The Benefits of Strategic Agility and Systematic Innovation


are focusing on the benefits of strategic agility and systematic innovation. In this article, we will discuss what strategic agility and systematic innovation refer to and how they can help improve the function of your business. What are Strategic Agility and Systematic Innovation?

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Leveraging the Capabilities of AGILE Instructional Design Strategies

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For many learning organizations, the term “AGILE” has become a hot topic. Although AGILE strategies traditionally have their roots in these areas, they are also increasingly being used and adapted by many other learning and development fields as well. In search of learning agility.

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Choose Agility, Choose Stability

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Indeed, if the market is going in a direction right now, it would be that of sustainable effectiveness and social security. Well, the answer is simple: agility. What is agility? In an organization like Unilever, agility is at the center of their corporate politics.

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3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


IT’s concerns lie within the technical infrastructure of the solution, including system maintenance, integrations, security, plus how it would cooperate with existing IT systems. How Does it Address Compliance and Security? Security policies. Security certifications.

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Agile Microlearning Explained

Personalized training is a powerful and effective approach that assesses an individual’s. organizations—even though it was much more effective than. techniques, deliver an extremely effective adaptive microlearning solution. for a password to be secure? most secure?

Learning Technology: How it can support workers to deliver results


Their ground-breaking book Blown to Bits defined reach as referring to the number of people who share particular information, with richness being a more complex concept combining bandwidth, customization, interactivity, reliability, security, and currency.

Maximize Your Learning Platform’s Potential With These Integrations


Integrating your learning platform with payment and e-commerce portals gives you quicker and safer options for selling your learning content and securely receiving payments. Not only does this mean your transactions are secure, but now you never have to worry about delays in content sharing.

3 Tips for Truly Effective Workplace Learning

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Disruption is an opportunity for us to make our organizations more agile and ready for change. For example, some organizations have found that a short video on key learning content is most effective before a required in-person class.

Selection in Agile Learning Design

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This is the fifth in a series of posts on Agile Learning Design: Post 1 - Agile Design: An Ethos for Creating Learning Platforms. Post 2 - Planning in Agile Learning Design. Post 3 - Orientation in Agile Learning Design. Post 4 - Designing Agile Learning.

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Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | January 18, 2018

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I’m looking for great people and organizations who understand that effective learning isn’t about the latest fad or trendy new tools and are more concerned with making a real impact than filling seats and checking boxes. How to Develop Learning Agility.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

handle any secure external API calls, which means. When they’re set up within an effective authoring tool, you don’t need to attend to every. and is displayed in the most effective way possible. the effectiveness with which different. this agility.

Don’t miss these 5 project management trends shaping up for 2015


Portfolio management to become key focus Given the complexity of most projects, as well as the effects of globalization, it is expected that the approach to project management will become more and more strategic, rather than tactical.

Microlearning and Microtraining Techniques for Success


The mobility makes microlearning exceptionally effective. Training has never been so accessible and agile. Contact us to learn more about microlearning and microtraining techniques for success—ReadySet Sell, Lead, Secure, or Respect and adopt microlearning today!

A useful checklist for realistic interactions


Let’s apply S T A C K to some activities in a compliance course on information security that we recently designed for a client on the West Coast. “S” In this example, your task is to secure your work area.

A useful checklist for realistic interactions


Let’s apply S T A C K to some activities in a compliance course on information security that we recently designed for a client on the West Coast. “S” In this example, your task is to secure your work area.

Top of Mind: Learning in the Age of Acceleration

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It is an age in which entire industries are being reshaped with routine business models being rendered useless in favor of more agile people, plans and processes. However, the great news is that the clues to reimagine a more agile L&D organization abound. Jesse Jackson.

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Webinar: Constellation Research and Check Point Software on Business Acceleration Cloud and Software Sales


Companies must move faster, be more effective and efficient, and they require intelligent, agile methods to scale and maximize growth. Achieving sales agility and success. Avi Rembaum, VP Security Solutions, Check Point Software. On January 22 at 1 p.m.

"Digital Mindset": What is it All About?

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Agile and adaptable - Agility here is more than just adapting to change. Agility in this context encompasses the skill of being able to scan the landscape and ecosystem of one's domain of work, keep pace with what is happening at the edges, and evolve to remain relevant.

