it’s so important. If you missed our recent webinar, “ How Business Acceleration Cloud is Revolutionizing Software Sales ,” you’re in luck. Further, Avi shared the results.

Businesses benefit from better eLearning resources


Businesses benefit from better eLearning resources. To maintain a competitive edge, many companies need efficient ways to offer professional development and skills training for their employees. eLearning solutions offer exciting opportunities because they're widely accessible and can accommodate diverse work schedules. Custom content and ready-made materials can be a great boon to businesses and their employees.

7 Characteristics Of A Digital Mindset


The digital five forces – Social Media, Big Data, Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Cloud, and AI and Robotics – are disintermediating, disrupting and deconstructing the old world order. The word “digital” is on everyone’s lips; however, organizations are stumbling when trying to put in place a holistic strategy and implementation plan that will take into account the mega-shifts heralded by these forces. The power of digital is transformative. Agile Approach.

Mentors: Keeping talented women career-focused in uncertain times

CLO Magazine

have had to pivot to meet the needs of various constituencies amid the uncertainty that is reshaping the business world. Here are the highlights. Mentors use a variety of strategies to keep the mentoring relationship powerful, despite being unable to meet live.

Business+MOOCs: Tweetstream

Jay Cross

Tweetstream for #QMOOC during February 27 Hangout on Business+MOOCs. loistweet Thanks to the rockstars of MOOCdom #QMOOC -10:35 AM Feb 27th, 2013. Quinnovator @gerdriesen no, think while all can have big reach xmoocs are more training, cmoocs are more learning, dimensions of goals/assessment #qmooc -10:34 AM Feb 27th, 2013. ViplavBaxi RT @gerdriesen : If #mooc is the solution, what is the problem? gerdriesen If #mooc is the solution, what is the problem?

The Top Six Things Organizations Must Do to Enable Emergent Learning


What is common across the learning modes and methods mentioned? Social learning via an enterprise collaboration platform. Mobile enabled learning accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device of the user’s choice. MOOCs which straddle the line between social learning and e-learning with learner communities. While an organization can facilitate these, the onus lies with the users/learners. But first, WHAT IS EMERGENT LEARNING?

Using Data & Designing For Performance with Alice Collier-Niblett


In April 2020, as the world was in lockdown, David James spoke with Alice Collier-Niblett (Digital Learning Specialist at Monzo Bank ) on The Learning & Development Podcast. At Monzo, L&D is Part of the People Product Squad. Then we ticked the box.

Pivoting and professional growth in today’s (and tomorrow’s) workforce

CLO Magazine

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who played for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers basketball teams, was known for his ability to pivot — keeping one foot in place while moving the other into a different space. This footwork technique, a fundamental basketball skill, allows a player to find an opening on the court. These days, basketball players aren’t the only people who need to pivot successfully. That kind of agility is now a fundamental skill in business, too.

“Digital Mindset”: What Is It All About?


“Digital mindset” seems to have become another buzzword–rather buzz-phrase to be grammatically precise–whenever the conversation (online or offline) veers toward social business, social learning, collaboration, and other 21st Century phenomenon in general. It’s a spectrum, and we need to move along the spectrum to make the best of the world we are in. For those who missed it, here’s the compiled chat in Storify.

The New Future Of Face-To-Face Training: How COVID-19 Will Reshape Digital Learning And Working


We are in the midst of a massive global social experiment that challenges the nature of our day-to-day, face-to-face training, meetings and work. How can leaders manage the performance of their remote teams and gain real-time engagement and feedback?