How to Plan a New Online Course, Part 2: Goals and Assessments


Now let’s explore the process of assessing your learners’ progress to make sure your course clearly and effectively delivers its intended lessons. When possible, use a structured methodology, such as Agile.

Adult Learning Simplified

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How does it differ from pedagogy? Pedagogy differs in the process of which it follows in order to satisfy the learning needs and preferences of each individual. It is essential that learning is agile and flexible for adult learners as they are constantly on-the-go, living fast-paced and busy lives. When learning is precise and specific, learners are more likely to be able to absorb, retain and recall information easily and more effectively.

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In your personal life, choosing the wrong companion could waste your valuable time, but may not have long-term effects. Have they adopted a formal approach, philosophy, pedagogy to solving your problem—one that works in a multitude of situations?

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The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


From Agile to xAPI and everything in between, there are a lot of eLearning terms to get your head around. It’s a five-phase framework that instructional designers use; a guideline for building effective training and learning support tools. Agile Learning. Pedagogy.

Learn by Walking in Their Shoes

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One of the most effective and scalable approaches is rich, realistic simulations that enable learners to assume the roles of others and “play” through believable, interactive stories. Base the product on solid learning pedagogy and neuroscience principles. They are especially effective in rapidly changing, high-stress workplaces, where quick critical thinking, adaptability and agility are crucial. “Don’t judge a man until you have walked in his shoes.”

Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

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Online Teachers: Instructions - Online Pedagogy/Teaching Tools How to facilitate synchronous learning for real and virtual learners using technology? I received an inquiry about resources that would help instructors who are about to move into teaching online courses. It made me immediately think back to my first experience with an online session.

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Performance Architecture

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The pedagogy’s wrong: it’s not a flood, but a drip. it’s not efficiency, at least until it’s effective. And an implementation process that is agile, iterative, and reflective, with contextualized evaluation. I’ve been using the tag ‘learning experience design strategy’ as a way to think about not taking the same old approaches of events über ales.

2016 – 9 Trends on the eLearning Landscape


Adaptive and competency-based programs are not new to pedagogy. Automation will soon create faster course authoring tools that are efficient and effective in presenting the content. The technology is simply getting more responsive, more user-friendly and agile with time.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


Defining clear objectives also helps to assess the effectiveness of a course after its completion. Pedagogy: Derived from the Greek for ‘to lead’, pedagogy is a teacher-centred approach to educational activities in online and face-to-face environments.

BETTing on the future

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I have been involved in education, across all 4 sectors (primary, secondary, tertiary and professional) because to educate is to prepare, and an educated population can meet the needs and demands of society more effectively. By good pedagogy.

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Training at its Basic is a Positive Impact Caused by Learning

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The article notes that an effective post-training follow-up activity is the performance assessment—“When employees know that they are going to be observed and given feedback on their performance, the motivation to use newly learned skills and knowledge increases.&#

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Metalearning and Learning Styles

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One of the elements in the Periodic Chart of Agile Learning is metalearning — being aware of and taking control of one's own learning (Biggs, 1985). Effect size. Effect size. Effects of Learning Skills Interventions on Student Learning: A Meta-analysis.

BETTing on the future

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I have been involved in education, across all 4 sectors (primary, secondary, tertiary and professional) because to educate is to prepare, and an educated population can meet the needs and demands of society more effectively. By good pedagogy.

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> Resources Down-and-dirty Guidelines for Effective Discussions in Online Courses Joanna C. Dunlap Improving the Odds of Effective Collaborative Work in Online Courses Joanna C. The authors, Clark and Gottfredson, sketch three distinct stages of learning agility: 1.0,

From EDUPUNK to ds106. 10Q: Jim Groom

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What is on your horizon for new technology, new ways of learning and new pedagogies? Right now I am really interested in the idea that IT infrastructure has never been more agile and affordable.

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Clark Quinn – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


With things changing faster, competitors able to be more nimble, and customers getting more ‘clued in’, companies will have to be more flexible and able to adapt faster, which requires agility. Clark: I’m a strong believer in social constructivist pedagogies, e.g. problem-based and service learning, whereby a curriculum is activity, not content. How do you educate your clients about the most effective approaches to learning?

The future is the Web

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I will talk about how I think these might be used to support, enhance and extend pedagogy in the future. I'm putting together my invited presentation for Learning Technologies 2010 later this month.

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Effective Presentation Techniques - Dont Waste Your Time , November 19, 2009. Avoid “Death by PowerPoint” with the Pecha Kucha Method - WISE Pedagogy , November 2, 2009. Pedagogy? Designing for Agile Learning , November 19, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning. November 2009. Upcoming Online eLearning Events. Online Learning Technologies–Past, Present, and Future. Wednesday, December 02, 2009. Implementing Social Media: Beyond The Hype. Wednesday, December 02, 2009.

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Five Barriers to Effective Learning in Organisations - Performance Learning Productivity , April 7, 2010 Very few of us would argue with the proposition that a lot of organisational learning and development activity is sub-optimal to the extent that it provides little value to participants and their organisations. Jane Hart shows in this Table; Social Learning = New Toolset + New Mindset + New Skillset New Mindset: Agility. It’s way cooler than pedagogy or andragogy, no?

Ted Nelson’s Unbook

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You can improve your agility at multitasking, but you will never be able to multitask and engage in deep thought at the same time. A new unbook.

eLearning Conferences 2010

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link] January 5-8, 2010 International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement Conference (ICSEI 2010), 23 rd , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. link] January 28-29, 2010 Building Effective Interactivity into Your e-Learning, eLearning Guild Online Seminar.