Coherent Implications

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An important element is the flow of information within the model; ensuring that there are no barriers to making effective choices. At the work team level, you want people to be able to communicate with one another effectively, and collaborate to find answers.

The Online Learning Jargon Buster

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Typical library solutions might include: Fire Safety, Manual Handling, GDPR, IT Security and Anti-Bribery and Corruption. The content is adapted to display effectively on different devices meaning it’s suitable for ‘on-the-go’ access. Agile.

Ten ‘Must-Have’ Features for Your Learning Platform

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How does one measure the effectiveness of the eLearning delivered? Security & Privacy. In the post-GDPR world, the importance of security and privacy becomes doubly important. Organizations can be heavily penalized for data-security and privacy breaches.

The mindset of a lifelong learner

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To be agile and adaptable, you need to learn, do, unlearn — learn, do, rest — learn, do, unlearn — repeat. Instilling lifelong learning ensures talent remains agile, adaptable and ready to fill the next organizational gap.

Upcoming Webinar: Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business

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From securing funding from the board, to meeting sales projections and maintaining the program, a compelling strategy can lay the groundwork for success at every stage. The first sentence of the webinar description mentions “strategic thinking and agility.”

Instructional Design: The Process – Part 2

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ADDIE framework essentially follows a sequential process; however agile or iterative process is increasingly being used in ADDIE. What is the training effectiveness measure? Security and Helpdesk – Are the resources planned for maintaining IT security and helpline?

Free learning & development webinars for June 2020

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There will also be an examination of which training content and format types that perform best, how to implement an “agile” approach to creating and modifying training videos, and how analytics can be the key to helping improve training content while providing ROI numbers to management.

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“Digital Mindset”: What Is It All About?


Agile and adaptable: Agility here is more than just adapting to change. Agility in this context encompasses the skill of being able to scan the landscape and ecosystem of one’s domain of work, keep pace with what is happening at the edges, and evolve to remain relevant.

Webinar Recap: Constellation Research, Check Point Software Technologies and CloudShare Discuss New Business Acceleration Cloud


As a result, companies now must move faster to compete, be more effective and efficient, and require intelligent, agile methods to scale and maximize growth. Sometimes you hear about a new biztech term and it takes a while to understand the context and see it slowly roll out.

Learning Experience Platforms – A Sustainable Solution

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It is also vital to track and record the learning experience of each learner, to gauge the effectiveness of the learning course, and to measure the knowledge gained by the learner. LXPs are designed to be secure, powerful, and future-ready.

How We Successfully Onboarded 12 New Hires in Two Weeks


The programme is a set of online intro and training modules in the eloomi platform where they meet their new leadership team in short videos, get an impression of the company culture and become compliant with the IT security policy.

How to Showcase the Value of Training Now

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Organizations are depending on employees to rise to the occasion, something that requires the right skills and agility. Protect confidential training operation details in a secure system. Globally we’re all facing the same challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Badges of honour

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Partly credited with shielding our economy from the worst of the GFC, the flipside of our regulation is that it is widely considered to hamper productivity, agility and innovation. “Will I get a certificate for this?”

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CIOs, Here Are 3 Innovative Information Tools You Need to Watch


If it’s effective, scale up from there. Right-speed IT is the new buzzword for “finding the appropriate balance between agility and stability in IT.” At the core of this strategy is creating a system that enables IT to operate at different speeds based on the need of the current initiative—instead of sacrificing agility for stability, you can strike a balance catered to each department or project.

Free L&D webinars for December 2019

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Product Manager, Instructure, to discover how effective talent development comes to life by connecting career planning, enabling meaningful connections, facilitating continuous performance management, and bringing all your learning programs into one cohesive experience.

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The 5 Investments Your Company Should Prioritize


By unifying communications within your IT environment, your business becomes more agile, increases productivity, and expands your storage capacity as it grows. Best of all, it is cost-effective and proceeds a long way past the time you put into a campaign.

Developing the best company culture in SaaS


Our talented gang of developers and designers talk about being agile, CEO pranks, and how to instantly spot the right fit for your company culture. The office in Belgrade struggles to keep up with the expanding team, while Susan who heads up Operations secures the right home.